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  1. Tekken 7 was already primarily balanced to look exciting for spectators who don't know the game. This is about to be a clown Tekken, doubling down on the same thing. This contextualizes stuff like Jin 2-1-4 pushing back on block in the first T8 trailer so the -9 matters less, encouraging more unga play.

  2. That comment doesn't need to chap you that hard unless you take an uncharitable reading. If my Hog is 300hp and not being focused at a good distance from the enemy, often someone weaker is being focused, or trying to secure a vital pick in a 1v1 where I can tip the scales.

  3. My queen, shes, shes still not well. Oh well, maybe one day she will be good. Also, the mercy and ana "buff". MAJOR game changer. makes them borderline broken /s

  4. 1 second off a 15 second cooldown is a major game changer that makes Ana borderline broken?

  5. There is no best crosshair, it's all about personal preference. Changing crosshair won't magically make your aim better.

  6. I also use crosshair with a small gap; the + shape of it helps to see horizontal & vertical alignments, and the gap ensures the crosshair itself doesn't cover up enemy heads at range. I used to use dot but realized I preferred this.

  7. Been pretty good for me, rank decayed to bronze 2 since I stopped playing, so I hopped on support (UK) and found fairly even matches. Maybe 1 in 5 had some guy flaming somebody, 1 in 7 had a mic'd up team coordinating. Is it usually better?

  8. Mostly based on how intimidating you find the woman in question, and boy, you are weak.

  9. Watch the replay and see what supports were doing when you needed healing, what DPS were doing when you needed damage, etc. Think about why that happened & what you could've done. Sometimes my Mercy decides to dive a Bastion with her pistol & dies, but often healing me would've put her in a deadly position, she's getting dived, etc.

  10. If you could replace a support with a damage hero, would you do that? Let's say you could drop your Lucio for an Echo or something. Good trade, or bad trade? If you could drop your Hanzo for an Ana or Zen, good trade, or bad trade? For me I would rather trade a dps for a third support, rather than the opposite. That's why I think supports are stronger heroes than dps as a rule.

  11. One DPS and 3 supports? I'm having visions of a Winston, a Genji and a Tracer blitzing all 3 of them. Feels like it makes the comp fundamentally extremely inflexible.

  12. If you had 3 supports you could run an incredibly greedy support line like Ana Zen Lucio. Zen orbs the Ana, Ana sleeps the monkey, Lucio prioritizes protecting the Zen. As long as you still have a good nano target and a good dps ult, that seems incredibly resilient.

  13. Zen orb is 30 hps. That's not exactly a 1v1-winner, particularly if a Tracer instamurders him because of his fridge hitbox.

  14. Bootleg solution; you can use half a controller in one hand and mouse in the other if space is lacking, this is what I do. You'll have to unbind hero information (it bugs) & ideally have a mouse with a couple buttons. My mousemat is on a drink coaster next to me on the couch.

  15. Been top 5 on leaderboards in Hotline Miami and ranked top 3% or so in Tekken 7, imo it's literally just extreme familiarity & comfort from experience + deliberate practice to reach max potential.

  16. Yeah but Kazuya being almost 50 with not a single wrinkle is acceptable, right? You guys always focus on the negative aspects only when it comes to female characters

  17. No, that sucks too. It drains character from characters when they don't age or look unique, I hate all the design-by-instagram-filter type stuff. Imagine Heihachi looking like Jin; mediocre.

  18. It is very intertwined, yeah. Like, a healer can have poor healing numbers because DPS are getting one-shot by Widow, and someone doing vital damage-dealing might not show many elims because they're saving supports from a Sombra, or chasing enemies off high ground.

  19.'s got strong peel, her shotguns shred monkey & she can also pressure enemy supports when monkey dives if her help isn't needed, right? She can also contest high ground vs monkey.

  20. It's the default player picture, so it usually indicates a newer player. But it could also mean a smurf who hasn't bothered to change it.

  21. Beam characters beat her defense matrix, so Mei Zarya Sym Moira etc. Mei & Symn kind of have to be in DVA's shotgun range to beam her, iirc.

  22. The cycle is info > gameplay > incorporate the info & progress to new questions. You can also watch a replay with new information to contextualize it to your gameplay! But imo you can't soak up loads of info without practice, there's a steep limit on that and it's best to focus on improving one aspect at a time anyway. You don't need an entire constellation of stuff.

  23. Awkward’s video is the meme of “if you’re homeless just buy a house”

  24. Positioning goes together with it. You're a lot more likely to die from bad positioning & awareness when you're shooting the enemy with a big purple bullet-trail to indicate your position.

  25. how do you deal damage to a sleeping character without waking them up? i see a lot of ana mains complaining about this online but don’t really know how a sleeping character should be handled. i know the obvious things like not waking up a ulted character, but does any damage dealt to the character at all wake them up? or do you have to deal a certain amount or something

  26. Ana main; damage always wakes them. My biggest issues with sleeps are stuff like sleeping a Winston or Rein who's toasting me, and someone will wait a little then wake him up to kill him before I can move far enough away. So I end up taking unnecessary pressure.

  27. Mostly looks like positional issues at a glance. 4:56, yr here to potentially get damage on distant enemies, which is good. But you can get the same sightline from high ground directly behind your position, or cover nearby. It's lucky here that Hog doesn't walk past your Sigma at 4:58 and hook you, or Bastion doesn't kill you.

  28. Strong damage at range from a delayed projectile, really not ideal. She seems cool though, her wall makes me want to play her bc it seems to have so much creative possibility as a tool.

  29. Watched the third game, on Nepal. What really sticks out to me is you tend to hold your grenade and use it when you're scared someone is going to die. Preventing death is a legitimate use for it, but you're leaving a lot of value on the table.

  30. okay, I’ll take that into play in the future; would it be ideal to hold it and use it when I see my teammates are near opponents so I can heal my team and anti-heal the enemy, or should I just aim to use it as much as possible?

  31. Depends! An anti nade generates big pressure. It's worth hitting a single target to save a life (that your gun might not), end a life or if you urgently need pressure on them. Hitting a teammate + enemy is good if the healing is necessary, like using nade when two Reins are clashing to make sure your one wins. Works even if their one hit a charge on yours.

  32. The delay difference is tiny. Many people hook their consoles up to TVs instead of monitors, though, and are dealing with the "dynamic cinema mode motion smoothing on" +9 frames of delay without realising it.

  33. Not at all my experience. Used the same monitor for PS4 and PC; on PC I began reacting to Heihachi DB2s ingame, and the game felt overall much better.

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