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  1. I've only read the first few chapters, but I could immediately tell that his dad was the real MC.

  2. Grew up on Spider-Man TAS, so I'm biased towards him.

  3. How far down the pipeline do you gotta be to believe this isnt fake

  4. The problem is that I've met people who are actually this stupid.

  5. I mean, Nick fury was white in the first comics, it doesn’t impact the story at all, but Nick fury in the movies is a likeable character so no one cared, or they just didn’t know that nick fury was white in origin

  6. MCU Nick Fury is based on the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Actually, a lot of things in the MCU seem to be. Like the Hulk being a product of attempting to recreate the super soldier serum.

  7. Yep. Actually, his design was based on Samuel L. Jackson. Who played Nick Fury in the MCU.

  8. But... But... It is meant for pleasure. That's the entire point of the clitoris. It serves no other purpose.


  10. Yeah... That's what I thought it was. I was hoping I was wrong.

  11. jokes on you i have reddit i'll always be a virgin

  12. If you go to one of the sperm donation centers, fuck one of their machines, and then the sperm from that day is used to make a baby, are you no longer a virgin?

  13. Remember, they hated the other guy so much that they ignored the faults with their guy.

  14. Honestly, Trump would have been a pretty forgettable president if he could just keep his god damn mouth shut.

  15. Ya some guy did that to me in highschool he was rly rude he was narcissistic and thought that he’s the only person allowed to have mental illness and that everyone else must be a faker

  16. He's using the black magic rod. What, you haven't found one yet?

  17. It was both. He lured boys in for sex and also killed and ate them.

  18. I thought the kid was doing the ripping, not being ripped

  19. Kinda like, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

  20. Most people I know who support capitalism genuinely think it helps poor people. I don't know enough to have an opinion on whether that's correct, but it's what they think.

  21. Who this guy is, dont even know him

  22. Search GypsyCrusader on YouTube. The first result should be a little documentary on him. It's an awful story.

  23. I'm not gay but it's about to get real fucking gay in here

  24. Glancing, whatevs. Staring, creepy with makes me angry.

  25. What if you're wearing a shirt with text over your boobs and they're just trying to read it?

  26. Of course he's evil. It's just easy to overlook becaue he's not evil for the sake of being evil. He does horrible things because he has a goal and they'll let him achieve in the most direct manner. He's not some cartoon villain out to get people's souls for... reasons.

  27. So she was cleared of raping him? I don’t know the full details but what the fuck.

  28. I mean, I'm not going to say it's impossible. But it's still a god awful defense and the jury should be ashamed of themselves for accepting it.

  29. Gypsies, only thing you steal is our hearts.

  30. As an American, I can say that guns are really cool. But they're also dangerous weapons that need to be strictly controlled.

  31. Stabbings is a british thing, not an American thing.

  32. I mean, technically America has more stabbings. It's just that all the gun violence makes people overlook it.

  33. Wait, since when did hastags actually show up instead of leaving a blank space?

  34. It really does seem like that online. Even though it's not true, I think.

  35. It isn't. You only notice the people who go "oh my gerd, American sUcKS" and not the people who don't get involved.

  36. I honestly never noticed the change until you pointed it out.

  37. I have never in my life had a woman look at me like that. At least, not that I'm aware of.

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