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  1. Completely off topic, but when I first saw that photo I thought the rhino was being pushed by a person in a crocodile costume, with the arms being the maw.

  2. Omg, I see it! 💀💀💀

  3. Lira, my first pup, once chewed up a pair of $200 prescription glasses. Ever since then I store my glasses in a hard protective case! I learned my lesson on that one.

  4. Hang in there, we’re all going through it. It’s part of the puppy experience!

  5. When she first wakes up in the morning, before breakfast. She’s got like an hour and a half of perfect behavior in her and She’s chill, hanging out in bed, snoozing, chewing on a toy gently, or playing very calmly with our other dog. I love it.

  6. Same here lol shout out to the handfuls. Turns out I just had ADHD

  7. My mom said the same thing! ADHD here too.

  8. Same here. One time someone stole my husky and then dropped them off right in front of me three days later lol. Glad they realized he was a handful and gave him back

  9. Why did this make me bust out laughing?! I love that the dog was too much for the thief to handle so he just returned him. 🤣

  10. As others have said, it's a sign he wants to be left alone while eating. However, I agree with the comment about resource guarding. This is 100% a sign of resource guarding developing and you should take action now to prevent it from becoming a larger issue later.

  11. Man, that is hard, I’m so sorry. I hope you can find comfort in the years of happiness you had together, knowing that his life was full with love all the way to the very end. He died in your arms and as a fur-baby who loved you for 15 years I’m sure it was the best possible way he could’ve left this world.

  12. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. I know it is such a hard thing. The bond between a pet and their human is beyond compare.

  13. First, anytime a dog uncharacteristically shows aggressive behavior, it should be evaluated by a veterinarian to ensure there are no health issues going on. Some dogs get this way over something as simple as an ear infection, but once it’s properly treated, they are back to normal.

  14. This post makes me soooooo happy! Good boy, George!

  15. This. When my puppy was spayed, I told her vet I was concerned about keeping her calm as she was pretty high energy at the time. He offered a pain killer that has a sedating effect to help her stay calm - gabapentin. It helped a lot.

  16. Shes our first dog - my partner and I didn’t have them growing up - and we’ve apparently chosen hard mode.

  17. Duke is 7 months old and we reconfigured the play pen to confine him to 1 room. And I still use it daily!

  18. We did this too. Our girl is 11 months old and still can’t be trusted with full freedom. We use parts of the play pen to block off every entry/exit point to the living room that she’s in most of the day (lots of room to play). We also crate trained her and use that when we need to leave the house occasionally.

  19. I have a story for each of my girls, so here goes:

  20. “What were you wearing?” Exhibit

  21. I am 100% triggered by the comment about your “tone.” Firstly, this is a text message - there literally is no tone. Second, nothing you said was rude or inappropriate in any way, wtf is she talking about? Third, this reminds me of some racial biases that commonly play out in the workplace. I don’t know your race or your supervisor’s race, so all I can say is be wary.

  22. If it was a cartoon character, it would be the comically tiny, adorably evil villain that no one takes seriously.

  23. Lol, ours has a 5% 'processing fee', plus a $25 portal access (meaning the capability to log in to pay your rent) a month, and they don't accept any other form of payment.

  24. I never tried to accuse you of abuse, simply that there are better ways to manage. There is a pretty big difference between putting your pup in a crate for a few hours while you shower or clean etc, where the pup will sleep soundly, to make sure that the puppy is entirely safe when you can’t monitor it, than to restrict a necessity. It is not a necessity to a puppy’s life to free-roam the house while you’re doing other attention-demanding activities, because that would be unsafe. But it is a necessity for a puppy to have access to clean water always.

  25. Yeah my pup isn’t waiting more than 3-4 hours between meals. 6-8 hours is a lot in my opinion. I also never said you accused me of abuse, I said you grossly misinterpreted my point. One’s top priority can be puppy 100% and yet still need to do other things occasionally.

  26. Small things are reasonable, but I have plenty of personal responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, etc) and I was still able to devote enough time to check on the pup and see if she had to go, or have someone else help me if I couldn’t. It varied a lot. Sometimes it was every 15 minutes, sometimes she would only go after 30, then back to 15. My entire point was based on leaving a pup without water for multiple hours.

  27. As I said, my husband and I both work from home, so we were able to tag team puppy care. That said, every 15 mins was still overwhelming, even split between us. Ice cubes bought us just a little bit more time between outings.

  28. This comment is right on the money! Treeing behaviour at its finest. The dog being a bully and beagle mix sounds about right too. I found I REALLY needed to up my girls mental stimulation when she was an adolescent... But also the thing is about dogs... You need to teach them how to be calm. Dogs don't just learn this by default. There's several techniques and ways to do this. Behavioural downs and capturing calmness exercises are great. Eventually you can teach the relaxation on cue.

  29. I hadn’t considered this way of training “leave it.” I may work on that with her and see if it helps.

  30. I found with my dog, the off-command worked in a sense that if he was already jumping on someone he would stop. But it didn't achieve my goal of preventing him from jumping up. What really worked best was developing rock solid "leave it" and "back" commands.

  31. Love this idea! I will be giving “back” a try for sure!

  32. I honestly arrived to the logical (to me) conclusion that Santa must have been real, because nobody in my family had the same handwriting as what was on my tags. I did the same sort of thinking about the Tooth Fairy. I'd cram my little paper towel-wrapped tooth in the corner of the closed end of my pillowcase, and made sure to sleep right on top of it, but somehow I'd always have .50 wrapped in a little paper towel square in the same spot when I woke up.

  33. I had this same logic as a kid, but I made the mistake of pointing it out to my parents… the next year all the tags were typed up instead of hand written!

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