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  1. Ich wollte, dass du dich wie Zuhause fühlst!

  2. Learning C++ for the first time! I didn't focus on making it as short as possible. I'd love some tips on what I could do better, or improve. Maybe make use of something in C++ that I didn't discover yet!

  3. Good job! It surely looks like a lot of code, so here are some suggestions:

  4. Indeed, I am using linux (not arch btw). I will take that into consideration.. it does seem simpler - i wanted to learn how to open a file while i was at it.

  5. That’s, the neat part: with a const reference, you cannot accidentally modify the list. It’s not needed for this challenge, but it will speed up things in later ones.

  6. Entweder das, oder genau das eine Einzelbild entdeckt, wo er so aussieht.

  7. Das gibt Ärger, wenn keine Flüge dorthin gehen, weil das nicht kanonisch sei.

  8. The Settlers / Serf City, Part 2 is the best, but I grew up with 1, so I start there

  9. Zaubermittel KI… wenn er damit Machine Learning meint, wird’s seeeeehr düster.

  10. Maybe you missed the secret subplot. Did you cheat the Kobayashi Maru?

  11. Skiabfahrt auf dem Atari 2600, im Kaufhaus. Ungewinnbar, das Spiel wird immer schneller, bis es unmöglich wird.

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