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I achieved 5 years clean in January, and reached master level in august. I never thought I’d be at a place in my life where I’d have an actual career. The “gift box” just arrived today, that’s why I’m late.

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  1. I’m on Anastazole and Ibrance since March 2022 and I’m responding to it well. Lupron injections just started 2 months ago. I don’t have an answer for you but I will ask my Oncologist about Kisqali bec now I’m curious.

  2. I’m on Ibrance , letrozole with zoladex injections. Keep me posted with what your oncologist says.

  3. Excellent write up OP. My heart breaks for this innocent girl. How can people be so cruel?

  4. wow super cool effect. I love the tendrils and how it really looks leafy.

  5. Thank you! 😊😊 I’m leaving it as is but will make another one with pink to see how it looks. Many times less is better.

  6. Tbh I'd chop the top rosette with approximately 2 to 3cm left and let that grow new roots (I like leaving the stem a bit longer for better stability when planting it), then chop that large stem right at the bottom, so right above where the other two small plants grow. You can do the same with the small plants, or let them grow bigger first. The cut stem will eventually grow a new rosette but it will take a while and look quite dorkey in the beginnng.

  7. Thank you for your advice! This is my first succulent.

  8. I love this it’s so pretty and calming but full of motion at the same time. Love love

  9. Aww Thank you! 😊 This was my first time doing this style/shape and I was shocked it came it so well. I’ve tried to replicate this in other paintings but the ink is hard to control.

  10. One wrong move by me and it’s a blob. Thank you! I appreciate your comment.

  11. I’m especially drawn to the 3rd pic posted (which is actually the 2nd piece of art. )Beautiful!

  12. I have stage 4 with bone Mets. After being on Anastrazole and Ibrance for 8 months my breast tumor has shrunk and the bone Mets has shrunk or stayed the same.

  13. I was started on Anastrazole in March 2022 and Lupron last month. I’m 56 yo and not menopausal but Anastrazole started the menopause . initially the hot flashes were frequent at night but it has become less frequent. I started exercising more and I notice the days I exercise my hot flashes are much less.

  14. Intimately Light Year Bodysuit

  15. The research I’ve done shows 24x36 has the highest amount of sales. I’ll see if I can find that article again to share with you.

  16. Definitely depends.. smaller will generally go more quickly because people don't have to think about where it is going to go- they can just buy it and stick it somewhere it fits. I've got a little gallery in my town and I am experimenting with sizes. Had a few really tiny guys sell- but I can't charge any real money for them. $50 tops for about a 5x7 frame. Before the gallery takes their cut. Trying to move up to 8x10s in 11x14 frames and see if they sell. Up in size from there. Or back down. Trying to find a sweet spot...unfortunately I think the gallery itself might not be in the sweet spot! But that's another issue! Lol

  17. Excellent point about small painting likely to sell better because people can place it anywhere easily vs a large piece.

  18. I told a co-worker I had stage 4 cancer with Mets to the bones. She says under her breath loudly “ serves you right for not getting a mammogram for years”. What kind of person says such a thing?

  19. Jackie Collins books are fun, trashy books to read.

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