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  1. No. He got what he deserved. Maybe at the wrong hands, but he reaped what he sowed. Tired of the mike apologists, he was a crooked cop who became a drug lords consigliere and personal hit man.

  2. No. Everyone should agree better service is more important than lower fares. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I’ll cough up the dollar or two if it means they’ll be more frequent

  3. Why is sitting on the job lazy lmao? Who does it harm if the person ringing you up is sitting lol. That’s insane

  4. I know that bitching about change is not very original here in this sub, but man why would they think a 90% concrete park is what we need to refresh our minds in a concrete city. Baffles me. They had a little beautiful forest in there and razed it, why?

  5. Someone told me the Parking lot they built underneath couldnt support the roots of all the big trees. Idk. Apparently thats a very important underground parking lot. I hate it.

  6. Considering the blackmagic cameras just got a new stabilization feature, id go for the Olympus. Trying to focus on the lumix is painful. I like the lumix lens on my gh5 with af, but without continuous af on the pocket 4K, id say just go Olympus.

  7. Yep. I grew up catholic and very atheist now. I honestly don’t really care if you’re religious, but do not ask random people to go to a religious ceremony with you, or tell them to do stuff that only fits your religion until you know them well enough. I am in the Bible Belt and oml I’m done with the Christian’s asking me where I go to church and me telling them I don’t and them acting like I literally am Satan.

  8. Tbf if you’re in a highly religious area im sure that 99% of the time when they ask that question the response they get is a name of a church.

  9. Lets say I'm an atheist, my religion is none at all yet I'm being forced to financially support religious institutions I do not believe in. As has been previously established by previous court decisions money is speech so effectively my speech is in support of religions I don't believe in against my will/wishes.

  10. As a Christian im being forced to pay for secular institutions which I do not believe in.

  11. How much evidence was there to prove he actively aided Walt? The main thing is the money laundering and conspiracy, but all the files are shredded, and the car wash was done entirely without Saul. The donation website used some guy from another country which would probably be hard to link back to saul. The biggest thing would be Francesca testifying against him, since she does know that.

  12. Absentee father wanders around in the dessert until his brother finds him to reunite him, then goes to find his stripper wife and leaves again

  13. Collateral is great. Nightcrawler too. Drive 2011 is an obvious pick here. Heat is good too. Jackie brown. Chinatown is probably like objectively the best and I love it but my favorite is probably la confidential.

  14. You’d be surprised at the number of graffiti artists who are actual artists outside of graffiti.

  15. Doing graffiti on like the side of a building as a mural with permission of the owner is one thing, tagging shit with your name is something totally different. Hey, art is subjective and all but I’d struggle to call a crude line that resembles a letter “art”

  16. The tagging is part of the culture of LA. It’s better than boring grey cement.

  17. No it isn’t. Having dirty shit painted by people with no regard for the overall aesthetics of the city or care for property that isn’t theirs isn’t better than boring cement. Most people don’t want to live in what looks like a third world country

  18. It's highly probable that this is stolen goods. No moral judgement here but stay safe, bring someone with you when you pick it up.

  19. I’ve been considering moving to St. Paul. Looks nice, cheaper homes, I like the cold.

  20. Not a transplant but no real reason to visit. Top 3 places and things to eat? I’m open to it.

  21. Al and Beas (idk if that’s how you spell it) is very good in Boyle heights. Any of the taco stands are good but I’d recommend the one on 7th and Indiana under the freeway. El tepeyac is a classic too.

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