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  1. Since it's poorly ported and a VRAM-hog - LOTR Gollum ->

  2. I'd rather have no launchers and launchers were optional - but, you know, client-app junk and DRM everywhere.

  3. Well, personally really like the convenience of automatic updates and save backups, so I'd use launchers either way. And as someone who still remembers all the shitty antipiracy protections before Steam became a thing, man I sure find launchers preferable.

  4. Oh, sure; they (Launchers) are helpful for games in constant update mode or GAAS mode...but for old games getting no updates - eh, they're useless.

  5. Curious: Do you or anyone know who owns the rights?

  6. The books author, Hideaki Sena owns the IP. The game is based on the book.

  7. Just use DXVK and improve your framerate even more so with Vulkan.

  8. For X1/PS4 era stuff - sure, if you can play those games and older & stick to your big backlog w/ older titles.

  9. the laptop you mention has a 4 gb amd card 6600?

  10. You're gonna need the VRAM w/ the way modern games are going, so 3060 all the way.

  11. Damnn even for mid-high graphics? I am looking for college laptops won't replace for next 4 years

  12. Even at 1080p, some games can use 5-8+gb VRAM. Devil's now in all the details. Throw RT and/or PT on top - then it gets even worse.

  13. 352-bit bus and the 11gb VRAM should be a real help on the 1080 Ti.

  14. B/c it didn't live up to Most Wanted 2005 (by Black Box) and Carbon.

  15. Use your in-system settings and crank the CPU down a bit. These things can get hot.

  16. We knew Diablo was doomed once D3 announced that it was always-online. I'll stick with Classic D2 and LOD, thanks.

  17. I do not ´plan on playing really demanding games. That's why I asked here if the 4070 really is the let down many are mentioning. Cause I don't see it being worth buying if it performs almost identical with the 30xx series. Might as well wait for the 50xx then.

  18. GTA5 isn't challenging to run. That game's old - i.e. 2015 is around when it came to PC. It was even fine on 960m 4gb laptop GPU's, back then. One of Rockstar's better PC ports, surprisingly.

  19. 6800m is between a 3070 and 3080. Even beating the 3080 at times

  20. B/c Batman doesn't normally do that; he usually arrests them & that's it. Part of his code and all.

  21. Oh ,that'll pounce MK11, Fortnite, and GTA5 for sure.

  22. Wow, $436 for a laptop with a modern-GPU? Not bad at all, for gamers on a major budget here.

  23. The only reason the games u mentioned wouldn't run adequately is because they're shit ports.

  24. 4gb 3050 ain't got enough VRAM to handle those titles. Maybe the rare 6gb VRAM version got a chance, but 4gb one doesn't.

  25. If there's no 4K mods for the UI, here's what I'd do - use a DX Wrapper.

  26. Some of the best CRPG's ever made right there.

  27. If it's gonna be a "true RPG" as you put it, RPG's need to go back to the old-school turn-based combat like Final Fantasy 1 (and many of the early FF's) & all of the Dragon Warrior games so far and Dungeon crawlers like Wizardry series - yeah, things of that sort. That goes more back to the old-school style of table-top style of RPG's in the real world (not with computers), where you rolled dice and took turns in combat.

  28. SE's metric for "selling well" was equalling if not outselling their FF series.

  29. That's their cash-cow baby; they'll never have anything that'll out-sell FF stuff.

  30. Power-wise, heck of a deal. You want that 12gb RX 6800, since it has a very good amount of VRAM in this age.

  31. Dungeon Siege is an amazing games. First two. Third has nothing to do with first two.

  32. I have just recently reinstalled DS3, and I kind of was totally lost. Maybe I just need to start from scratch. This game was also much awaited from my side. Now that you mention the story - maybe I should look at it from another angle, and not as DS2 successor

  33. Yes, DS3 is not really a sequel to DS1 and 2. Not the same type of game, by any means.

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