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  1. Is bioshock 2 a good game? I started the series earlier this year but only played the first hour of bioshock 2 which i didn't enjoy very much. Currently playing burial at sea part 1. Is it worth going back and playing Bioshock 2?

  2. Yes, Bio2 is still good - but I still prefer Bio Infinite Complete and especially BioShock 1.

  3. They already gave away Xcom 2, but maybe one of the other games?

  4. Can the RAM in this be upgraded? If yes, how far can we go?

  5. Ouch @ lack of a real mobile-GPU here.

  6. I'm not familiar with this Caprice guy, but he's fantastic on commentary. He should be on Rampage all the time.

  7. He's a veteran and underrated in that ring too.

  8. I see both sides. On the AEW side I think introducing Kross with a manager on top of already being brought in by MJF/Spears when it's only for one night is just overkill and odd for television, but I fully understand his reticence as Scarlett definitely helped make his act feel special.

  9. I get that fans love this pair, but it's kind of dumb that you have to rely on your wife to tag along to feel confident in losing. A great valet can help elevate a talent, but if your hole shtick depends on someone else, then yeah, maybe work on that.

  10. I'd pop if Scarlet got involved at times and/or wrestled some girls; she can wrestle. She did a dope Destroyer did before on Cameron Grimes/Trevor Lee on the Indies.

  11. How's the heat and temps on this one? Anyone know?

  12. Are the dimensions on the monitor different?

  13. Agree in part, it certainly felt like a bit more of the same, which is not always a bad thing, as the changes in knight were not good for the most part.

  14. I liked the actual driving of the Batmobile itself to get around the game-world...

  15. Yeh, the batmobile itself would have been an interesting and fun fast travel option, it was tank stuff that felt like it didn't belong.

  16. How's the heat levels and temps on this one?

  17. 1 and 2 are nothing like 3, New Vegas, or 4. They share lore elements but each game can be played on its own. And there’s nothing that requires you to have played the previous games to understand.

  18. I loved Fallout 1 and 2, back in their day - but in many ways, they just ain't aged well. Namely in the looks department and its Inventory.

  19. Sorting and categorizing I don't know, but Fallout fixt (for FO1) and the restoration project (for FO2) both add the ability to use the scroll wheel for inventories. Makes it so much faster. Those are the ones I used anyways, there might be more

  20. Thank you for this! Much appreciated on that info!

  21. dam i want this but i just bought a 2tb ssd💀💀

  22. And what's stopping you from buying more space?

  23. [quote]Seriously, what do people do with these PC beasts?[/quote]

  24. For reference, the cost per game is about $5.00 for 3, $4.75 for 4, and $4.40 for 5.

  25. Last Light has also been free on Epic.

  26. Thx for the review. As of now I don't play AAA games just some Battle royales, Valorant and gta 5. For these games i feels like this laptops got more than enough power to play smoothly

  27. This laptop should be a cake-walk for BR's, Valorant, and GTA5. My old SC15 laptop (RIP to that laptop) with 6gb GTX 1060 could smoke this games. [shrug]

  28. To believe, WWE wasted Mia Yim on the main roster. Shame on them. She was awesome as Jade in Impact and she looks to going back to that awesome-ness on Impact.

  29. Looks really good on my RTX 3070 PC at High settings, so....yeah, not just you.

  30. If we get Lashley vs Reigns... does that mean we might get The Hurt Business back? Pretty please?

  31. Hurt Business w/out MVP would be interesting. They'd just need a mouthpiece though, since MVP's w/ Omos.

  32. That's because no one gave a shit about Goldberg or his son.

  33. I think he's been over since his Impact days as Walking Armageddon, at least.

  34. Or you can reclaim them on Steam too:

  35. Oh, that's awesome, that you can reclaim onto Steam too.

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