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  1. sure it's just the typical modern linux distros

  2. I'm guess you're have all rights to think that way, but my opinion slightly different

  3. well "i use arch btw" posts do exist for a reason

  4. Pornhub? Linux users don't masturbate?? I don't think you know linux users.

  5. i don't think so mate there is so much GPL porn out there

  6. it's still in development ( many many bugs ) and lacks functionality, but anyway thanks for sharing .

  7. now that's more like it, i was talking about the

  8. I was hoping to get a comment from someone who had experience. I actually have used JD2 a couple times (not for pirated content, just memes and shitposts) but I wanted reassurance that it was still safe. I've used it for gog-games and fitgirl before, so it should be, but I still want to have that reassurance from people with more experience.

  9. 5 y user here , i can assure you that it's safe and if that statement didn't' convince you here is some info to help you make an informed decision

  10. yeah but i still have to type that single damn command every single time to get an output

  11. is this some kind of joke that i'm not too GTA console fan to understand ?

  12. Not sure if you've found your answer yet but what I do with mine when I want to send out translated subtitled video is to use MKVToolNix, under Multiplexer, drag your video in and then drag fonts into the "Attachments" tab (3rd one next to the Input/Output tabs)

  13. thank you for help, i know that already, what i looking for know is how to do it in batch

  14. You can mux subtitles and videos with MKVToolNix. I'm sure someone will know more regarding soft subtitle formats, but with .srt files you have no control of the font, that is handled with the player.

  15. use ublock origin and sponsorblock to get back to that strong flavor and sweet taste of nostalgia

  16. every time you watch a youtube video the addon grab time stamps from the server of :

  17. btw if you end up install linux in your laptop it gonna update the kernel when they become available (witch contain the open source drivers) and like that you can regain your machine full potential but it gonna take some time so be patient .

  18. well that's a problem can you run neofetch and tell me what graphic card your system detects

  19. CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 (2) @ 2.582GHz GPU: Intel Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics

  20. It's 2021, almost every distribution will allow this. From my experience, the less Terminal-avoidant distros are those which need "manual" tweaks and fixes to work correctly. Avoid elementary OS for example, it has been a huge experience for me with knowing how to use Linux, but the painful way.

  21. yes totally avoid elementary OS if someone force me to use it I'm gonna beg it to let me use arch instead if I'm gonna deal with that pain anyway

  22. Use pop os . U will get ur work done using least amount of terminal diving.But while using Linux u will have to use terminal later or sooner. Soon u will find terminal to be easier that Gui. Have faith in yourself and dive into the world of Linux . U can use POP Os , Linux mint (gnome and cinnamon respectively) these are easiest . U won't have to search for dependencies on your own just use package manager. In pop u will get support for nvidea GPUs and media codecs are by default installed .

  23. yes use pop_os if you have NVIDIA graphic card otherwise use linux mint or zorin

  24. No in fact i think that they are pretty accurate ,the thing that keeps people away from linux is the "terminal phobia" and the "bad" rip that linux gained after kali linux came out that linux (ALL LINUX) is for HacKeRs and HACKING ONLY !!! so you have to be a tech savvy to even think to boot it.

  25. if you don't know witch one you have just type neofetch in your terminal

  26. there is a driver installer in linux mint , just type driver manger in the star menu and it should be there

  27. that's 5h and thousands of brain cells from his/her life and 43GB from his/her ssd's life that he/she will never get back

  28. I’m a bit confused with the article; this system will mainly affect the people who upload and make pirated content available, not those who only download said content?

  29. well not exactly , of course that system has the potential to determine who created the pirated content ( compressed movie for example ) but also all the users who had/have the pirated material ; if enough users snitched on them ( identified the file as pirated ) MS can take action and every one who helped snitched is gonna have a slake of the cake ( Ethereum ) and the DMCA companies now have very strong legal floor so they can sue them all without fear = $$$

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