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  1. Did you want either of the Pokémon I listed or any other version exclusive?

  2. omg no you dont need to give me a shiny D: honestly i dont mind doing it for nothing

  3. Oh ok I just feel bad not giving anything good in return

  4. dont feel bad!! trade evos can be rlly annoying to get so i dont mind not doing it for anything

  5. That would be amazing!! The code I’ll set up for link trade is 21218888 :D

  6. Would you be able help me evolve my feebas by trading please

  7. Ok I will be ready if you want to give me the link code

  8. Im starting the game up right now, the link code will be 0316-1699

  9. Like I said he didn’t evolve, don’t have the right item

  10. Omg I love you but I kid you not I got one right when you replied :')

  11. Hey, looking to evolve my haunter if anyone is willing to help out real quick

  12. Set up a code and I’ll let you touch trade

  13. Hey it asking do you want to get rid a move to have bullet punch or do you want me to skip it

  14. Thanks, but I'm not really interested in shinies, except for carnivine (WHICH I GOT! 🎉), but i find a trainer with one in eterna forest, and Wormadam on one of the routes. The one where spring path is.

  15. Ok no worries lol I don’t need the burmy so I figured it would help you out

  16. Arceus majikarp togepi mime jr lugia giritina Ralt(female) bagon lavitar farfetch eevee suicune

  17. Give me a few I’ll be on im just heading to my house

  18. If you still have some I’ll take a charmander or a pichu

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