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  1. Hi. Frequent flyer here. Former Delta Diamond Medallion who hasn’t flown much after the pandemic but starting to again this year and trying some new airlines. I’ve completed trips this year on Delta, United, American, and Allegiant. My complaint? American clearly lacks a sense of urgency around planning and executing operations that all the other airlines have. Allegiant was especially good here - great operational discipline where every employee knew their role, when to do it, what comes next, and what their target was to meet and exceed if possible to meet all scheduled operational objectives. United was very good here too - I experienced a disruption on one segment due to weather, but the resiliency and recovery on my reservation got me where I needed to go in a way that was transparent, logical, and didn’t stress me out.

  2. Once you're at the gate, nothing is in your control so it's best to trust the process and let us get you to your destination. There's thousands of people like myself working behind the scenes to make sure you make it.

  3. I’m a recovering Delta Diamond Medallion who barely flew during the pandemic and now is starting to again. I’ve had three trips this year so far, one of them on United, and I’m a big fan. The sense of urgency and customer obsession United demonstrated was amazing, and it seems to me as though United and Delta have switched places from five years ago. Back then, Delta was kicking everyone’s ass and seemed to be having fun doing it. Then they started taking themselves too seriously. Now, United seems to have really hit their stride. The safety videos are a great example of this.

  4. I missed a 43 minute connection in IAH last week since my first flight was delayed due to de-icing. Assume you’ll have at least a 15 minute walk between gates (more if you happen to be connecting between Express and mainline). Connections between gates in the same pier can happen but are rare. If you miss the connection, they’ll confirm you on the next available flight (but if you paid for a premium cabin or seat you likely won’t be able to keep it, unless you choose to go later onto a flight with compatible availability).

  5. No, they’ll automatically confirm you at no extra cost. If you’re booked in the basic economy product, check your terms and conditions as I’m not sure if there’s any restrictions there.

  6. Lots of good info in here and tons of resources available on all the protocols. Best thing to do is just go after it and build up your comfort level. Observe, listen, and replicate. When all else fails, just read back an instruction in the reverse order it was given to you. Controller says “N651EB, taxi to and hold short runway 13 via Charlie, Bravo, hold short runway 5”? Just fire back with “hold short runway 5 and Charlie bravo to and hold short runway 13, 651EB”. Get out there and have some fun!

  7. An insight I can offer… too many organizations (even many of the “mature” ones) fail in practice to meaningfully differentiate risks from issues. So many times I have seen “risk registers” which are just issue logs. The dumping ground pattern OP describes is a very common pattern in organizations that don’t understand risk. In this pattern, the “risk” team ends up becoming an intake function of “risks” that are really issues, and they become a reactive PMO function distracted with endlessly plugging holes while more holes are poked than can be plugged. This never ends well.

  8. This is absolutely right. Hijacking this comment to add my two cents.

  9. Hey, as a hiring manager, honestly just don't change anything. Be you. What you identified is a red flag in the company, not a problem in yourself.

  10. This is the best advice in the thread. OP, could you summarize your experience to date and where you would like to end up in your career? Would be glad to offer some thoughts about how to target best next step opportunities.

  11. Congrats on your new role! A few thoughts:

  12. There is also MITRE D3FEND! It maps mitigations to ATT&CK as well.

  13. This is great. Thanks for sharing! Honestly had no idea this existed.

  14. If you do online ATC, then radio panel first. Setting the comm frequency on the panel is so great. Otherwise, probably the multi panel.


  16. The airbus rig is great - if you’re flying A320/330/340. The gate detents work well, but the sensitivity otherwise in the throttle axis is god awful and pretty much unusable for any other plane’s thrust regime. I still use my airbus sidestick with few complaints, but I upgraded to a honeycomb bravo for the throttle quadrant and absolutely love it. There is a whole cottage industry of addons for the Bravo on Etsy to customize it for various airliners, and it’s wonderful.

  17. Why is the throttle not usuable dor other planes? Im considering the throttle, so im curious! Thank you

  18. You can’t control power. A minor adjustment physically renders a major and imprecise thrust shift.

  19. Nav button won't stay on. I think I'm missing a step but right when I click on it auto turns to off. Only lets me fly in heading mode - on xbox. Any ideas?

  20. Sure! On the overhead you’ll see 6 switches above the lights - 2 each for yaw damper, autoflight master, and autothrust master. Make sure these are all on. “NAV” will only work to follow a lateral path governed by the FMC flight route. If you have that plugged in, then make sure you’re on intercept course with the nav rocker selector set to NAV (other options are VOR and ILS). With all that set, make sure flight director is turned on and then hit NAV to acquire lateral control. If you’re trying to track a VOR or localized, use “V/L” instead of “NAV” on the FCP (and make sure that the selector rocker is on VOR or ILS accordingly).

  21. It's a cool bird. Very impressive. I tried to start it up without the checklist lol and failed. Got the APU up but couldn't get the engine starter to fire.

  22. Hang in there! It’s rewarding when you get it all working.

  23. Wow that first shot is incredible. Seeing the AA bare metal there has me hoping we’ll also see the A300.

  24. Looks great! How did you access the Delta livery for the 310?

  25. thats a lovely airport, there is going to be an airshow there in a few weeks. Been a bunch of times in person, they have restored many old aircraft to flying condition.

  26. Very cool! I happened upon it at random. I was searching for a short hop somewhere fun during the daylight hours real time (night my time). Ended up plotting this great little flight down the coast from Newcastle.

  27. MilViz 737-200. It’s been in the works for a while but pretty under the radar. Would love to see some more previews of it. This will instantly become my favorite plane in MSFS whenever it ends up releasing.

  28. This is an interesting perspective, and I understand a lot where you’re coming from. I mostly fly airliners, but I love transitioning into non-precision visual approach procedures where you end up hand flying and taking it all in - depending on the approach, sometimes as soon as transitioning through 10,000 feet.

  29. I see it frequently on water.

  30. Way to go stick left! That quadrant addon looks cool. Does the speedbrake have the pull-to-arm function?

  31. Bah! That sucks. I’ve been flying the 737 with some custom add ons for the honeycomb bravo since PMDG release. I’ve really been wanting to spring for the Fenix but waiting for a good quadrant solution. I’ve seen some Etsy sellers with some good Airbus throttle/flap detents but none with proper speedbrake arming or motion. If anyone out there wants to 3d print and sell those, there would be an army of us out there waiting to give you our money!

  32. How can you not be loving this game? Go Jayhawks! Especially nice to see TCU not get rewarded for knocking a starting QB out of the game for the second straight week. Hope Daniels is okay.

  33. Not remastering this for Switch is a real missed opportunity. Great game.

  34. I’ve been wanting to pick up this aircraft since its release but am resisting making a SimMarket account just to get it. I really thought it would have come out on the Marketplace by now or perhaps published by JustFlight or something. Beautiful plane.

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