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  1. Alec is a closet bisexual. He was a Studio 54 boy in his youth. No way he did that without sexual encounters with other men. It would be like a stripper saying that they never got naked on stage.

  2. What an arrogant gaslighter. According to him his wife is 'sophisticated' and anyone calling her out for using a fake accent is an unsophisticated American. Projecting and bullshitting all at the same time. He's just trash, pure trash.

  3. Wow, the delusions of grandeur never end with him. He's an aging actor, not a politician. Being the M/C at the Ripple of Hope awards doesn't make him a Kennedy. And even if it did, the political power of the Kennedys ended a long time ago.

  4. Calling all former Baldwin employees! Hell, ALL of Hollyweird is in jeopardy now!

  5. But it WAS imagined that it would happen. It's why the majority of the staff had walked off set due to safety concerns. She is such a ghoul to make this about her daughter while fake crying. Carmen never said any of that, guaranteed. Her mention of Halyna was just a side note at the end. Along with her being 'boolied".

  6. IF Carmen said that, it's a sign of her own (too young) mental illness. Good job, mom and dad.

  7. I'm sure that this whole interview humiliated Carmen at school. Hilary has no regard for how embarrassing she is to her kids.

  8. 💯 Haven’t the only people defending Rust been the ones who were hired to finish it?

  9. She's plotting her next attention grab. Alec's fixers are the only reason she's not posting as much.

  10. I love the part where she says using a printer is beyond her education

  11. She really might be that stupid. "Leonetta! Come print this for me!"

  12. Her parents were doctor and lawyer in Boston, a very rich part of Boston. This was 80s-90s no internet, no smartphone to get your news, people had tv for the news, current events, weather, ect…. I don’t believe for a second they just listened to the radio and newspaper. And she already said her and her mom did the jane Fonda vhs on the weekends. So she already told ok herself.

  13. They had a TV. She grew up a rich white girl and went to a swanky private school. She played with My Little Pony and watched the Care Bears cartoons and I Love Lucy reruns. She's just a compulsive liar that wants attention for being "different" because being normal is for the poors.

  14. She always identified as white until it she thought she can use her black background for her world domination delusions

  15. This baby is named after herself so she has drawn on eyebrows to make them look like her microblading? The black eye is probably a result of holding her face still? The boo-boo on her nose from Hilary's claw like fingernails?

  16. Why did his lawyers rescind their request to remove the special prosecutor yesterday? Alec is aiming for a mistrial now. Anything to prove he is above the law. Which is what this is all about on his end. A sane man would make a plea. It's only 18 months at this point.

  17. I've not mentioned anything about Jeff being trans so how can I be transphobic? I'm merely calling out toxic behaviour as well as other people. People like you are calling it transphobic when it isn't.

  18. Agree. He has no business discussing sex with other people's children. A straight man would get the police called on them STAT. And going no contact with parents when you are a minor is called running away from home. He's encouraging kids to run away so he can be their 'family'. It's creepy and wrong.

  19. She went from Bs to DDs right after Carmen. There are no breastfeeding pictures of Carmen or bounce-back videos. She was too busy getting plastic surgeries and plotting the monetized grifting ahead of her.

  20. I'm guestimating. Her breasts were very small early on, calling them B's is being generous.

  21. They asked if she is ok because she is looking even more insane than usual. Way to put her kids in a purposely uncomfortable situation so they don't feel safe. But she got that high eyed selfie so she's happy.

  22. Slide #5 where in her caption she claims that she was at "Mom Night" and had to explain to the other ladies what HER night was going to be like (because she is the only real mom there) and that she had to put into words her fleeting moments of "profound" thoughts about "It" (fake breastfeeding).......It's just so fabricated and Ick. And what is Mom Night anyhow? NEVER HAPPENED.

  23. She doesn’t have any friends so who were these other alleged “moms“ ???

  24. They are from her fabricated "mom night", no explanation given.

  25. 👏🏾👏🏾 Right on the money!!! You naioit with this comment. You completely summed up her entire persona. She gives of BIG arrogant energy!! Like we say in the south., she thinks her “$hit don’t stink”. Craving the make gaze is a perfect way to describe her. She appears very lustful in spirit. She gives Succubus vibes.

  26. This is just the soft-core stuff. She's also a fetish model for the dark web, and she probably has a following of elitist creepers that pay. A members only group that she texts or emails the harder stuff directly to. Her only remaining source of income.

  27. Nothing about why people are calling her out. It's all gaslighting that she is a victim of unwarranted hate. And she's always trying to be an "example

  28. She is nothing without him. The only way she will go is if she finds a celebrity replacement.

  29. She not trying to normalize breastfeeding. She's trying to normalize breastfeeding porn and gaslighting that it is innocent. For years women have fought for the right to breastfeed discretely in public, and she is ruining all the work put into it by fetishizing it and claiming the opposite. It is detrimental to women who really do breastfeed out of necessity. She faux breastfeeds in the 'dirtiest' way possible, and then gaslights that she's just 'a regular mom". No she isn't, she's a fetish model.

  30. So if y’all saw a woman in public breastfeeding would you attack her too?

  31. She's not really breastfeeding. It's obvious to anyone that has ever breastfed. This is fetish porn.

  32. The giant movie star glasses are so comical. I wonder what is going on in that pea brain of hers when she puts on her weird costumes.

  33. I just can’t with Big Ped. I cannot accept him no matter the pr push, he is a bad dude. Research it yourselves

  34. I don't like him, I was just being snarkey. I google up 'encore' and this is the first thing that popped up.

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