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Homeless orgies around Davis Square

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  1. Nothing like walking up and down a street with an drink in your hand.

  2. I noticed that a ton while I was there for Pride. Is it a legal thing? Or do people just go for it?

  3. My favorite band since I was 9. I feel like I’ve lost a family member.

  4. We're not depraved or sick - we're a nation in decline without the resources necessary to maintain a stable society.

  5. I agree with what you’ve posted but I’d argue there is absolutely a racial component to this. Racism is a part of American history. From slavery to the civil rights movement to police brutality, oppressing black people is deeply ingrained into our country’s DNA.

  6. “Ma’am, do you have any weapons to report?” “Just this bomb ass pussy.”

  7. Why not the PoC who voted for trump? Their votes count the same.

  8. White ppl are the only race that voted in the majority with him in both 2016 & 2020.

  9. You didn't answer the question. Why does a non-white persons vote for Trump not count?

  10. I'm 43. My uncle (RIP) gave me his cassette copy of "Music For The Masses" when I was 9. The rest is history.

  11. When that one joke comes in all different shapes and sizes, it can last a long time

  12. That show was spectacular & seeing everyone in their costumes was very cool. Papa IV is so kind & gracious, too. I am absolutely going Anointed Experience when they come back.

  13. Yep. Once it got out that it disproportionately affected black and brown folks, a lot of people decided “nah, not my problem.”

  14. There's no religion without blood on its hands

  15. For the price, it's fantastic. It especially shines if you have any kind of Google Home automation setup. I was able to get rid of my Apple TV box because it basically does everything I would want natively.

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