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  1. You're crossing the penalty line on to a flat surface. It's nothing that staying on the racing surface can't cure.. I built the track and it's working fine...

  2. AI cars are driving on the apron, not me. I've simulated multiple races and it's a frequent occurrence.

  3. Those are false positives from links that are not used as much. Bypass them and download anyway..

  4. Every track is different.. No one ratings setting is going to equalize all tracks..

  5. Yep... Use the Full Pace lap and see if that corrects your problem. Many short tracks require that the player uses the FULL PACE lap...

  6. I was doing that, the track actually says that you have to run full pace lap otherwise it won't work. This happened when a caution occurred during the race and the pace car was coming out of the pits

  7. The problem is with the PIT LP.. It doesn't always happen but it's just another annoying short track issue. When the LP was made I had to get close to the pit exit and swing to the left BIG TIME to clear that wall. The raceline has to out at the 1/2 mile mark on short tracks (Butters Rule) and the AI will always want to pull towards it at a track opening. It took a long time just it get it to work as well as it does.. If you go view the pit.lp to see how it works and want to try to make a new one send it to me if it works...

  8. When you download the mod. Right click on it and choose extract to "Formula 1 by VSR" or whatever the zip files name is. The folder name should ALWAYS be the same as the .dat file in the folder. Copy the folder to your NR2003 series folder and go race..

  9. That only happens on super speedways and it is coded into the nr2003.exe file. You can't change it.

  10. It can't be done.. Car models are not interchangeable.

  11. The track requires the Revamped Reloaded shared folder.

  12. The only versions available that I know of.. Look here:

  13. Isn't there a car number at the start of the line for each driver?

  14. Do this: (there's a video for this but reading it saves time)

  15. Hell yeah, I've always just gone back and re-watched YouTube videos to remember all this. Thanks for the text write up.

  16. Did you accidentally delete the shared folder?

  17. That version simply doesn't work.. Look for a track called road_america_hr. It's what they used for their 2011 version. Sadly they didn't include a readme explaining what they updated so you don't have a starting point to look for a problem..

  18. That's because Papyrus marketed it as a "simulator" not a game..

  19. You need new LP files to give the cars a wider area to run and then update the track.ini

  20. You have to set that site in your anti-virus as an exception and it will stop telling you that it's malware..

  21. Seriously? This game was released in 2003 when most people were still using sound cards..

  22. Rather than just crapping on people for asking questions, if you don't have anything constructive to say, it's always possible to say nothing at all.

  23. With the age of the game, common sense should tell anyone that it's not going to work. Not trying to crap on anyone's post.

  24. Just by looking at it I can tell you it would never work.. Too many polys.

  25. could you tell me how much i would need to lower the amount of polys

  26. With the shape of that model the task would be impossible. You would have to ask someone who has build a mod for the actual max poly count. This is a 20 year old game and models for it were fairly limited in size. If I remember correctly the poly count has to be under 2000.

  27. A version without the pizza people would look even better..

  28. Is you car set rated? Are you using cup cars which this track was NOT created for? It was actually created for GNS, CTS, and PTA (Sprint cars) I'm not sure what you're doing but what you're experiencing doesn't happen to me. Are you using the "Full Pace lap"? Altered NR2003.exe. altered If so that could also be your problem.

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