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This game is incredibly unrealistic

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  1. Check out Watain, Dissection, Arckanum, Behexen and Ofermod. They're the only bands coming to mind right now, but there are loads. Yes, a lot of is dumb herd mentality and trying to fit into a mold, but if you look between the lines, you'll find some genuine bands. You might wanna look into the Finnish bands, as quite a lot of them are pretty serious about it, and are actual occultists. The Devil's Cradle's a great book about that scene. The Norwegian bands are mostly just all show now, even back in the day they were more pagan than anything. Look at the Swedish and Finnish scenes in particular.

  2. You're welcome :3 Some more forbidden research for your eldritch ass lol Enjoy, friend.

  3. I don't advocate for suicide, but I'm not wholly against it either. My plan is to fight for the right to die & get euthanized when I'm 66.

  4. Why that age if I can ask? I definitely agree with fighting for the right to die and to live too.

  5. I feel like while I'm here I want to make the most of the experience. I was suicidal a few years ago, but Satan appeared to me as a giant spider & told me I needed to be here longer. I agreed that I'd stick around til 66 & leave on my own terms. Satan told me I could change my mind before then if I wanted to live longer.

  6. That's nice to hear tbh. I kind of came to the same conclusion. Life is a weird thing but can be pretty nice sometimes.

  7. Could I trouble you for a few copies from your library? Unfortunately, my electronic copies are lost too the ..well.. void.. of cyvers[ace

  8. I think they were scared already to distribute my releases, so I doubt they would have the integrity to book a concert either. You'd be amazed how people are worried about getting problems for distributing actually evil music.

  9. There's a lot of that nowadays, unfortunately. Pretty embarrassing for a 'black metal' label to take such a position. Britain has become very spineless and there needs to be a change. It's sickening. The woke mob has been tolerated far too long.

  10. Sweet!! How did you record this?

  11. At everyone around me, looking for threats, got to stay alert.

  12. Falkreath....Not too many people, not too cold, has trees and mountains. Lots of time to meditate quietly in the forest, and then execute my contracts for the Dark Brotherhood. Perfect.

  13. Curious how you came across this post, it’s that old!

  14. Thank you! Thanks for the award too, that was sweet :) Just floating through Reddit hahaha. Thanks for the great question.

  15. The Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka, Liber Falxifer 1, 2 and 3, the Book of Sitra Achra, Uncle Setnakt's Book of the Left Hand Path, Tree of Qliphoth, The Complete Book of Demonolatry, Lords of the Left Hand Path and Three Books of Ceremonial Magick (Donald Tyson). Knowing the history of magick is useful too.

  16. I just want to say thank you to everyone here. You make me feel so much less alone with this, so thank you 🖤

  17. Yes. Current 218 is a magickal system and there're a bunch of traditions in magick lhp men share together . It's not the first satanism in the world , thus we can't deny our precursors' works.

  18. You're in for a real treat my friend :) Been playing this game since 2015 and there's just still so much to keep me playing.

  19. I felt tears in my eyes today after having finally pinned down a destructive pattern that I keep running. This shit all hurts, but fuck it's so much better than being numb. I feel I'm finally beginning to be myself again. Going to keep on. I don't know if anyone is going to read this, and don't expect anyone to. Just wanted to share a victory. If you're reading this and going through something similar, keep going. Please. Don't give up.

  20. Command yourself to do what your thick, steel-box comfort zone prevents your from doing. Get up. Take a shower. Get dressed. Plug in earbuds with hot rhythm music and take a long brisk walk. You need movement, heavy breathing and fresh air! Your brain needs it. I did it and you can too. Do it!!!!!

  21. I feel you dude. Stoicism and detachment can work well. Just don't stop listening to your heart. Keep feeling. Happy for you my man.

  22. Oh for fuck's sake, another one.

  23. Look into the elemental cleansing ritual by S. Connolly.

  24. It's fucking bullshit. Unforgiveable.

  25. And now people finally listen. Like how tf can people say it's an improvement lmao.


  27. Who the fuck goes to the Guardian for game reviews? lmao

  28. I'd rather be in a place where I don't need a relationship, but can enjoy one anyway. I'd also prefer to get to a place where I don't feel lonely whilst being by myself. So neither.

  29. I use Sonor SCH 28's. It's light, it has a plastic side for attack and a clicky sound and a felt side too. Used a couple before, namely the Demon Drive beaters which are too heavy for me, and the standard Iron Cobra ones which are also too heavy. I find that having lighter beaters allows me to get the feel I want by strictly tuning up the pedal settings and not thinking about the extra weight.

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