News from MurDoct

  1. not sure how we were up by 30 and won by 10 but whatever wins are wins

  2. Maybe he had some of Mannings chicken parm

  3. Rices number will never be broken as far as I'm concerned

  4. Remember that Creed Thanksgiving performance w/ that dude flying through the air? Lmao

  5. Here honestly. Should be an event calendar on the side bar.

  6. Could this tank be more obvious?

  7. As a Door County native I hate driving through Fish Creek in the summer and avoid it like the plague.

  8. Thats understandable. I'm only there for 2 weeks a year so I get by with it.

  9. How do I donate money to the Bengals so they give this man a lifetime contract?

  10. [Kelvin Benjamin] The Golden Corral asked me if I was done eating. I said no. Then the waitress grabbed my wrist as if she was feeling my pulse and asked me again louder. I was seated in a chair in the middle of a dark room with a bib on. Customers stood in line buffet style.

  11. Really? Man you gotta hit some deeper hives of human misery.

  12. Be careful. This sub hates Kwik Trip so prepared for the downvotes if for some reason you care about fake internet points.

  13. It's Mahomes and it should not be close

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