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  • By - 2jbk

  1. Friends, Big Bang Theory and any show with a laugh track. If your show is funny then it should make me laugh and I shouldn’t have to be prompted to laugh

  2. I once told a classmate that the only way his parents could afford the school was because his family sued the condom company.

  3. She once told the class she picked seats based on how smart and dumb students are. She put the smart kids upfront and I was in the very back

  4. They only serve them in the boxes at the movies otherwise I would be a pig and eat those more often 😂

  5. If they always are complaining about something. Solely negative people will slowly drain on you

  6. (Context) I graduated college a few months back and now work at a start up which requires me to work remotely at home. I love my job, but the hours are weird and I work from 11am to 9pm. Since it’s a low paying job and there’s no guaranteed future for the company in 2023. It doesn’t financially make sense for me to move out. However, that means that I don’t have too much social interactions outside of my parents. I love my family so much but I just want interact with people my own age. I live in a residential area so there aren’t too many people my age around, it’s either parents or kids in high school or younger. My close friends that I made in middle and high school now live in different states and are too far to consistently travel and see each other. We have been calling each other here and there which is nice but I need more interaction outside of that. I don’t know how I can make new friends or start a relationship.

  7. Find your local team and start watching. Your broadcast crew will give you the low down on what’s important in the current landscape. We’re in preseason and less than a month away from the season starting.

  8. I started watching hockey games online, and that’s been fun. But I’m not really sure what team I want to root for yet, I live in New York so I can root for like 3-4 teams, Rangers, Islanders, Devils and Buffalo. I already suffer enough being a Jets and Mets fan so I’m not going to subject myself to being a Buffalo fan. I’m leaning towards the Rangers, because I like their uniforms especially the one with the Statue of Liberty on it. I would rather root for a winner then a team with cool uniforms.

  9. While I’m a Devils fan I’ll say this. Root for the team that you’re closest to geographically. If you live in the City go Rangers, Long Island go Islanders, upstate NY go Buffalo. Watching hockey on TV is fun, but going in person is where you fall in love. If your kind of stuck in the middle watch two of the teams for a bit and see where you land.

  10. I only mentioned Buffalo because I spent a few months in Western New York. It’s too far for games, but I’m closer to the City so both teams are close enough for me to watch games in person. I’m going to wait and watch both teams before making a choice

  11. Thankfully next month is easier schedule wise. There’s still some tough teams, but also some very easy teams as well.

  12. He makes classical music for movies. He’s one of the best to ever do it

  13. Ohhhh I have been waiting for this one. These are two reviews people left on rate my professor, the first one is by me. I left out her name for privacy reasons.

  14. By far the worst course I took in college, and I couldn’t graduate without taking a course that she taught.

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