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  1. That bogus accent and tongue gymnastics were cranked up to 11 here. Cringe. And I don’t know why, but the “remember? We were running?” always cracks me up. Prefacing a statement with “You know what” is one of her tells that she’s lying, IMO…

  2. Did she actually say that the drastic increase in her breast size was due to swimming?

  3. She said the reason they were once so small is that before she met Alec she “broke her hip straight through” (this claim seems very exaggerated). As part of the recovery for her hip, she said she was doing a lot of breaststroke swimming which made her breasts smaller. Once she stopped all the rehab swimming they magically grew to the hideous melons they are now. Totally believable, right?! 😂

  4. Wait. Wait. Wait. You forgot the part where she said she was vain and didn’t want her hair wet while she was swimming. So she held her head out of the water while doing the breaststroke on her back. I know this because my husband and myself got on the floor to prove how implausible that would be. Especially with a hip “broke clean through”. The women interviewing her were like “…ok…” this is one of my alltime favorite Hilz lies.

  5. Agree. In the pre-Alec yoga pics of her, her midsection was not super ripped and that was before any kids. Pic here is from 2010. And post-Carmen there was no midsection “bounce back”. See Hamptons library videos…

  6. I don’t think she even goes to the dollar store. I think she just orders the plastic crap online and the boxes pile up in the hallway at the selfie mirror

  7. Holy shit, I never noticed she has the baby on her seemingly-naked lap. I honestly thought there was a blanket or towel, but it's the boy's legs.

  8. It’s because she does yoga so much. 🙄 Her ankle, much like her hoohaw, “goes right back”

  9. All that “working out the feet” while pregnant must have paid off for the ankle area as well! 🤡

  10. Yes!!! Thank you! "Little butter-colored awning... Lotta those little places gone."

  11. There is a photo that exists of her coming home from one of the births looking like a streetwalker but I can't find it.

  12. I know the one you’re thinking of — I think black dress and heels. Let me try to find it!

  13. On the plus side, he’s sentenced to a life with that manic yapping freak with the fake accent.

  14. Whoa — Alec’s crazy eyes! And I want to vom every time he says the word FILMSSSSS.

  15. "Keep your shoulders connected to your back." Do we have a choice? 😶

  16. Just slightly when she told you to move her honds 👋👌🙄

  17. High as a kite, and too lazy to proofread. Just adds to her “ESL” bullshit, or so she thinks.

  18. I think Penelope’s character in Vicky Christina Barcelona was major grift inspo. The timing tracks with the birth of “Hilaria”.

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