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  1. "I can't wait to tell *insert other guy's name here* about this place, so he can bring me back"

  2. Even if we accept that "no one needs a high-capacity magazine," the word "high" is intolerably vague. The standard AR-15 magazine holds 30 rounds, the AK's 20 or 30. Even most full-sized 9mm handguns hold 17 rounds, some 19. So where does "ten" come from? Why not seven or five? What assurance do Californians have that "common sense" won't decide a different number next year?

  3. From what I've heard, the whole 10 round idea either came from, or at least was highly supported by, Bill Ruger

  4. This guy is obviously a trained magician. I would trust his advise.

  5. I feel obligated to use a GOB Bluth reference here, but I'm not sure anybody would get it

  6. But still, where did the LIGHTER FLUID come from?

  7. My aunt did this one year. I think one person got a free ticket, and somebody won $2... everybody else lost. She hasn't done it since. Hopefully, she realized how big of a waste of money it was.

  8. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on. And I bet every deer within a 5 mile radius scattered.

  9. I swear i hear my gong louder than the shot when i smack it with anything black powder, .50 and up especially.

  10. Makes sense on these loads, they were subsonic. And a 362 gr object moving at 950 fps is kind of like a hammer

  11. Nobody listens to me anyway, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself

  12. If you want a bike with a 500w battery it's going to cost you minimum $1000 (no battery at all and you can get a working bike for minimum $100).

  13. Yes, you can get a non-electric bicycle for $100, but if you compare the quality of it to say a $1,000 bike, you'll see there's no comparison. There are many tiers of bicycle parts for a reason. Some people are willing to pay a premium for quality.And most ebike manufacturers use a proprietary battery pack, so those won't be mass produced like a Tesla battery for instance. The battery chemistry is only part of the price.I'm sure if you give industry a few more years, there will soon be ebikes for half the price they are now. Unless Apple tries to hop on the bandwagon, then they'll charge 3 times what it's worth.

  14. Under the plastic casing, the battery packs are using the same lithium ion cells.

  15. Don't blame you there, I keep my bike in my living room. It's bad that you can't have anything nice for other people trying to take it.

  16. Can you look on QuickLoad and see if there's any information for 41 Swiss or 10x38r for the Vetterli?

  17. There is, but I don't know of a bullet that size or if black powder is in the program.

  18. Does it give you a drop down list of bullet sizes to choose from?

  19. They'll be rattling around, as I travel down the Oregon trail, in my covered wagon. Yeah, I didn't have any other ammo boxes to put them in, so I just staged this picture. Mainly to send a picture to my buddy, who enjoys fine cigars and ammunition

  20. Should be fine with black powder. I've been planning to load with IMR 4895, and be pretty light with it.

  21. I've been leary to try anything except BP for right now. I've read people using everything from Blue dot, to unique, RL-7, 3031, Trail boss, ect, but I can't find any published data. Which I'm assuming there isn't any data. I just used the last of my 4895 on Garand ammo.

  22. Not the prettiest bullets I've ever made, but satisfying never the less

  23. I’ve got a converted Vetterli and casting gear. If you don’t mind saying, what did you pay for the mold and where did you get it?


  25. I'm a bit surprised that you are using what appears to be a tumble lube lube groove cut for a black powder dedicated bullet. I don't have lots of experience shooting black, especially from a case, but everything I've read is that lube is the key to keeping the fouling soft which allows higher numbers of repeat shots without swabbing the bore.I wouldn't think the tumble lube design would hold enough lube for the task', and I don't think powder coat will do anything for the problem. I'm always open to the idea I'm wrong. Help a fella understand.

  26. You're probably correct on the lube issue. I don't have much black powder experience, but I've also heard that too much lube could also be an issue, and the deeper grooves could allow too much excess lube for the fouling to stick to.... I'll probably switch to some kind of smokeless load in the long run, but I thought I needed to start with the powder which the gun was designed for and go from there. I'm contemplating whether to try BP substitute in them or not. I have a couple of lbs of 777 that I need to use up some time, so I might experiment.

  27. Interesting as hell. Please do post a follow up. Could you include a pic of a loaded round please?

  28. Sure. But first I must cook Thanksgiving supper for everyone. So I'm doing prep work for that

  29. Ice cream, snow cones, and slushies. And until the whole PBM issues get fixed, you'll have better chances at making at actual profit selling those, instead of prescriptions.

  30. We always have sausage balls and some kind of lil smokes. But I'm getting tired of those. When we were younger, someone would always get us one of those big tins of popcorn that had cheese and carmel popcorn.

  31. I usually check each of the MSM's websites once a day, just to see what bullcrap they're telling people, or to see what they're using as a distraction. But yes, I've stopped watching it on tv, because they're all horrible, and the advertisements aren't any better. I've tried to find analytics of each station to see how much of a decline in viewers they've had recently, but I can't seem to find anything except for tv ratings, instead of viewer count

  32. This is what happens when you have many yards of olive drab canvas to do something with, and you don't feel like buying any contrasting fabrics for a liner, strap material, or strap adjusting hardware. Because I'm cheap, lol.

  33. I made one that was reversible, khaki fabric and the olive drab, but my nephew took it trick or treating, and I guess it's his now

  34. So far I've got a backpack, Nalgene bottle, beanie, socks, scarf, gaiter, gloves, emergency poncho, zipper pouch for toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, wash clothes, comb, brush. Thought about a flashlight, but that wouldn't be useful after the batteries die. I'm open to any other suggestions. I'll probably throw in some chocolate bars or something.

  35. Bar Soap Containers, combs, measuring cups for kitchens, maybe some kind of day of the week tracker or calendar

  36. I did get bars of soap, so a container for that would be nice. I bought combs, I think they're cheaper to buy than to print probably. Nice suggestions

  37. I heard Gavin Newsome was arrested while bed ridden

  38. That was my first thought when he went missing after his vax, but I haven't heard anything

  39. You guys believe anything that Abraham Lincoln says on the internet these days 🤓

  40. I only believe about 20% of what Abraham Lincoln says on the internet.

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