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  1. idk about the ranking but the worst written death in that season has to be luke. I just hate the whole sequence of trying to save him, and then ending up not being able to no matter what you choose. it would’ve been so much better if it had been Kenny vs. luke in the final episode, and that was how he potentially died. It feels more worth it and makes more sense than Kenny vs. Jane, since Luke and Kenny always had beef throughout the entire season and would’ve been a much harder choice in my opinion

  2. I’m pretty sure Nephelle is! but since we don’t know much about her, it’s kinda hard to say. otherwise I don’t think so :(

  3. Personally Omid and Christa best couple but yeah i can see your viewpoint OP.

  4. definitely also a strong competitor, it’s just too bad we didn’t get to see more of them

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