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  1. That kid in the background has a real good view

  2. Reading has helped me with anxiety that the only positive coping mechanism i can think of rn

  3. Im glad someone else has been able to put into words what iv been thinking

  4. People you can trust and talk to on a regular basis

  5. You do realize more people die from hammers than they do guns right

  6. So is it a meme I didn't know to call bubba a cunt?

  7. If you call the cannibal a cunt. Cunt_tree roads

  8. If he had proper training yeah. Thing is, almost no cops in America do

  9. how would you handle it if you got charged with a knife?

  10. Ask the thousands of European cops who handle that kinda shit without using lethal force on the daily.

  11. They did use non lethal against her and u have a far point

  12. Climbing clematis for sure they come in such a huge variety of colors and they’re not too difficult to take care of

  13. No. If they could survivors would be able to just find another totem and eventually the killer destroys their own totems which would be ashame for all 3 people that run Hex: plaything.

  14. Fair enough but wouldn’t the killer just decide not to destroy the totem

  15. Redditor’s are retarded, tis the way of the internet

  16. Penis enlargement pills, do they work?

  17. I have a genuine question for you op, how can you defend putin when he is bombing residential areas. The Russian army is literally committing war crimes while invading a foreign nation.

  18. And so are the western powers doing the same for past 30 years. But I am won't discussing this. I am not defending Putin just highlighting the information warfare going on (something that we Pakistanis have suffered from) whether good or bad both sides are spreading propaganda to create a favorable narrative. This link is one such example of associating Pakistan with Putin's actions.

  19. I also agree with what you say about lots of propaganda on both side and western countries actions. Again sorry for make an assumption and using vulgar slang

  20. I will promptly apologize to you, I shouldn’t have assumed you were defending the Russian government. Sorry

  21. Thats hard, iv had a semi-similar thing happen to me. I haven’t dated since and i don’t regret it.

  22. Lmao putin can eat shit and die sending his men out with no idea, its all a war crime from the start the coward. Слава Україні, хрен Путін

  23. Agreed fuck putin, what a fucking piece of scum. putin can go kill himself for all i care, what fucking fagot for bombing residential areas.

  24. Feel free to hit me up if you’d like to talk

  25. I can see you are all cultured as well, lost by ollie

  26. Why the fuck is this comment downvoted

  27. Feel free to DM me if you feel like talking, although I’ll be hitting the hay soon

  28. This fucking mad lads been waiting to drop this joke for months

  29. No kidding, though i get why they did it

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