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  1. My nephews were like this. You feed them real and healthy food early and eat healthy yourself when nursing, they'll prefer those flavors.

  2. Do actually think that can be one reason. Others would be maybe the parents eat healthy so she wants to be like them but if they were why is there all this available chocolate in the first place? Or like others have said it’s fake and for the gram. Regardless her reactions are adorable.

  3. Yeah was stoked when I saw it on the newly added list. The other anime I would love to see is Love Hina but I don’t think that’s streaming anywhere.

  4. As far as I know, the 1st series is in licensing hell, so you might have to sail the high seas...

  5. I’ve seen Love Hina again available but is it good? Just want to rewatch Love Hina 😂

  6. So there’s three demon lords and one is wearing full armor? As the new demon lord said foolish young man.

  7. Ralphtalia’s slave crest being removed because she became the Katana Hero was so satisfying.

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