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  1. I was 455 at 19 I'm 175 now. So I'm perfect to answer this. Yes and no. Yes because it gets bigger when you lose weight but no because you'll probably have lose skin and so that'll make it appear smaller. I'm normal but having been fat I thought I had a small.. but when I lost weight turned out I had a normal size. I think it would be even bigger if I could get more plastic sugary then I've had. I was heavy always but had weight loss sugary at 19. I'm normal beside the lose skin but it's hardly noticable. Except undressed it's noticable. If it matters I'm 38.

  2. I was worried about that part as well. I definitely want to remove mine if and when it get too loose. But thank you for this response.

  3. This is a weird topic to discuss (for me), but since my surgery I have had a drastic improvement in my sex life with my wife, so I'll do my best.

  4. This is a great comment. Exactly what I was looking to hear. Plus you still have “room for growth” being 270. Glad the process has gone well for you.

  5. Keep your meals to 1/2hr. You will have figured out by now that it’s actually possible to eat 24/7 as long as you do it slowly. Try limiting intake to your specific meal times, finishing within 1/2hr, and using your smallest dishes again.

  6. This is a great idea. Like an eating window right? Thank you for this.

  7. Are you hitting your protein goals? Are you eating exclusively solid foods?

  8. I’m hitting my protein goals easily. I’ve always got them since solids tbh.

  9. Literal once in a lifetime opportunity. Get in.

  10. 112 lbs in 6 months. With a month long stall. 😳

  11. When was this stall? How far in?

  12. I was in this predicament. I could’ve gotten vsg at 18-19 but I didn’t and i regret it.

  13. I sought out therapy and took shrooms tbh. Made a huge difference.

  14. I wish I was kidding but it was actually very helpful~ Will say, I took about .7g and because of WLS apparently I experienced a heroes dose so. Proceed with caution.

  15. I’ve always been interested in psychedelics for healing purposes so this is very intriguing to me.

  16. Advice for right after surgery. Get a heating pad! It was a life saver as far as the after surgery pain and walk! I have the found after surgery to be much more challenging. I am almost 6 months out now and I have lost 62lbs. The first 5 months were great as far as sticking to my calories and cravings go. I found it very easy. I recently have hit a phase of wanting to binge eat at night again and making sure I identify my triggers. The mind part of this process is much more challenging then the surgery. I am trying to replace my nighttime binge eating with working out or paint by numbers. Most nights I have to go upstairs and just stay away from the kitchen.

  17. Btw, where do you place the heating pad? On the stomach?

  18. Depends on how far out you’re trying to do that. If you overdo it, you’re going to feel it. Small walks throughout the day are better.

  19. Can this be done indoors? I.e up & down stairs. Not comfortable with taking outdoor walks due to being extremely overweight, I would be out of breath immediately.

  20. Going up and down stairs post op is hard. Walking up the stairs to my condo took forever. I did short walks around the house because I was not going to even try to go down them to walk anywhere

  21. Short walks around the house sounds good. I can do that. Thank you

  22. Will the body lose weight rapidly until it’s out of the morbidly obese/Obese range?

  23. I would just like to be the size I was when I initially thought I was fat (still a bmi of about 31), because I didn't appreciate how pretty I actually was. I've become a very emotional eater, and instead of feeling better, I'm drowning myself a little more each time.

  24. Same exact thing happened to me. I saw a vacation picture. 100 lbs lighter than current weight but still obese, well groomed, dressed nicely. I said damn I wish I looked like this now.

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