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  1. Might it be because chamomile flowers are lighter than other tea leaves, so you'd need twice the volume for the same weight to keep the correct brewing ratio ?

  2. Have you looked for "ainsley china" ? They had a similar pattern. Your picture is a coffee pot, their teapot is rounder, more "traditional teapot" shape :

  3. I feel the same, Scrooge has only been offering repeats of basic stuff for the past few weeks. The same huge couch or L shape counter, the same ceiling lamps... I only got a few hairstyle at the beginning and haven't seen any since. It's very frustrating

  4. That's weird, every Palais des Thés I've been to always give 3 complimentary tea bags with every purchase. Sometimes they even give loose leaves in small pockets as samples.

  5. If it's not too late, i'd love a link too please ! Thanks !

  6. When I used to work in a French tea shop we had an older gentleman who came every two weeks like clockwork to buy flavored teas to put inside his pipe. The first time he asked for this I was utterly baffled. Surely that can't be good for you.

  7. Here, I'll save you a click (but it's nothing new under the sun)

  8. Question, "fréquence allégée" concrètement ça veut dire quoi ? Est ce que les horaires seront mis à jour sur le site/appli, ou faut planter la tente à l'arret de bus et prendre le premier qui se pointe ?

  9. Regarde chez les buralistes/marchands de journaux, bureaux de poste autour de chez toi. beaucoup proposent un service d'impression à partir d'une clé USB

  10. If it's black tea you don't like, have you tried Green Earl Grey ? I personally don't care for bergamot, but I think you should try different colours of teas with bergamot before ruling it out completely.

  11. Which ones ? You have three different brands on that photo that I assume you took with a potato.

  12. Found the brand for the blue tin. It's "Sebastien Gaudard" (

  13. Faudrait peut être commencer par renforcer le réseau TCL... Un bus toutes les demies heures le samedi c'est pas assez.

  14. Same for me. The Witcher 3. It has everything that I should like, lore sounds interesting, beautiful graphics, I even tried it 3 times, and yet nothing. Maybe starting with this one and not the 1st was the mistake, but I just cannot get into it.

  15. You should look into decaffeinated teas so your mother can have the taste of tea since it's actually tea leaves where the caffeine molecules have been removed with either solvants (which you should avoid) or with a few passes of water steam. I know of Ceylon teas or Earl Grey black teas that have been decaffeinated that way.

  16. I work for a french tea brand and we have an Earl Grey on a black tea from Kerala that is nice, definitively more woody notes than Ceylon, but less malty than Assam

  17. So tell us more about that, please. Woodsy? Earl Grey? 😛

  18. Kerala tea tends to be woodsier than dzrjeeling, so it's not too strong /bitter. And the bergamot from Calabre isn't so in your face and has hints of lime even.

  19. D'ailleurs ca dit quoi les TCL pour demain (18 octobre) ?

  20. In France it's 99,99€ on amazon for the deluxe edition. So yeah, at that price they can keep it.

  21. Same, I use it with Mullvad VPN and since the update all my torrent go straight to "stalled"

  22. Le restaurateur sur le trottoir en face de chez moi traverse la rue pour dédoubler sa terrasse et installer ses tables sous nos fenêtres, gênant l'accès à l'immeuble et même le magasin à côté. Nos plaintes communes à la mairie et à la police municipale n'ont rien changé. Les nuisances sonores durent jusque tard dans la nuit et au matin le trottoir est jonché de mégots, de serviettes en papier sales, de morceaux de verre... Donc oui il serait grand temps d'encadrer plus sérieusement ça.

  23. Me personally? Probably directly over my solar plexus. Because of the image that’s within the heart itself. But that’s just me.

  24. Thanks for the reply. I already have a tattoo on my left calf, and planning another one on my right forearm, but it requires a special place and a special time, so that will be done during my next travel, but in the meantime, I'd like to get the one posted above done but can't seem to find the right place for it.

  25. Why not hospitals runs by cat nuns while you're at it...

  26. Weird question but I'm having the biggest déjà vu with the serial convention, and the Hals house with Barbie, Zelda and Chantal, even Stephen fry character, but mostly the serial killer there another TV show, book or movie that would feature this kinda of concept?

  27. The cereal convention reminds me a lot of The Witches by Roald Dahl, which i love!

  28. You know what ? I think that was it yes! That plus a few remnants of memories from reading the book a long time ago. Thanks !

  29. Also continuity. I can’t remember if it was this episode or last, but when Kinsey was in the kitchen with Carly, she turns to go to the fridge and clearly has a microphone battery under her shirt, when she is next shown, it’s gone. Poor editing.

  30. And why was Carly's face so shiny in the kitchen scene with Kinsey?

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