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  1. Constantly baffled when people pretend food made the game more interesting in any way

  2. how long would it take to finish all the exercises on here? (not counting practice time off the website)

  3. OMG, thank you! I had no place to even start, but that's it exactly! I thought I my own mental short circuit had come up with that horror filled existential crisis. Turns out, British television writers had a prefect grasp of Lovecraftian despair. Thank you again!

  4. No worries. I knew immediately what you were talking about. I have a pretty good memory of most of the Pertwee/Baker/Davison stories because I taped them all on VHS back in the day and rewatched them ad infinitum.

  5. You're right, but the infinitive is just "sein". You don't add "to" like you do in English.

  6. I never watched classic who, because I don’t know where to watch it, but my Dad did as a kid and he always hid behind the couch whenever the daleks came out. Also does anyone know where I can watch classic who?

  7. I didn't literally hide behind the couch, but I was often scared by it. Some instances that come to mind:

  8. It's the passive voice, made up of werden + past participle of main verb

  9. OP, here is a link explaining passive voice:

  10. A Pfarrer is originally a clergyman who is responsible for a certain area.

  11. Pfaffe is also priest. I encountered the word when singing in Mendelssohn's setting of Goethe's Die Erste Walpurgisnacht:

  12. Ich kenne es aus dem Volkslied "Es wollt ein Bauer früh aufstehn":

  13. I find Duden's definitions are often difficult to understand, or they lead you round in circles. My preferred monolingual dictionary is (Yeah, yeah, I know. It's edited by random unqualified people, so it potentially contains errors, but it's generally easier to understand.)

  14. For me, it's just a really silly concept. Child's drawings coming to life.

  15. I disagree. I think it's better to let each thing be its own thing. Jamming two cool things together doesn't necessarily make a super cool thing. IMO, it just gets silly.

  16. "Faucet" should only have an American flag on it. Britain and most other English-speaking countries say "tap".

  17. Ah, ok. Good to know. In Australia, we would normally say rooster. Cockerel klingt ziemlich gehoben.

  18. There’s a reason not many forks exist, and that’s because it turns out making mods for a multi-decade old game with a small community and no possibility of income takes effort and willpower. There is the much more simple and straightforward process of making a pull request to suggest, for example, a new spell you made. Or even a really minor tweak to start. I made it so it says “Storm paws” instead of “Storm fists” when a Felid uses Storm Form.

  19. Rather than downloading the zip, they should fork the repo in github and then clone from their fork. That way, they can push their changes back into their forked repo in github. Development is much easier with a version control system.

  20. I think you missed the point. You could've gotten the answer by using the search function.

  21. You can try watching something you already know with German audio.

  22. I think you're trying to ask why Germans use the perfect tense (Ich habe gesehen = I have seen) rather than the preterite/simple past (Ich sah = I saw).

  23. No idea. Something staring Pertwee, Baker or Davison. I don't even know which of those three was my first Doctor.

  24. The pace picks up a bit from mid-Pertwee, but it's still not as face-paced as New Who.

  25. Das ist ein Würfel, glaub ich. Ich hatte einmal einen.

  26. Don't use mnemonics that you learned in school as a native speaker. When I couldn't remember a case, my teacher would always look at me and go "wer, wen, wem...?" which didn't help because she hadn't taught us what those words mean.

  27. There are ways to convey the information in the target language. Immigrants come to Germany and learn German 100% in German.

  28. Not really a fan of Duden myself. I know it is *the* reference for German, but I prefer other monolingual dictionaries like DWDS or Wiktionary.

  29. Do people really rave about both of them?

  30. Pretty sure none of the characters in that episode had the name swallow. Sally's maiden name was sparrow and Larry and Kathy's name was Nightingale. This guy was Billy Shipton. And none of that changes the fact that that's not a sparrow on his patch

  31. It was a joke (stolen from Austin Powers).

  32. real funny mate, I'm laughing hard rn

  33. Variants of this question get asked fairly regularly, and it's kind of a dumb question. You can't make up for years of slackness in a few months.

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