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  1. jersey mock-up with this logo ^ as well as the NAHL scouts jerseys

  2. I believe he's still an RFA at the end of this, so not a bad idea to go one year. 2 or 3 puts him UFA and Bruins have little control if they like what they see, tho

  3. Are you allowed to sell merged cars safely as long as you stick to the sell limit 2 in 2 hours or 7 in 30 hours?

  4. I know Zegras has the flashiness but if I’m a GM and there’s a bonafide #1 RD in Seider who is built like a tank and carried the Red Wings back end as a rookie, I’m taking that guy all day long. Much easier to find flashier forwards than those kinds of D.

  5. I was ready to smash my tv to pieces when I thought the devils were going to have a center core of Hughes, Nico, and Wright

  6. Devils still have Mercer and could theoretically be 3C who’s pretty good in his own… Wright 🥁

  7. Barring sophomore slump season, you give this guy an 8 year contract on character alone.

  8. “I want the same rights as a vehicle but be treated as a pedestrian when it’s convenient for me”

  9. Actually you loose rights when you operate a motor vehicle...

  10. I mean, this is an argument more for dedicated bicycle lanes and taking space away from cars. Having less parking and more dedicated bike lanes with separations from vehicle lanes reduces demand for driving and increases incentive to bike. It also ensures that drivers deal with both less traffic from induced demand and bicycles in the vehicle lane, as well as offering bike lights which can help to clear up congestion with yield lights so that they are able to keep moving when no traffic is coming but still follow the rules of the road when there is a red. That being said, calling them a slow moving roadblock sucks, we need more cyclists and its because of current car centric city and traffic design that cyclists don't have anywhere to go. It's the car industries fault that you have bikes on the road, not the bikes. (They def need to follow the law around traffic lights though, that dude's an idiot)

  11. Seriously are you that dense. This isn’t a question on road safety or structure.

  12. Irony labeling him the victim in the situation when he’s the cause for the accident

  13. He's elite defensively. Perfect compliment to a top 4 that will include Simon Nemec, Luke Hughes, & Dougie Hamilton next year.

  14. Probably the following season those guys will be on the team and not to mention Marino.

  15. A certain Andreas Johnsson making 750k real money this year but 3.4M AAV could help them 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Fitzgerald made it no secret about going after Gaudreau, as well as Gaudreau he himself thought that was going to be on the team until Columbus swooped in with a better offer.

  17. Biggest W of the offseason right here for the Devils

  18. Hey look this guy wants to sign with the team that traded for him

  19. That sounds a lot like EDM, you have to admit though.

  20. When your starter plays injured and goes down for the year followed by your backup, playing career AHL guys is a recipe for disaster

  21. I don't think Jack will get hurt this season. I think he's going to tear it up. Particularly early on in the season.

  22. The back end is concerning? It’s literally their strength

  23. I wouldn’t want to commentate the Hawks games either this upcoming year

  24. Would you guys wanna see the Devils go after Jesse Puljujarvi?

  25. Have Marino locked in at 4.4M for the next 5 years. We can ride out Severson for the year as a possibility until the trade deadline and be insurance to see if Nemec is ready to step in next year for the big club.

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