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  1. Je pensais jamais avoir à dire ça, mais j'ai l'impression que toutes ces conneries de MLM, coaching et tout ce qui va avec, c'est peut-être pas si mal : La cible de ces attrape couillons, c'est des gens peu éduqués, chez qui l'argument (fallacieux, hein) "Vous êtes votre propre patron, vous choisissez vos propres horaires" raisonne particulièrement. Bref, c'est justement ces mêmes personnes qui semblent manquer à l'appel de ces patrons. Ducoup peut être bien que le MLM et consort, c'est ce qui va sauver la classe populaire, si les postes vacants deviennent mécaniquement plus attractif.

  2. …so anyway I started blasting

  3. It's all about blasting and boasting until your opponent starts shredding the bullets thrown at him.

  4. I have a game in the phone, I don't really like to game in the phone. The next week I may be getting permission to enther a Nintendo switch lite I'm so exited!

  5. Have a look at the free Infinite Lagrange (and hit me up if you plan to play)

  6. Bro, this kind of lesson, some only realize it on their deathbed. I won't say that you are lucky for obvious reasons, yet you definitely can turn this experience into something valuable.

  7. C'est Mr Bean qui atterrit à Paris

  8. It's more the EU who doesn't recognize software patents

  9. Yeh. But VLC stills French. Also have a look about how it started, it's very interesting

  10. I feel like sikh are the only group of people where no individual would do something bad. Or at least the closest you can get.

  11. Don't forget his ferocious apex challenger, the wild chinese elevator

  12. Je suis tombé dans le rabbithole de

  13. Ouais j'suis dessus actuellement, des milliers de packs qui remontent jusqu'à 1990. De ce que j'ai compris ça découle des BBS, si ce pan d'internet t'attire autant que moi je t'invite à y jeter un oeil, certains sont encore actifs. J'suis obscédé par l'idée de développer un réseau d'information du genre, qui consomme le minimum possible, tant en bande passante qu'en éléctricité propre. Ca filtrerait mécaniquement le contenu en ligne par le haut, en plus de réduire drastiquement notre emprunte digitale / écologique, et tout ce qui va avec.

  14. Le site s’appelant 16 couleurs et le créateur ayant confirmé que ce n’est pas de l’ASCII art te donne tord.

  15. Also Parisians are richer than the rest of the country. They can afford to avoid cheap low quality food.

  16. Hey, it's me! Your future neighbor who is also dead!

  17. Bro he said no peanut. Don't fuck this up. Because, as you would guess, especially in this industry, peanut can obviously be a problem. It's not up to the customer to tell about his life. Critical ingredient, critical care.

  18. right. my point exactly. most people are too primed to be morally outraged to bother with context. and so they react with unhinged rage against the person who asks them to consider context rather than pointing them to simple B&W conclusions about the world. You should not assume providing context is equivalent to a "defense."

  19. This happened to me when the iwatch came out. Believe it or not I left with a 50€ note in the pocket :)

  20. I second this. You can understand the oneness of the universe without religion.

  21. To understand it means there is a sense to it. Not matching atheist philosophy.

  22. Not sure what that means, but there is a shit ton in the universe we do not understand. To think otherwise is a disservice to the human experience.

  23. You're not sure what it means, yet you're quite assertive about what is a proper human experience. Allgood bro

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