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AITA for thinking I should inherit my late mothers house over my sister.

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  1. INFO: how does staff protect any patients with seafood or peanut allergies? I am sure there are many other food allergies, I am just curious.

  2. NTA. Personally I don't think anyone who is sharing space/rent with roommates should have overnight guests that often every week. But since Rob's gf was practically living there and you didn't object, then neither should he.

  3. NTA. This first part of your post really screamed out to me: And most of her friends are also physically attractive women as well. And they like to party with rich men they meet.

  4. NTA but this guy sounds like he takes a lot for granted. NO, it is not his place but he sure acts like it (as well as acting like you are the maid or his mommy). He knows you like a tidy area; he doesn't care. Hmmmmm.

  5. NTA. Do what you want with YOUR money. In fact, you could even move closer to your work if you wanted to and wouldn't need a car; use the money for rent/expenses, this way you are rid of paying for others (sharing costs, etc) and from being under your parents' rules.

  6. NTA. And pls be careful with your neighbor's son around your doggie. Dog could get out of the yard by 'mistake' or be harmed by 'mistake'. And next time police are called, let them know that YOU are making a complaint of your own. Video everything.

  7. INFO: your fiance (ex??) and your daughter don't seem to know each other very well at all. Did you just meet someone, date briefly, move her in 'hey let's get married!' all without your finance knowing anything about your child's life, the security cameras? As if the finance had never been inside your home before, wth is going on???? YTA if you think this woman is mature enuf to handle being a step parent to your child. YTA if you keep insisting you need to be 'gentle' with the woman coz you don't know how volatile she may be; ahem, isn't that something you SHOULD already know since you called her fiance? Hello? If I was your daughter and her bf, I'd say both have a case against this woman for putting her hands on either of them...meanwhile you are out there somewhere in left field trying to defuse the situation. SMH. Parent up. Be a parent FIRST.

  8. With her, it's not about the money, she sees the relationship of our extended family where the grandmother becomes a full time babysitter and the aunts and uncles watch the kids too and doesn't understand why we aren't stepping up like them.

  9. NTA. Maybe it is time to tell sister "NO" and mean it next time she has an emergency babysitting need. To be told "you NEVER EVER EVER help me when you say 'no' one time; it is such a mean thing for her to say to you. Next time be prepared with a list of when you've babysat at the last minute request. Say 'no'. When she starts on 'you NEVER EVER EVER help me' read off the date/times that you DID help her in a crunch. Quit being used. Sounds like she is a drama queen whether you help her or not. May as well make it easier to take her hissy fits .

  10. NTA. You are not ruining the film project. He is. If he wants cooperation on filming, time, location, he needs to be ask 'what dates and locations are good for everybody?' and work around that. he is not a billionaire producer or director lol. He wants everyone to work around HIS schedule and location. Like someone else said, soon as you drop out, I bet others will follow suit and drop out as well. He is too demanding, too secretive, too rigid in time/hours. Just say 'mom says no' and have a happy holiday with your family and true friends.

  11. NTA. You are not a bf. You are being used as a Wallet. When she said "that I want to see her suffer, and that other foreigner boyfriends treat their Asian girlfriends better by giving more money", THAT should have been your final hint that you are seen as nothing more than a foreigner who has money. she isn't seeing you as a person; she is seeing you as an opportunity.

  12. NTA. Quit. Stop. Who has been preparing her meals before you came along? If she is this fussy then MIL should be preparing her own meals to make sure it done right. Why are you cooking and not your partner cooking? Unless your MIL is medically unable to cook her own food, then she should be doing it. What if YOU don't want to cook or learn more dishes that MIL likes, why should YOU learn MIL's cooking preferences? MIL could learn it just as easily as you (or whoever has been cooking for her all this time). If you do want to continue catering to MIL, I'd cook enuf for the week, small freezer containers, take it all over 1 day "Okay, here is this week's meals, enjoy!". If she "forgets" she has leftovers, then that is on her. Or I'd suggest if she can't remember how to cook or that she forgets she has food in the fridge, I'd nicely and helpfully suggest perhaps it is time she moves into assisted care so someone can remember for her.

  13. I'm assuming she would have attempted her own meals, but now that I cook for her, she can't be bothered

  14. NTA. She can't be bothered? Ahem, then neither should you. Your work schedule apparently allows you to work flexible hours to cater to MIL's needs. But what happens when/if your work hours get in the way or there are (future) children (or pets!) who need you or you become unwell? MIL needs to learn to fend for herself, as long as she is medically able. Being spoiled or used to other catering to you does not constitute as an illness .

  15. Could the coworker/car driver be leaving later and later to discourage you from always expecting a ride? Maybe this is a polite culturally appropriate way to nudge you into getting your own way to work instead of them just coming out and saying it? Even tho the coworker said they will vouch for your work ethic when you arrive late, maybe that is to save face from coming right out and saying "Quit depending on me for transportation".

