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  1. $3,158 per inch. Holy, that’s an expensive night.

  2. Much like how a laptop battery dies much more quickly if you are doing a task that requires a lot of computing power, EV batteries die much more quickly as soon as you give them any significant weight to pull. The recent consumer articles testing the range on these supposedly long-distance EVs meant for hauling was laughable. The Ford could barely make it 100 miles on a full charge, and that was with the most expensive battery option.

  3. Believe it or not, out of all the legal movies I've seen, this one has the most accurate portrayal of litigation procedure out of them all.

  4. I have no idea if this is true, but judging by the hairline, I wouldn't doubt that person has had extensive contact with radioactive materials.

  5. I actually agree with that guy. There is no reason the government should control what treatments I am allowed to recieve through the discretion of anyone, doctors or no. Treatment should be done with the advice of a doctor, but the treatment decision should be mine alone. The only barrier should be my wallet.

  6. That wasn't what he was saying. At all. He was saying we should get rid of doctors and pharmacists. Which is insanity. The point of the article is a random activist who is not a doctor treating children with hormones.

  7. I agree with you there. Obviously healthcare providers are necessary. I was just pointing out that there is a component of their profession that directly infringes on some freedoms of others.

  8. L.L. Bean is an interesting situation. They used to have a lifetime return policy, but they changed it in 2018. So, anything bought before Feb. 9, 2018 is still under their old unlimited policy. Also, they kept their lifetime return and replacement policy if anything turned out to have any issues with the materials or craftsmanship beyond normal wear and tear. So, if you are having an issue with an L.L. Bean product, even after 1 year, it is highly likely they will still make it right for you.

  9. L.L. Bean used to have a huge issue with people buying beat-up items at yard sales and taking them in for new items.

  10. Oh, I'm well aware, lol. They used to give full cash refunds without a receipt. Growing up, I knew people who would go to all the Salvation Armys and Goodwills and buy up all the LL Bean items, drive up to Freeport and make a profit.

  11. Weed shouldn't be illegal anywhere. However, it doesn't change the fact that it is illegal in many places, and a lot of places aren't nearly as lenient as the USA. Trying to take THC oil into goddamn Russia and getting caught just kind of feels like a play stupid games, win stupid prizes kind of situation. It really sucks for her, but notice how no one is even pretending like she didn't break the law? Now, should the US try to lobby on her behalf? Probably. Is this the same as historical cases where a country has groundlessly detained a foreign national purely to use as a negotiating chip? Doesn't look like it.

  12. But what about something that doesn't feel like a cult, but is in fact not a cult?

  13. I think if there is a WW3, it will be Russia, China, Iran and possibly North Korea specifically targeting South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Ukraine, and other former Soviet territories and tangentially opposed to USA, UK, and Australia. Japan, Canada, France, Germany, and a few other European nations may become involved.

  14. I saw my dick extend longer than usual freaked me out thought I was elasta boy

  15. Do you think they pick women who are financially comfortable? , That's how sexual exploitation works , they pick poor women who needs money , then they exploit them in doing degrading things .

  16. So, all women who appear in risqué commercials are there under duress. That's your argument? Because none of us know the financial situation of this lady, or any other lady who appears in a commercial. Should we ban all women or just poor women from any form of risqué advertisements? Your argument makes no sense, and frankly, I'm not a big fan of telling women, or anyone for that matter, what they can or can't do for employment.

  17. Brainwashing is a form of exploitation as well , nudity have always been for slaves , but recently the media in the west brainwashed women to make them believe that it's freedom or empowerment. Western women were outraged when the bikini was invented, they called it scandalous, humiliating , degrading. Then after propaganda they started wearing it for men gaze . Over sexualisation of society is harmful , so even if the women is fully consenting, she is still harming society , not just by sexually provoking adults , but by sexually provoking underage teens and children . Infidelity, divorce , harassment, rape statistics in the west speak for western values .

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