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  1. Is there a way we can update the color by painting with a specific type of paint? I agree that they don't make'm like they used to. We will probably hang onto the fridge and use in our basement.

  2. For the handles use a paint for plastics. Rustoleum makes one specifically for plastic but I’m sure other brands do to. You could even do a bright color or metallic. Otherwise, pick ‘appliance white’ and it should match pretty close. Completely remove the handles from the fridge and spray paint them for the most professional result.

  3. Just a reminder that with the Hollywood rack or the Walmart one somebody linked, you don’t have to lift the bike up all at once. Lift the front end in, then the heavier back end, and you aren’t lifting much weight each time. If it’s going on the back, fold down the middle bar, and likewise step the bike onto the back holder, one half and them the other

  4. Yeah, we have the Hollywood rack and 2 rad wagons with a ton of accessories, including some heavy dirt bike tires, large baskets and platforms, baby seat, dog carrier… I am not particularly fit and it’s very easy for me to get both bikes up on the rack myself. You really don’t need a ramp.

  5. My pediatrician called it “the witching hour” and it’s developmentally normal. He said our baby would grow out of the hours long evening fussiness around 12-15 weeks and he was right. My best friends advice for getting through this period was “lol, get earplugs 🤣”. Our baby always loved baths so we would do his whole bath routine and it would calm him down enough to do a good skin on skin and nursing sesh before his first block of sleeping at night. Without the bath he would get too upset to nurse which would make him even more upset…

  6. Beautiful kitchen. It would drive me crazy, I would get a counter depth.

  7. I can’t help but feel that somehow it’s the men pressuring them because that’s just the feckin society we live in

  8. Hormones are crazy tho. The first like 3 weeks I was super horny and having all these intense sex dreams, but we didn’t have sex because the whole gaping internal wound and high risk of sepsis. There’s no way my husband would have had sex with me even if I begged because he, you know, loves me and wants me to live. I was told no sex for 8 weeks because I had a c-section. By the time 8 weeks rolled around I didn’t want my husband anywhere near me. I think we ended up having sex for the first time at like 16 weeks? Baby’s almost 2 and my libido is still basically zero, but as I start to wean from nursing its sloooooowly creeping back. I almost initiated a couple days ago (but then I fell asleep too fast).

  9. Thanks, i definitely need to focus like this vs my way of randomly spending 20 minutes then giving up. Are small point tweezers the ones people use for eyebrows?

  10. A good podcast or audiobook to listen to (and have a toke if you smoke) while you work at it and it will be untangled before you know it.

  11. Hi there! For a number of years I worked in a hardware store that used to sell stained glass and etched doors and a penchant for putting industrial adhesive right on the detail glass because they figured it would do the least amount of damage (I will tell you that is not the case, it pulls finish and color right off.)

  12. And it smells like someone just started peeling an orange, not fake/ perfumey at all. Best air freshener.

  13. I think if we can get a floor bed it might work but as it stands it wouldn't be safe to leave her alone on the bed we share

  14. At 7 months they still have a few more months where they need to get all their nutrition from milk, so if you are really over it you should look into replacing a nurse or 2 with formula.

  15. now i just need to find land that isnt going to bankrupt me lol

  16. Land that doesn’t have any utilities ran to it or near it is still pretty cheap, at least up here in Maine. I have friends who just got 27 acres on an island in mid coast. Mostly wetlands, with a bunch of waterfront on a lake and a lovely little ridge where they set up a 4 season tent. All under $100k, purchased this spring.

  17. Depending on how quickly they take to solids, they still get most of their nutrition from milk past 12months. My 21month old has only been eating a majority of his calories for on solids since he was around 18months and there’s often times (sick,teething, traveling) where he still only wants to nurse. If you plan on weaning by 1, as you start to introduce solids, I would also start experimenting (with the guidance of your dr) with formulas so you still have a good nutrient dense, and easy source of calories and hydration available.

  18. It is on the right side. I’m going to try washing it again this time on cold to see if I can get rid of the wrinkles. There are bumps on the fabric that resemble pilling, but there’s no lint or loose fabric there. Any thoughts on what I can do about that?

  19. Washing it again will not get rid of any winkles. Best bet is to try ironing it inside and out while it’s not on the cushion. Use a spray bottle with water to re-wet any stubborn winkles. Take your time and pay attention so you don’t accidentally melt or scorch it. Then put the cover back on and steam it very thoroughly. You can get a handheld portable steamer for around $25 at target or Walmart, but if you have access to a professional tank style garment steamer that’s even better.

  20. Add a threshold and trim the appropriate length off the bottom of the door.

  21. if you go this route, have your partner tell the group as soon as they arrive that they’re there for dinner but will be skipping out on desserts to enjoy them at home with you! gives a clear timeframe of when they plan to leave, and also this way you’d get to enjoy (the best part?!?) of Thanksgiving with your family.

  22. Honestly, as I lie here trying to get my 21month old to sleep for his nap, running through the very long list of things I need to do before my wonderful and lovely family arrives at 2, nothing sounds better than a few hours alone in my house with a big plate of leftovers and desert when my husband and son get home.

  23. It’s common in homes built by Chasidic Jews. As I understand it, they have religious cleanliness laws about washing hands in a separate room from the toilet. I lived and worked very close to a large chasidic population for many years and the business I worked in had a sink outside their bathrooms to accommodate their Chasidic clientele.

  24. People usually just paint these with regular old house paint like you’d use on your walls or trim.

  25. There is NO exhaustion like pregnancy exhaustion. If men went through pregnancy they’d wither away with all the symptoms

  26. As my cousin nicely put it: “you’re growing a new human and another whole ass organ. Take a nap!”

  27. Okay! I'm still on the purge part at the moment but it's going well. Won't be using all your tips, but definitely will be using some - I bought some black storage baskets today and it already looks better, aside from the chaos of stuff emptied onto the floor. I'm going to donate a ton of stuff (including the brown bookcase) at the weekend, and I'm going to look at a second-hand MCM TV unit on Sunday. Thanks!

  28. That’s great! Post some update pics when you’re done.

  29. I had normal blood pressure 2 days before delivering but other symptoms of pre-eclampsia. They scheduled my induction at 37 weeks anyway.

  30. My BP sloooowly crept up my entire pregnancy. I’d been planning a homebirth to avoid hospital if possible, because it was the height of Covid, and I wouldn’t have been able to have my mom there, just my husband. Because of that my midwife was super closely monitoring me. By 37 weeks I was checking my BP and urine dipsticks 3x/day and doing 24hr urine collections for more intensive screenings a couple times a week. At 38+0 my midwife and I and the obs she consults with agreed I met the criteria for mild pre-e and needed to go in for induction, and they got me a bed at a really nice birthing center. At 38+4 I was still barely dilated and his heart rate started to slow with my contractions so I had a c-section.

  31. I’m a upholsterer, do you plan on reupholstering the couch? Because just so you know, it would likely be more expensive than getting a new one. It would take about 2weeks of labor alone, without considering materials costs to do this couch. Much easier to just paint the walls.

  32. Well damn. Thanks for the advice haha I’m kinda clueless, I feel so bad I messed it up like that

  33. Op, don’t sand it, strip it. It’s most likely a wood veneer. Veneer is usually only as thick as a couple pieces of paper. If you sand it you can very easily sand through the veneer and it will become a much much much worse problem to fix.

  34. I pack so well for my toddler that I have to drink water from his sippy cup because I forgot mine.

  35. And eat all their snacks on the 10 min drive home because they fell asleep, you forgot to eat anything yet that day, and stopping at a drive through will wake them up 🤦‍♀️

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