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Patient is moved to tears when this therapy horse named Paçoca calmly rests its head on patient's chest. The equinine therapy center in Brazil stated that they had never seen any of their horses act like this with their patients.

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US police charged over death of Breonna Taylor

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  1. Yeah - didn’t order ahead and wound up doing it at the Munich airport. $200 fee.

  2. Using an ATM gives better rates, with no fees.

  3. Already had the cash with me, unfortunately.

  4. Exactly this. I’m a 34H and if someone provides the armpit to armpit measurement? I’m buying from that closet.

  5. Was obviously taken care of as someone’s pride and joy and now it can be yours! It’s beautiful.

  6. I’m 51F and this has been my experience. Different aspects of my codependency have popped up as I have aged, and it’s important to understand it for that reason. Sometimes you master one codependent trait only to become unwittingly vulnerable to another a few years later. I couldn’t afford therapy until my 40’s, but it was very helpful. It sounds silly, but simply being able to sit in a room and talk (relatively) uninterrupted and tell what happened from beginning to end? Worth it. And when she said things like, “you deserved better”, that actually helped me more than the other exercises/skill building we did. Recovery from an alcoholic parents is a lifelong process, in my opinion, and there are many days I resent that. But here we are.

  7. Why can’t patients with these chronic conditions just be given full time support pets? It must be so lonely and some big, fat, lazy chonk of a cat or dog would be such a good companion.

  8. Why wouldn't it be allowed? Statistics aren't homophobic. But what exactly does this information buy you? Yes, you may be safe from monkeypox now if you aren't a man having penetrative sex with another man, but that's the way it was with HIV too, until it wasn't.

  9. Exactly this. As an older person who lived through the very visible HIV crisis in DC, way back when, I believe we should all be concerned about monkeypox. Someone told me, “Oh, that’s just a gay man thing…”, but really it just spreads like any other virus that finds its preferred conditions and replicates. We should be concerned about gay men’s health but also understand that it is extremely likely to spread to potentially anyone.

  10. If that isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is.

  11. I used to sell handbags at Nordstrom. My suggestion would be AllSaints - couture quality leathers, minimal branding, they last forever. Rebecca Minkoff would be another possibility.

  12. Use a collard leaf as a wrap, fill with hummus, shredded carrots, red cabbage, edamame, whatevs. LUNCH.

  13. Wow. You actually have great health insurance.

  14. And always leave a tip on the pillow. Why wouldn’t you do it, knowing how much of a difference a few extra dollars makes to a hard working person?

  15. Be a great person. An active listener. A hand holder. A dirty dish washer even if you’re not getting laid that night. A true friend.

  16. I lived on a reservation in Montana for six years and Walmart was a great source for fresh produce and organic/vegan items. If you can get a hold of a vacuum sealer and have a freezer, that can be helpful. Lots of good info online about prepping fresh vegetables for freezing.

  17. Honestly? It’s their parents. The way they ignore them so the kids act up to get attention or just the opposite- when the parents pay way too much attention to the kid. Like, when you’re on the phone and the parent will just keep speaking to the kid in the room as if you have nothing better to do with your time.

  18. You feel how you feel about it. He doesn’t get to diminish your feelings about this any more than any other event that might happen in your life. Not only does his response communicate that the situation didn’t affect him the same way, he’s communicating that he is unwilling to set aside any time to be there for you. Ok. He’s on a trip, but he could be emotionally available for an hour here or there until he gets back. This is a big, red flag to me. It is a significant emotional event and he is not there for you. Period. That could be a very lonely life.

  19. I’ve been in menopause for 14 years and just started Imvexxy vaginal therapy. It’s definitely helping.

  20. Seems like Merrick Garland is finally pulling his thumb out of his ass.

  21. I believe it. In the Midwest, 4 sticks of Butter is $4 and 1 gallon of Milk is $3. You're spending almost $10 on those 2 alone.

  22. I’ve been drinking organic milk - was $3 but now up to $8.69 a gallon. So I guess I’ll get a half gallon for $5. Denver suburbs.

  23. Not stargazing, but a visit to the Dougherty Museum up north on Wadsworth is very interesting. They have limited hours and are only open in the summer, so research it before you go.

  24. You’re doing God’s work. Who doesn’t need a homemade chicken pot pie.

  25. I have had the vet prescribe trazedone to calm her down before…vet appointments. It sounds like it may be time for you to find another vet.

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