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  1. Is he in just a backstage role these days?

  2. Lie down on the floor in the toilet, turn on his side and piss on the floor

  3. About 45 min to an hour depending on traffic if I drive in. Like 1.5 hours if I get the bus

  4. One thing I’ve not seen clearly advertised is a sexual health clinic, are they around? If they are, are they free? Can you rock up there and look at all the other dirty feckers in the waiting room wondering what they caught?

  5. There’s a good few around. Some are free. Some are not

  6. 1 million people watched a Dynamite that had to be changed at pretty much the last minute due to so many of the wrestlers having injuries or covid

  7. Seems to be?. Tbh this seems normal compared to the bullshit we have seen a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully I booked the fast track option to bypass all of that queue (in video) over a month ago and I didn't regret it either.

  8. Yeah this video seems normal. I’m chancing normal security. Pray for me

  9. 6 months from the date of issue of your learners license

  10. The chicken fillet rolls, the pudding, the meat, the bread, the butter and the women

  11. It’ll be fine. I brought my school bag sized backpack a few months ago, put it under the seat. No problem on either one of the two flights

  12. What’s the story with early flights just across the Irish Sea there? 2.5 hours enough? T2

  13. I flew to Manchester on a Thursday night and was through security in 2 minutes. It depends when you fly not where.

  14. I appreciate your comment. I did mention “early flights” though

  15. They’re not really allowed look at cameras to time them I think but if they notice you are going a lot they can bring it up as like a well-being check

  16. do you have an option for a refund if it's cancelled?

  17. Yeah you can apply online for a refund. They automatically rebook you to another flight first though

  18. I know you’re being sarcastic but I’ll get back to you on that haha

  19. Orange Cassidy and Max Castor doing 2 matches in one night

  20. Not even minimum wage for full time worker. The living wage is 12.70 an hour nothing close to it. You'd have someone starving

  21. I know. Which is why I said if it fits your lifestyle

  22. It shouldn't fit anyone's life. People need a living wage and to be able to have a bit discretionary spending

  23. Give Chicago a try. Very strict gun control laws there. Only 279 shot so far this year. But summer just started.

  24. But that’s just US culture though. Switzerland has very lenient gun control laws but barely any mass shootings. You are more likely to get shot randomly in the US for no reason at all than you are in any other country

  25. And what is the advantage of neutrality? Why don't Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal or Czechia adopt this approach?

  26. That’s their country. Let them do what they want to do. The advantage to neutrality is not having our citizens join a war we have no business being in and dying for a cause that doesn’t effect us.

  27. We have no business in ensuring that the EU remains defended and that we keep up our reputation within it?

  28. Looking from your post and comment history I can see you’re for us joining military alliances and joining wars and I’m not going to change your mind.

  29. There is no logical reason to believe in a god. Plus I was raised Catholic but all the priests are pedophiles

  30. Good faith question: Do you really believe that "all the priests" are pedophiles?

  31. With the amount of them that has come out around the world combined with the things the Catholic Church have historically been able to get away with, yes I think it’s a very very very high percentage of Catholic priests

  32. Just because an assignment isn't a group assignment doesn't mean you can't do it as a group

  33. Obviously but you still have to do it on your own and get your own referencing etc. Otherwise everyone would be plagiarising

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