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  1. I have a bunch of experience with web design. Would love to help restructure the homepage. Just let me know who to send the feedback to! There's a few very simple things we can do to make it much easier for new players to sift through and find optimal builds, which is definitely something that's been coming up lately.

  2. Omigosh, I’m on all these Native subs, so I assumed this post was to one of them. If you are not from an Indigenous community, do not try to use this term.

  3. That's pretty much what I wanted to say. Feels very... colonial if they're not from those communities and trying to uplift said communities

  4. you know what. fuck this entire sub. i am outta here. i am so fucking sick of seeing posts like this "I HAVE SO MUCH MONEY WAAAAA" fuck all of you stupid spoiled bitches.

  5. Looks like they're trying to advertise their media buying business. Check out the post history. Stealth marketing at its finest

  6. Would take option 2 and work toward being completely remote. Then travel to your heart's content.

  7. Just make sure you set your expectations with them. Sometimes clients like this will blame you because the end product doesn't look the way they wanted. It's much easier to define the scope of the work beforehand so nobody is unclear about the nature of the job. Be very, very specific in exactly what you'll provide and that might mitigate any buyer's remorse after the fact.

  8. If you're working from home, I'd try to find outlets to go do the things you want to do before making any rash decisions. It might be that you're just feeling bored and need to change things up vs. uproot your whole life, ya know? It's pretty normal to hit points in a relationship that feel stagnant. The important thing is figuring out how to work through that.

  9. Not very hard, just very tedious. It does require a good build and good management of your heroes, though.

  10. Wammo probably made more sense before you could just have hero’s that you micro for SoH and Balthazar spirit on yourself.

  11. Used to be a few decent wammo farming builds back in the day. I ran healing hands or something like that for griffin farming a long, long time ago.

  12. You could just create a template in Google Sheets to track your hours, then share that with the client. No need to overcomplicate.

  13. A one-month pay period is pretty standard for contract work. Like others said, check your agreement. If they're paying you within whatever deadline you agreed to, you're only creating headaches for yourself. It could be worth bringing up if you ever renegotiate your contract, but why rock the boat if you're getting paid regularly and "on-time" (per your contract if it does indeed stipulate 30 days to remit payment after an invoice).

  14. I did notice that certain things were far more expensive. Especially some pets. I'm pretty sure I paid 180e for a dedicated destroyer in 2020 that is now worth 10-12x that price.

  15. I think you have something with the Poop Tracker love the value prop: share your experience with others to make the journey less difficult.

  16. It's been done before tho. Don't remember the name of it, but it's definitely come up in conversation with my friends before back in high school

  17. Ok, Mauritius looks awesome. Guess I gotta look into prices.

  18. Depends on the offer, whether or not you can find another one elsewhere, etc. Is it an offer to be a teacher? If so, it's not likely worth it, imo. Also not a huge fan of the US, but when I came back I basically ended up stuck here. Decided firmly to leave again a few years ago, but keep getting things that tie me down. Easier to stay out if you have no roots, my friend.

  19. If you have to ask the question, it's probably not time yet. Working a traditional job will always be safer than your side hustle. Especially if you don't have several years of stable, verifiable income from it to prove that it will work long term.

  20. There are weaponsmiths who make max damage swords for limited material investment and 5K. Just Google the Eye of the North weaponsmiths and pick your poison. They don't have any upgrades, but should be good enough to start with. +15% inscriptions aren't hard to come by anyways.

  21. Yeah, I just want to make a bunch of cool noisemakers that will keep me in whisky money.

  22. You'll be fine. The one thing you'll want to do is make sure your pedals are somehow different than the competition. Plenty of room for innovation in the pedal world, that's for sure

  23. Try teaching English abroad. Less responsibility and more moving around

  24. What an interesting suggestion! That could be an option to try out!

  25. Noticed the MEd! Check out Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, for starters. Europe is pretty saturated

  26. Tokyo if you like Japanese food. Although if you go to Japan, I would consider other cities as well. Food's better down south ;)

  27. As a paramedic, I’ve never heard of anxiety induced seizures. If these are really what you have, you should be prescribed keppra or a benzodiazepine or both to control them. Otherwise uncontrollable seizures should net you a disability check, whether or not you live with your parents.

  28. Also had some experience in the medical field. Not a doctor, but it seems like finding a job should be low on OP's list vs finding a way to manage their health, mental or otherwise.

  29. I just did that one last night! Rescuing Archie's friend from Socal immigration. I tried so hard to get it with a pistol build. Two non-lethal takedowns and shot a drone, but got chewed out by Dakota because I dumped the bodies? So lame.

  30. I did non-lethal on that and didn't dump bodies, and it was fine. I think dumping bodies just assumes they were killed for some reason because cyberpunk

  31. Good list. Didn't know Canva had text to image. Even if that lady does kinda look a little unsettling haha

  32. The crafting spec you have will auto upgrade as you gain crafting ranks. If you look at the crafting screen and select the heat sync you'll see some info over on the right that says what rank in crafting you need for the next higher rarity.

  33. Ya know, I actually saw that like 5 minutes after making my post. Thanks for confirming, I'm sure this will help some other person Googling this, since it's not super clear!

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