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  1. Well shit. Going off Arkham Bruce, he had Tim Drake Robin kidnapped by Scarecrow and Jason Todd captured by Joker. And he never found Jason until he revealed himself.

  2. Soon as I heard that line, I knew I had to restart and go for Yen instead of Triss.

  3. There definitely won’t be any mods outside of model swaps, reshaders, and cheat engine related.

  4. Am also Braden, and can confirm this was me too

  5. So what do you think the employees are doing? Getting paid to sit on their asses doing nothing?

  6. This is always what I think about when people say “Rockstar isn’t going to make GTA 6! They’re too busy and greedy with GTA Online!” Like, bruh, there’s probably hundreds of people that work there, and you think everyone is working on online? Or doing literally nothing?

  7. I can see where it's coming from, the trailer does have its hit and miss sections. Some scenes look good while others don't. To me its a combo of framerate, flat textures in the capital and the weird smoke from the ship when it landed. Also Bethesda does have its trackrecord of being filled with bugs at launch.

  8. A way better answer than just “Probably PlayStation fanboys”

  9. Definitely hoping and excited for this route

  10. I definitely believe Reeves-verse is fine. And is frankly one of the few things Zaslav and the rest of the new WBD crew is happy with. Excited for a hard reboot with much higher quality in mind.

  11. WB have failed DC massively. Nobody at Warner cares enough about DC to make a coherent universe. We still have the games and the animated films and series

  12. Or maybe they’re trying to start an actual coherent universe. Scrap the absolute mess of one it is now, and start a much needed reboot. One without Batgirl and Supergirl as Justice League leaders

  13. Yes! I do NOT need another fucking round of defending another awful DC movie. Scrap the whole thing and make Keaton and 1 and done thing in The Flash. It was fucking stupid to plan the future DC movies around Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. Nobody fucking cares about that.

  14. I definitely agree. I have zero doubt the initial planned reboot, with the new trinity wouldn’t have helped the DCEU’s public image one bit. Still would have a mindless spaghetti mess of a universe, but with no Batman or Superman.

  15. Yes! I'm super optimistic. The studio is actually cleaning house and willing to take losses on films and not release them as cheap cash grabs.

  16. I definitely agree. I see it as them really taking it seriously now, taking the loss for Batgirl, because they know they can clean this all up and make way, way more money because of it in a future reboot.

  17. Bruh, Zaslav could actually be cleaning up the shitty mess that is the DCEU. You’d rather have the Justice League be Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman instead?

  18. Zaslov wants to compete with Marvel. You can’t compete with the leader with B and C list characters. He needs the big boys. Batman and Superman. Batgirl isn’t a Billion Dollar franchise and won’t compete head to head with Marvel. This is smart move. I smell something big coming from WBD.

  19. Definitely feel a Superman done right movie could be coming. It will surely be a rocky start from here, but I think it can really help in the long run.

  20. They’re finally not being incompetent like the DCEU has been since the beginning. Could actually be the start of the reboot that DC needed for so long.

  21. I’m hopefully in new leadership. They want to compete with Marvel and realize that they need to establish the DCEU with quality, high profile characters first. Batgirl and Blue Beetle aren’t the super hero’s that will carry DC. I think something big is coming. At least I’m hoping there is.

  22. Right, I think the Batgirl and Blue Beetle movies are kinda-sorta the Ant-Man movies for DC. They need to start a reboot, get a new more positive Superman movie going, and keep The Batman as the standard to set for their new universe. Get a strong, maybe at least 80% critics score of phase 1 movies going. Get a roll going, and have the general consensus of DC movies being great. Because man, they definitely didn’t have that with the general response and word of mouth from MoS, BvS, and Justice League. The average moviegoer shouldn’t think “Ugh, a DC movie? I’ll stick with Marvel.”

  23. It’s quite the opposite, it’s a sign of a clearer direction, though I am still disappointed that they’ve binned it

  24. I 100% agree. Seems Zaslav is actually looking at the spaghetti mess of DC’s movies and is taking it seriously enough to axe a movie that would probably yet again be a typical DC movie that damages the brand.

  25. It's not so much hype around the movie as much as Warner Bros. constant incompetence, terrible decision making, and lack of vision that's upsetting people. Maybe Disney SHOULD buy DC.

  26. Or maybe they’re finally getting out of their incompetence? And looking for a hard reboot. The Batgirl movie was already going to be part of a reboot with Keaton and all, but maybe Zaslav saw that new reboot would still be shit. Just get a clean slate, with a good non-Snyder Justice League.

  27. I hope this means the Snyder-verse is coming back. It seems to me they've realized they were going to derail what good capitol they'd managed to rebuild and hold onto.

  28. Pretty sure this is literally the opposite of that. Going for a hard reboot, which I’m all for

  29. You know, at this point either give it all to Snyder or just start completely over after Aquaman 2. What a complete clusterfuck re: these beloved characters.

  30. Oh hell no, do not give it back to Snyder lol. That's what brought them to this point in the first place. Hard reboot time, and happy superman coming

  31. 1/2 of the posts I see on my feed from this sub are "I'm sick of the negativity".

  32. For real, I haven’t seen a single hate post on this sub. Granted, I don’t sort by new, but still.

  33. I tried this 2 months ago. Did all campaign trophies but when it came to getting medals in those challenge game mode I couldnt. Any tips on those in case I go back to trying again?

  34. Well it’s always good to remember you have infinite retries on the first map. So put the hardest debuffs on that one. And when it comes to predator maps, should definitely watch videos of them done to help. And patience is key, try, try again. Don’t take a restart as that big a deal, you’ll get it eventually.

  35. “What the fuck does that even mea-?” Glrrk

  36. I’m so tired of posts like these. Just because you enjoy something doesn’t make it a crime for someone else to trash it.

  37. 100% agree with your comment. I’m seeing wayy more of these posts than criticism lately on this sub.

  38. They went through a bit of a bad patch. From the paid mods fiasco to the Kreation Klub and constant engine updates (breaking SKSE and F4SE) just so they could sell poodle makeovers for Dogmeat, to Fallout 76 and all the nonsense that came with it ... they went through a phase where they were willing to burn customer goodwill in exchange for short term profit, and it hurt their reputation in a lot of circles.

  39. I guess you’re getting downvoted for trying to give reason why someone might legitimately have criticism. You’re not on bandwagon of “If they don’t like it, they’re a blind hater that never liked Bethesda games anyway!”

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