  16. ESH. Quit expecting rides for free just because you work at the same place. Quit loaning money that you aren't getting paid back. Both of you need to stay out of the other's finances. Maybe your room mate is shorter on cash coz he is paying car payments, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and you are NOT. Of course you would have more money left from your paycheck coz you aren't paying for a car. Either pay the money for the ride, or walk or Uber or taxi or get a bike.

  17. NTA. YOU are also allowed to grieve in whatever manner is best for you. If you don't want to take the drive, don't. If you want to go there when it is best for you, do that. You should not be driving while under stress, frustration, grief, for any emotional reason that may make you less attentive. I am sorry for your family's loss. If you do not want to go, DO NOT GO. You owe no one a reason why. OF COURSE it is okay to walk away and stay away from anything that is toxic to you. You take care of YOU.

  18. NTA. Are you able to rent a vehicle when you arrive? If so, I'd rent a car, drive to go visit your dear friends (it sounds like they are more excited to see you than your own husband), then get home WHEN YOU ARE READY TO. If your coming home isn't that important to them, I'd take my sweet time and chill. And MIL has no say in your and your husband's arrangements/plans on who drives where at what time.

  19. NTA. Guess what? Even if/when you do move in together, you STILL are entitled to go places by yourself to visit family n friends.

  20. My gma wanted a family gathering and viewing service, she told my parent. Howevery aunt wants cremation and ashes to be spread on a random mountain. My parent told her it's not what she wanted. My parent has a huge heart ans forgave my gma for the past. Unfortunately my parent doesn't have much.... so because they are my parent and don't want to see her hurt more, I told my aunt to fuck off and we'd figure it out. However she said she'd give 4k when she cashes the policy.

  21. YWBTA if you go to the aunt's husband.

  22. So aunt had told her siblings like 4 years that she wanted to get a policy, she just never said she got it. I guess my problem is directly with her (aunt) because she plays games, for example she called sister to ask if everything was really and to see if we were going to have coffee and donuts for people as she has "friendships coming", she wants this funeral without the financial burden. Her siblings made it clear to her that they dont want any monies from the insurance, as their life will not become better from it.

  23. OP wrote: ' aunt has a secret life insurance*, she is not wanting to use it...*

  24. YTA. You write the lemonade is expensive, yet you gave it to someone. You should have given your sister the link to the website to buy her own if this drink is not readily available in your area.

  25. ?? I voted on some people's comments. I voted 4 times ??

  26. I did. YTA. I agree with Similar-War2636.

  27. NTA and I'd think twice about taking this little dickens out again without one of the parents. You are a good uncle for even taking both of them out for some fresh air IMO.

  28. YTA. Leaving to quickly pick up something to eat and bring it back (if the hospital cafeteria is closed) would have been fine. To sit and chill out like that is YTA territory.

  29. My God.. I’m so sorry that happened to you! Hoping you’re ok now. 🤗

  30. Oh gosh this was around 30 yrs ago but it was scary then. I do remember hurting so much with the pleurisy and how long it took for all the bruising to go away, my entire torso was shades of purple/blue/black/yellow for over a month. It was just one of those rare things that can happen.

  31. YTA. Wonder if mom only had your sister on the safety deposit box coz she knew you are a greedy selfish person and didn't want your hands on any of her jewelry?

  32. INFO: Whose house it is, yours or your bf's? If your home: Why would a bf with kids move into your home? Who is paying the bulk of expenses now? How long did you date before bf and kids moved into your home? Maybe your daughter saw it as being replaced and was ready to start mending fences with you, she came home, saw she didn't even have a bed to sleep in. You knew she was coming to visit, you didn't tell her ahead of time that she would be delegated to a couch?!

  33. YTA. You "want to focus and study hard but can't while working to pay rent" awwwww /s/ Guess what, welcome to being an adult where you will be expected to multi-task most of your life. He makes YOU anxious? OP, pleeeze. You are probably making HIM a nervous wreck with your constant scanning of HIS home and eye-rolling and actions and ridiculous demands.

  34. YTA and not just for expecting your Uncle to move his treasured possessions. You think a person talking to their dogs is weird. gasp The horror!!!

  35. LOL I pup-sit for my neighbor (7 yr old pit bull and 2 yr old bull terrier, both females). My neighbor sometimes works out of town. I send him videos of me playing music and singing to the pups when it is their 'down time/rest time' and it cracks him up.

  36. YTA. Why didn't you text/call your mon, dad, any other family member when your sister didn't reply to your texts? Coz you knew they'd blast you for not bringing your keys? I don't blame your sister one bit for being ill at you.

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