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  1. Itseäni huolestuttaa kyllä se määrä porukkaa joka sanoo ettei köydänä voi valita. Oon tässä viimeset kymmenen vuotta pyörinyt saikku-opiskelija-työtön ympyrää minimi tukien kanssa ja ihan hyvin on riittänyt rahat siihen että voi mielenterveyden vuoksi loisiessaan ainakin tietää tekevänsä eettisiä valintoja ostosten suhteen.

  2. Palkasta kun ei kehtaa edes palkkana puhua niin ei ole varaa olla valikoiva

  3. Elän minimi työttömyysetuuksilla ja on silti varaa ottaa ne kotimaiset paprikat moninkertasella kilohinnalla. Jos ei suomessa ole olla "varaa olla valikoiva" niin saa kyllä oikeesti vaan syyttää omia kulutustottumuuksiaan.

  4. He definately made it sound bad and insenstivie, however people can be really thick and not really understand how their words can be taken. I think he might have just meant that he hopes he knows all of your belly is not just the baby as the placenta and fluids fill up a big portion of it aswell.

  5. I understand your fear, I have DID and foggy memories really suck. So does the feeling of not being there, and not wanting that for your birth makes complete sense. What grounding techniques do you usually use when you dissociate? For me testing diffirent surfaces and breathing techniques usually work the best. Maybe there could be some mindfullness techniques you haven't tried or could strengthen to try to help yourself stay at the moment better? Best of luck!

  6. People not knowing how to play with them. Murky and Deckard fall mostly under this category.

  7. Dota 2. fantastic game and the devs actually care about, update and support the game

  8. This. They have also done a lot to make the game more approachable to new players. More team oriented than league so I think is a bit better suited to hots players.

  9. 6 months, I had slightly irregular cycles during that time varying from 26 to 34 days. I received some annoying side effects and had hair loss for example for around 3 months after removal. Really envy the women who's hormonal balance jumped straight to normal after.

  10. Ei mitään hajua mikä on syy Espoossa, mutta intissä oli ryhmässä yksi suurtalouskokki, joka sano että vegaanisten ruoka maksaa enemmän per annos, koska sitä tehdään pienempiä määriä, vaikka sen raaka-aineet olisivat halvemmat. Tämän takia sitten nämä laitokset yrittävät vältellä sen tekemistä kuin syöpää (yleensä tarkoituksella tekemällä siitä paskan makuista niin ei kelpaa oppilaille)

  11. Just alkuviikosta söin ruokalan ylisuolattua hemmetin vahvasti kanelilla maustettua kasvis hernekeittoa.

  12. Puhuttiin viime vuonna jo siitä, kun mulla oli paha olla. Hän järjesti mulle kouluun vaan ”erikoistoimia” eli saan poistua sanomatta n. 10 minuutiks luokasta jos ahdistaa ja lisäaikaa kokeisiin. Hän sano että saikku ei mun tapauksessa varmaan oo välttämätön, mun tilanne oli sillon pahempi kuin nyt.

  13. Koita pitää puolias, nää tahot usein aattelee et tietää mikä on parasta, mutta ei ne tiedä sun tilannetta yhtä hyvin kuin sä itse. Jos saikku tuntuu tarpeelliselta koita painottaa sitä.

  14. That's the point of drugs... until you develop tolerance or run out of money for getting more, then the fun begins.

  15. This is true for drugs that cause withdrawal, weed doesn't do this.


  17. This is a question that gets asked frequently on the subreddit. People are able to notice after playing amazing games with friendly people for so long and suddenly it all changes and you have people saying and doing the worst things imaginable. The answer is due to a few different things:

  18. Thank you for explaining this in detail. I'm a new player with a 10k behaviour score and I haven't had an unranked match without rage quitter on one of the sides for about 20 games or so. Sadly muting won't work on that but I'll test the few days break because it's really starting to get in the way of having fun. :I

  19. I don't mind toxic players. I have been playing competitive online games for almost 20 years and daily dose of 'I hope your family gets cancer and you die' is just normal now. I have learned to abuse that mute button as fast as the first negative thing comes out of somebody.

  20. When you have moba experience on the background you can still be performing on the same level (or even outperform) the players with thousands of hours in some aspects of the game.

