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  1. Don't worry if you lack experience. According to the ad if you have more than a masters, you get 1 year experience equivalency for your PhD. Phew that PhD got me in just under the wire for this entry level job!

  2. Just strike a private deal and pocket the savings using a realtor in this day and age is stupid and simply just laziness.

  3. There’s no reason to drop Cade before any firm announcement, especially in a 16 teamer. The manager could’ve just traded him for another player to get at least something back for him. Dropping him now is such a dumb move.

  4. Some people are hammered with injuries can’t expect them to hold onto a dead roster spot forever

  5. Canada is like the new dumping ground where any individuals that are in any sort of distress leave their country and find haven here 😂

  6. What an a-hole. He’s paid millions to play then acts like a child when he had a spat with his coach and decides not to play. He’s a pro. He should act like one.

  7. He should be fined/suspended big for this it’s a breach of contract to not play in games like this.

  8. Should have went with the Sonys or boses. Double the price with inferior sound quality 🤦‍♂️

  9. Thank you. Hamstring is what I have put myself down for but obviously the more time you spend reading up on everyone's experiences, the harder the decision.

  10. I’m having this exact dilemma I can’t narrow down on which graft option to go for. Each one seems to have its disadvantages. Patellar has a higher risk of osteoarthritis apparently which is steering me away from it.

  11. If I would have possibility to go back in time I would have never choose hamstring, first hamstring is really really weak after surgery and makes the healing much more slower, then even after 3 years of surgery my hamstring was never the same!

  12. Damn I’m sorry to hear that. I’m having second thoughts myself of switching to patellar graft for this exact reason.

  13. My understanding is that they do grow back in most cases.

  14. Yeah that’s good to hear but some say it does some say it doesn’t and it’s only scar tissue if you opted for hamstring is your leg/hamstring strength back to normal?

  15. I've had something similar happen but this guy was trying to buy a galaxy S9 from me. Went through the whole back and forth of saying he wants it, then don't, then wants it again......only to have me wait at our meet location for like 2 hours......then shows up and tries to beat me down 50%. Later I found out that he only brought half of the cash we agreed on. Pretty bold of some people to just waste your time like that.

  16. Should have spit in his face before you left because he obviously has no respect for others time

  17. Tell her to stick it and plus never ship items before receiving full payment only leads to time wasting cunts like this. 30% restocking fee for illegitimate returns.

  18. Also tore mine playing footy. Patellar graft as well. You’ll be back stronger!

  19. You can expect 8-2-2 with horrible percentages and rest every other game if that’s what you’re after

  20. Killian, hardaway and duren playing for me today. Gonna sneak a couple of points

  21. Same bro. We all miss Oladipo so much.

  22. no, he got away, I started loosening my grip when my MiL was freaking out... I kind of let him get away...

  23. I just ran into this post but you should have broke his leg so you could have held him till the cops came. I got caught by these fuckers recently and I wish they burn in hell.

  24. Funny I literally did that trade when he was hurt Middleton owner won’t do that now.

  25. The best method for parasites/flagellates is heat treatment. It’s a pain in the butt to get meds here and they don’t always work too. I’d invest in a hospital tank and a good heater and temperature controller. Slowly crank up the temperature to 96-98f put the discus in there for 7 days and then lower it down to 88f. Few days after the treatment they should have better appetites and hopefully stop popping white. Make sure you go slowly and observe if any of the fish are visibly stressed, also other fish won’t be able to handle the heat just the discus. Just recently I got a new albino ring leopard I bought two months ago that just showed zero interest in food to finally start eating with this method.

  26. I use a pond pump to dump the water outside and use the pond pump to run the water back. It’s pretty easy whole process takes 30-40 mins but hardly any labor involved. Or you can use a python which is the easiest

  27. Your doctor probably meant to resume regular, everyday activities. Not sports. The brace may give you some light support but it won't hold up to the pressures of sports. If you put yourself in a position where you need to pivot, twist, jump, etc there's a very real chance your knee will give out - causing further injury.

  28. Yeah definitely be very careful post surgery I’ve heard stories of the graft retearing which is hell. 6-12 weeks is where the graft is the weakest. Hope you recover quick! By the way which graft did you go for? My doctor suggested the hamstring graft but I’ve been reading that the hamstring tendon/muscle doesn’t always grow back fully I may be wrong but it has me worried

  29. I also agree that it’s probably not the best idea…my acl tear originally went unnoticed by docs who didn’t check properly and assumed it was just a small sprain of mcl so I was cleared two months post injury to play sports again (unknowing to me at the time that I had an acl tear😅). I still had problems with pain when I was cleared (with instability only on pivoting movements), but doc insisted it was fine. So I went back to sports and that same night is when I did more damage. I had a moment of instability that I had been having followed by a shit ton of pain. Saw a diff doc who said the acl was likely torn the whole time, but by playing sports again so soon I had slightly torn my meniscus and mcl too (thankfully those two didn’t need surgical repair though). I know you mentioned not having pain or instability at the moment, but it can creep up on you.

  30. Oh dear that’s unfortunate I heard the recovery gets slower when meniscus isn’t torn as well. Hope you’re doing alright now

  31. I’m an Apple fanboy like the rest of y’all, but this is just ridiculous. Just like the people defending the 5 GB iCloud limit

  32. There isn’t even an Apple logo on it. Shocking people STILL bought it then

  33. You’re right actually I forgot. People that buy these honestly need to donate their brains for research 🤦‍♂️ I’m an apple user for their phones and watches but this is just pure stupidity paying double for an inferior sounding product with issues THAT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE APPLE LOGO!

  34. This guy hurts your mental health more than he helps your fantasy team. That’s a toxic combo.

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