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  1. Dude, do you know how software works? The game was made for computers from 2002/2003. Computers now have much, much different hardware, and there's even software interactions that can fuck with older games. NR isn't the only old game that has an issue like this, and it doesn't affect every computer the same way.

  2. Yeah I managed a computer store and worked in the industry for about 25 years.. NEXT!

  3. Look, I run Forza Horizon 5 on Ultra at 60 frames easily, there's nothing wrong with my computer.

  4. Doesn't matter what I do with INI settings the entire field pits under every caution no matter when it occurs. Even when the entire race length is shorter than one full fuel run. This isn't the case on the Eldora I have from WKC (field appropriately never pits). Is this everyone else's experience? Any fixes?

  5. They pit.. But it is a short track with only 200 laps (full race) and the AI can generally run 150 to 190 there without the need to refueling. Add that with the fact that there isn't tire wear on dirt/grass surfaces in NR2003 and you should have your answer..

  6. Not sure what you’re getting at. I understand they don’t need fuel and don’t need tires, so why are they stopping?

  7. If you run my Eldora for the full 200 laps they should pit for fuel after about 140 laps. If they are pitting too often on Bristol Dirt raise this line to at least ai_fuel_use = 1.05 and that should limit when thy pit.

  8. Nothing like that has ever been made for NR2003

  9. Yea just about😂 i geuss I like to pretend that back in the days I posted track edits in there that it wasn't like that. I once redid the whole geometry, asphalt textures, ai, lp files, track gripping, and a night conversion on a track that was almost 4 years old and the original guy said I copied and pasted it😂😭😭

  10. Ha! I got starting in 2014 by asking a site via Facebook (not going to name them) about using one of their tracks as a base to starting learning about track building. I got the OK and started working on the graphics, editing 3do files, track.ini, and even created a center section go-kart track (non working) in 3DS Max. I dived in to track building head first. Once I finished the track and released it that same site told everyone that I stole their track. Trust me the whole community tried to kick my azz. I was banned from joining sites everywhere. My own FB page went nuts. I was attacked relentlessly. I did message a few of the top creators out here and explained what lead up to that nonsense and explained that I really did get permission. I went the required route and did everything as asked. The only thing I did forget to add being a new builder was a README. That was quickly remedied. It caused me to have a few new enemies that have lasted until this day, and a few GREAT friends that offer help if and when I need it. The original site is still out here but really hasn't created anything in a few years. In the end I stood my ground and kept building. I will always maintain the truth about getting permission for that first track. Why the other side decided to do what they did is beyond me.

  11. Do you have other forums/links where this is discussed? Or do you know more about it - how is it known that this was intentional?

  12. It was announced by Papyrus before NR2003 was released.. Anyone who has/had played this sim since the day it was released can and will verify the anti cheat..

  13. Interesting. Thanks for the reply... I spend too long looking for solid actual knowledge about the game. It's too bad information is being lost at the rate it is. The last time I played this game before the last year or so was about 2006, and I had played the games since NR2. Surprised how little actual understanding about the game exists on the internet now. I'm assuming you don't have any idea about which forums this might have been discussed, no?

  14. There was a a lot of chatter about it back when this sim was released. We're talking 20 years ago, so remembering all of those sites and conversations is impossible. I'm sure it was mentioned at the The Pits, Blackhole Motorsports and others. I was more of a reader collecting tips and hints about racing this sim, downloading, and racing on the Sierra servers than I was about joining in all of the chatter out here back then. Back then you could connect and run online 24 hours a day, everyday.

  15. This? - 1995-2000 Dodge Avenger (Default Cup Mod) 1.0

  16. The link doesn't work with Chrome. Use Firefox to download it.

  17. Your problem is something other than NR2003.. Look at it this way.. Thousands of others are using NR2003 on computers that are 64bit without any issues.. Try Googling papycpu2.sys BSOD.

  18. papycpu2.sys is not a NR2003 file. You can learn about it here:

  19. I'm not sure what you or someone else did to that track, but I can run there with the AI set at 100% and that doesn't happen..

  20. Well there is definitely something wrong with that version..

  21. All of the old school guys that would run tracks (especially road courses) with realistic grip settings and setups that matched the tracks without adding/editing tons of extra grip to the track.ini making up for a lack of driving skills. Too many of the newer players want everything made easy so they can beat the AI at every track with limited learning and low skills. IMO If you're running anything other than Daytona/Talladega without a wheel you're wasting your time. But then again.. I'm old school.. ;)

  22. The amount of cars on a track depends on the size of the track and how much space there is for pit stalls. On a large track 43 is usually no problem, however on shorter tracks space can be seriously limited. You also have to have the space to actually make the pit area work correctly. On most short tracks you can mange it squeeze in 20/25 stalls on average. The track size also has to be taken into consideration. There is no way your going to fit 43 cars into a 1/4 mile short track. They have to be able to use the pit area and line up again during caution laps. Short track caution laps are notoriously problematic with too many cars. The AI/players will never correctly line up for a restart. Even pit area placement can hinder cars lining up again on caution laps. I've built a ton of short tracks (under 1 mile) and making the pit area work with the AI and is always a challenge. Sometimes even the simplest design can be a nightmare requiring several rebuilds just to make it work.

  23. Good luck with that.. best to dig thru here..

  24. The Installation for the cam edit doesn't work, it says Component MSCOMCTL.OCX not found.

  25. You can't really fix it, the tracks are just detailed to the point where there are so many objects the game and/or the PC can't handle it. I have the same problem with the BBMC tracks and

  26. It doesn't happen on my computer running BBMC tracks.. Including this one..

  27. Those are graphic spikes and in your case it looks like they are being caused by the shadows. You can see the spikes at about 0.36 in the video. If you have shadows checked in the "On Cars" section, uncheck those boxes and try again. If your computer is older or you have a lower grade video card, lower your graphic options seen in the game. IE: Cars seen ahead, behind, full details seen in the rear view mirror. Small changes can make a huge difference in frame rates. Also that SD graphic pack is also worth a try. The mips there are not low res.. They are just what is usually being used for image sizes. BBMC normally uses images that in some cases are way beyond image sizing that would be used by other builders. Super hi-Res is great, but for a sim designed in 2002 that can only use up to 4gb of memory (with the 4gb patch) is really pushing the envelope.

  28. Yea dude , you gotta mess around with driver AI ratings like aggression and all that as well as more importantly you gotta mess with TRACK INI and PAPY AI Ini . inside those files there are tons of lines you can tweak. Problem is ..... no one truly knows how it all works together so it is trial and error. All those 30 lines work with each other and depend on each other. Just google some tutorial explanations on "AI DRIVER RATINGS " "TRACK INI" "PAPY AI".

  29. Wrong.. That information was all figured out by the end of the first year NR2003 was released..

  30. Superspeedway or Speedway and Roadway it???

  31. I rebuilt this track and all I have left to do is cameras editing.. It works pretty well.

  32. Bruh im using a controller let's be real jere simulation mod just doesn't do it for me with my current setup

  33. I'm just giving you the facts.. No builder wastes time setting up arcade mode in the track.ini. It's a waste of time using it..

  34. Don't use arcade use simulation mode.. Hardly any builders set that up for racing. Nobody cares about arcade racing.

  35. If you want a newer F1 mod with cars use this..

  36. Smiffden has an F1 mod, not a car set. The mod only comes with 3 beta cars.

  37. Did you install NR2003 first? Looks like it's still in your download folder uninstalled..

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