  21. That's quite strange to hear that you had only few bots on each team on new player mode, as my experience was more like 1vs1 with teams filled with bots. In unranked in other hand I see lots of new people, like 8/10 of the players have like 50-100 games played as far as I can read from their profiles and their trophy levels. But then there is two 20% of players, that really should not be in matches with people with <100 games played.

  22. With minimum I meant that was the least bots I had when playing new player mode, most games were what you were explaining. In my all pick games there are usually 1-2 players with hundred or under games played, idk if it's an region thing or an performance matchmaking that's causing it.

  23. Right I do that as well now because of BSJ and ZQuixotix. If no one is farming the lane I will og there and shove it out. Has gotten me scolded when my allies get into random jungle fights but i try to do it when I can. Some games I just decide its better to tail my cores and add my significant slow to the party

  24. Some games your cores will get into random jungle fights despite you being there and you all die. Some games your cores will take you being on their side as them being an immortal murder machine and get encouraged to engage when they shouldn't, and you all die. Some games your team gets in a random jungle fight without you, and they all die, and you get flamed for shoving lanes while they feed, but if it helps you to get more items to actually save their sorry asses later and get the map in a more favorable position its definitely better than the alternatives.

  25. You must have the patience of a Saint. I personally cannot stand being the ward bitch and whipping boy. It's like the goalkeeper, every game needs one but when you're in school, no one wants to do it, so the worst person is shunted into position and everyone suffers for it.

  26. Man but I feels so good making your idiots shine

  27. This might be a stupid question, but you are using chisels, alchemies and vaals on your maps right? Ofc there is some luck involved but I haven't been mapping reds while not getting atleast 1 raw exalt per day, but the big moneys come from selling items, there are addons available that can help you find out items market value without needing to individually check market, Google is your friend.

  28. My naz would have been if HOTS 2.0 didn’t eat most of the levels. Had about 6k games on him

  29. The fuck are you talking about?

  30. I feel you. I had my carry repeatedly write in "lol" In a goddamn bot game when I was laning with him. I really like this game but god I hate the players :(

  31. Don't play aram if you're new. The hero selection is almost random, so there's nearly a 0 chance you'll get a hero you somewhat know.

  32. Thats the whole point. You get to learn the heroes faster which is a huge aspect of mobas.

  33. I understand what you mean, but I think you are missing my point.

  34. not someone who ARAM's a lot but because of the constant 5v5 action my advice would be to try to play to get to late game as much as possible, be annoying and poke a lot, but do not constantly try to die to deal hero damage.

  35. The first part is correct, last is situational, but the middle part is horrible advice unless you are against total potatoes. You should NEVER use march for structures since like 2015. And the value you get for zoning enemies out for a bit is nothing compared to the value you get from octo.

  36. Agreed that March isn't amazing solely against structures. In ARAM any structure damage however is usually a bit more valuable.

  37. That only happens if you run in to the middle of the fight, which you can't do. Optimally you can make someone chase you outside of the fight or flank in at a right time. This works better at low mmr opponents, but you can't underestimate the value of stunning a key target at a right time against better opponents, this forces the enemy team to commit atleast one person into killing your puffer, which leaves your team momentarily into an 4v3 advange. Octo also allows you to go in stunning the far off nazeebo, or interupt other ultimates with a slow cd, its not only for kill pressure.

  38. by default you press A and then click them. on the settings you can disable it so that right clicking them initiates the attack without needing to press A first.

  39. Thank you so much for this ;____; My noob ass is forever grateful, I tought I was doomed A clicking them for all eternity.

  40. I'm not sure if they fixed all the bugs with new heroes and abilities though.

  41. Do they have to tho? It shouldn't be too difficult to code in an exception for the buggy heroes so you don't get the map if you or your party member has a hero selected that causes issues there.

  42. I didn't even think it was bugged , it was just the map sucked and the best strat was to actively avoid the map mechanic

  43. Certain heroes were for sure bugged tho, like deathwing who could get stuck flying.

  44. I would love that patch. Finally something that rewards active and more skilled players players(as opposed to the wretched exp globes that made bad rotations and deaths very forgiving).

  45. Thanks man this is super useful one question I had was where does everyone go? Like I'm lol you have 1 top 1 mid 1 jg 2 bot but in hots I'm not quite sure where I should go as a healer.

  46. You can win many healer games just by following around a good ranged assassin and babysitting them while learning the game. Welcome and enjoy your stay ^

  47. I do see where you are coming from, these statements are at best half truths.

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