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POST GAME THREAD: The Mets fell to the Braves by a score of 5-3 - Sun, Oct 02 @ 07:08 PM EDT

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[Highlight] Cal Raleigh launches a walkoff home run to defeat the Oakland A's and clinch the Seattle Mariners' first playoff berth since 2001, ending the longest-running postseason drought in North American sports.

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  1. Yeah I’ve had leveon in his holdout year, CMC, and then JT this year. 1st pick always fucks me.

  2. Same. I also had DJ the year he hurt his wrist in week 1 and was out for the season

  3. No chance for Blackwood on that goal

  4. He really does. He would be a great fit in the bottom 6

  5. Wishing Andrew the best. I hope he gets to host a show. He’s very knowledgeable about sports and speaks well. Big missed opportunity for TMKS not having him on to talk more

  6. It happened 8 days ago. I think they said 10 days, 2 days later… so maybe Saturdayish we might hear something?

  7. Aaron Rodgers has these every game. As do all QBs. Kirk is no different.

  8. My comment was going to be similar to yours. To really drive home Will’s point, he needs to show how or why top end QBs don’t have a couple opportunities per game where they could’ve thrown it to a receiver that’s more open down the field. Otherwise, this is just cherry picking and kind of baseless.

  9. Imagine if McCann went yard there lol

  10. So 4 runs in 2 games before tonight is your opinion of a good offense?

  11. No. Was solely talking about tonight’s game.

  12. The NFC just looks bad. I mean outside of the Eagles, who is good?

  13. The offense wasn’t bad today. Just the red zone efficiency was bad. If we had 3 touchdowns instead of 3 field goals and scored 40 points, would people be complaining about the offense?

  14. Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Joseph had 3 short FGs. If those are all TDs instead, people aren’t complaining about the offense. So if we fix up the redzone offense, our offense as a whole will be good. When in reality all we did was fix one element of the offense

  15. Mattison wasn't any better, there was no room to run today. Saints have had the best run defense in the league for like 3 years

  16. Mattison had 3 carries. Cook had 20. Not really fair to say the same about Mattison

  17. I was just pointing out that there was no room to run, even when Cook wasn't on the field. I wasn't comparing their overall production

  18. Good for him. He missed the extra point but made 2 long field goals. One of them being very clutch. Greg is a good kicker and I’m happy we have him.

  19. For me, there’s no adrenaline rush that compares to ends of games like these

  20. Who also very well might be 3-1 going into today

  21. “Biggest kick of Lutz’s life”? Really?

  22. Must’ve forgotten that one against us in 2017 lol

  23. I love this play by play announcer. I remember listening to some of his calls during last season when the Mariners were making a push for the postseason then

  24. Can’t win them all. Would’ve liked a better showing from an offensive standpoint, but the most important thing is Blackwood and he looked amazing all game


  26. That PP was missing Jack, Holtz, and Bratt. It will be fine.

  27. Haula is such a breath of fresh air. Guys like him, wood and palat are going to bring so much to this team. Also Vitek looking sharp.

  28. Vanecek was great tonight. Really encouraging first two games.

  29. Careless pass by Mercer but Clarke seemed like he wasn’t even trying to win the puck back

  30. I approve of physical Dougie

  31. It would be fitting for Escobar to get the game winning rbi

  32. Great game. Lots of players looked good tonight. I hope Zetterlund makes the team

  33. I've been mostly watching the Yankees game, so what's everyone's opinion on the new PBP guy? So far it seems like Daneyko has been taking a big load in the announcing, but new guy has been good and hasn't made any mistakes that I've noticed. I don't think he'll ever bring the same excitement that Cangi brought, but I like the new PBP guy so far.

  34. He’s been great imo. Him and Dano have really good chemistry

  35. Who tf knows, he said he was gonna be back for Atlanta but they have kept quiet on him since.

  36. I thought he was going to be back for Oakland

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