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  1. Iirc we do have rails Canada but they are mostly privatized unfortunately. Passenger trains have to give way to freight trains as well.

  2. I live in a snowy place and unfortunately have to walk in the road more than I like. The city clears the roads in a timely manner, people don’t clear their sidewalks with the same vigor.

  3. As the puddles of water on sidewalks freeze I’ll have to choose between the risk of slipping on ice or ran over by cars :(

  4. I ordered direct on March 1 and got them on March 15.

  5. Here I’m still waiting for them to come to Canada. Guess never.

  6. yo ho ho its a fitgirl repack hitman 3 + all dlc life for me

  7. Nah it’s moving because you can see the scans. 1:39 they scanned the barcode at the ship center. Then 4 minutes later 1:43 said they weren’t there??? The guy was physically there to scan the barcode proving he was there. This is a weird one.

  8. Just give FedEx a call before seeing your message. Same thing happens again today - out for delivery, then delayed to tomorrow coz “customer not available or business closed”.

  9. Dollar General? They frequently are closed due to call outs/ staffing.

  10. No it’s a small local business. But I guess similar things could happen? Or like other similar posts on this sub - they actually haven’t shipped it but use this as an lazy excuse, or the driver had too many shipments and decided to skip this one.

  11. The servers ran down just minutes after I submitted a post. I thought I somehow broke it lol.

  12. Clicking on the post and seeing the edit got me relieved. Glad you made the right choice. Take care, stay strong and happy birthday OP!

  13. NGL, I kind of wish I could hear them play butterflies and hurricanes live again

  14. Yes! This is the song that introduced me to Muse and is still my favourite.

  15. I ordered mine direct on 03-01 and at that time it was shown as sth along the lines of:

  16. Breyers does make real ice cream though (in the black box).

  17. No wonder I was confused on them being labelled as "real ice cream", as if there exist "fake ice cream". Apparently they do exist.

  18. My situation: NH-D15 on 13700k. ROG 3070Ti OC. CPU is hotter than GPU most of the time.

  19. I assume you only have one CPU_FAN header, in which case it's not a good idea to plug all your fans into the same header. Keep your chassis fan headers separate and adjust the fan profile to be more aggressive.

  20. Yes but there's one CPU_OPTas well. But 7 fans on 2 headers still sounds bad right?

  21. TIL 2230 and 2280 literally means 22 x 30 and 22 x 80. Was wondering why M.2 were named in such a weird way.

  22. You obviously haven't tried mixing tea and coffee...

  23. I remember when this was originally posted by the woman in the photo. She didn't even intend for it to be so damn memable yet here we are with pure gold

  24. OP said it's “my sister’s wedding” and “she is a sibling”

  25. Not the eggs! They’re hella expensive nowadays

  26. Tbf that sub has been a dumpster fire for years. There was one time where you have to praise the mods or get your comment removed by automod. Just so happens that it’s “BLM” this time.

  27. Sure, but all the nutrients is in the fibre of the physical fruit. The juice is mostly sugar.

  28. Not to mention the amount of oranges you'll need to make one full glass of pure orange juice.

  29. That's my point. You need more than one orange to get a glass full. So drinking one full glass of oj is simply eating a couple oranges in one go. Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't eat that many oranges a day.

  30. I wish Reddit would understand this and stop unmuting whenever I scroll past a new video.

  31. If you're on iOS, Apollo is the way to go

  32. I don’t get it? Nespresso sent you chopsticks??? Foooooor what????

  33. Yes. They add it automatically to the cart for me.

  34. Yes. But the chopstick (yes only one) snapped at the wood. The cross section kinda looks like this emoji: 💽. Where the CD is the wood part of the chopsticks (cylindrical) and the box is the aluminum shell.

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