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  1. You very clearly have never hosted anything before.

  2. Honestly the game has always been buggy but ironically it gets worse with each update since Paradox took over. Instead of fixing the game Paradox keeps pushing redundant badly designed themed stuff that nobody is asking for, that breaks the game more. Honestly don't wait for them to fix the game because they don't care and they won't.

  3. Yeah unfortunately fixing bugs doesn't generate more income for the company and rushing out new buggy barely functioning DLCs does.

  4. All he'd need to add to make this work and not come across as a condescending asshole would be adding "Owns many dictionaries" to the end.

  5. It'd be cool cause hey free magnet-powered generators on the equator.

  6. The game isn't program to troll. Nice troll however

  7. I've played very few games that intentionally troll the player more than BoI. The number of times I've said "Edmund McMillan you little fucker..." is astronomically high.

  8. If you are referring to play patterns, then newb mistake is generally casting spells that aren't relevant/tapping out before the combat. Eliminates the aspect of a combat trick.

  9. I purposefully play stuff in the first main phase most of the time so that I can bluff having combat tricks when I don't actually have any.

  10. Determining which player has priority in every given moment of the game is deceptively tricky, especially in games with more than two players.

  11. I like letting my dogs run free on walks, letting them go on a sniff and playing. I have a jrt, lab and my aunts cocapoo that I take in a big park near home I don’t think it would be fair to a shiba to be on a leash the entire time while the others are off doing their own thing.

  12. Dog parks exist for this. Don't walk your dog outside without a leash if they aren't in an enclosed area, its incredibly disrespectful to everyone around you.

  13. The oil existed before Norn. That's like... the whole point. There is no way it magically stops working with her gone. It worked before, it honestly is bizarre to me Karn or anyone else who predates New Phyrexia would ever believe Norn was the key to phyrexian oil working.

  14. The oil was modified from the old school version using the Reality Chip, that's what made it able to compleat planeswalkers. Since Jin was responsible for that and was under orders from Elesh I'd assume those two are the only ones who can currently manipulate it.

  15. The writer of that chapter confirmed that Tibalt died from the fall after fighting Tyvar.

  16. I see, also Tibalt got the SORRY end of the stick unlike Lukka who got a Card of him being compleated while Tibalt didn't even get a new card

  17. Yeah not getting a card at all was a bit odd, guess they really wanted to stick with 10 walkers for that set. Who knows maybe he randomly gets a card in MOM despite already being dead.

  18. Construct several projects you have never seen code for instead. Program a snake game, a tetris, etc, without looking at any code. Start thinking what information your program needs to store and how to transform it. Copying someone else's code prevents you from actually learning.

  19. Hard disagree with that last sentence. Copying existing code can help learn new coding concepts greatly, provided time is taken to understand why the code works the way it does first.

  20. I mean, if there was one single character in this game that would take multiple gun shots to the shoulder without even flinching, its Ozob Bozo.

  21. Even if these numbers were accurate they demonstrate that we've become less divided over time.

  22. Currently my setup is Chaotic Good. My ideal setup would be chaotic good and chaotic neutral stapled together. (vertical monitor)(big monitor)(smaller monitor)

  23. Sounds more like "If you include a diary, make sure multiple people can read it" Tbh tho I wouldn't really take too much issue if a player reacted that way, the information has still technically made it to the party even if not everybody received it.

  24. Yes I'm definitely thirsting over... celebrities. Definitely celebrities. Real people who exist in real life. Definitely.

  25. For like food? Or a fertilizer situation? Either way let's do this, glad to be helping

  26. I mean they're free to do whatever they like with it after it arrives. It does appear directly above their head every time though.

  27. I wouldn't trade them for weaponized arms, I'd trade them for more arms. Imagine how much shit I could carry.

  28. yeah, it's very low-effort and puts all the responsibility to carry the conversation on the person being asked. OP, I'd just see if they're genuinely showing interest by asking this or just BSing/getting you to talk because they don't want to by responding with "That's a vague question. What exactly do you want to know about me? Can you be more specific?"

  29. They're literally just fishing for conversation topics, list a couple hobbies and if you're both into a particular hobby then you can now talk about that hobby.

  30. I hate [[Cathar's Crusade]]. I hate it with a burning passion. Not because its bad, quite the opposite really. The card is rather strong. My issue is it is impossible to keep track of all the counters once tokens get involved. At some point the headache isn't worth the win

  31. Play [[Zur's Weirding]] if you want to lose friends and have supremely unfun games of magic!

  32. Imagine just falling into a swimming pool full of that.

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