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  1. Bro really choked 5, 2-0 leads and we’re still calling Christopher the “point god”

  2. Most of the time it was due to injuries (Himself or someone else). In the New Orleans case David West went out with ACL I think, Griffin got injured in the Clippers multiple times (And CP3 broke his arm, once), and he (himself) got injured vs. GSW with Houston while up 3-2.

  3. That's some Internet Explorer stuff from the Wizards.

  4. After not playing for so long, maybe he could win the Most Improved Player award.

  5. This is a very real option, thanks for the suggestion. edit: cos it's definitely not about making butt-tons of honey. The focus is on sustainability and making use of existing materials.

  6. My wife (Who is about to finish her Master's degree in Biology & researching bees in Israel) totally agrees with him.

  7. I bet he can't wait for it... another podcast.

  8. Green is talking like he is on his podcast. Wait a minute...

  9. Someone had to take the blame instead of Doc.

  10. I like how at the end of the title it just says "to the buicks" like now it's time for us to all hop in our buicks and drive off

  11. Ahaha! I didn't even notice it until you wrote this comment! xD

  12. “Everybody acts tough when they’re up”

  13. You'll need to be good in Algebra & Probabilities just in order to start comprehending it.

  14. Draymond Green promoted to assistant head coach confirmed.

  15. He speaks so much for someone who was out in the first round.

  16. Well, he is a SG that we forced him to be a PG.

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