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  1. You need to file a police report for domestic violence. He straight up physically abused you. Take pictures of any marks you have and file that report.

  2. Just because we’re nice doesn’t mean we’re interested in something romantic.

  3. This was the one thing I was thinking of.

  4. I honestly don’t know. I’m feeling stressed over it all already. I don’t have any family other than my grandparents and they live over 2 hours away. I want to go and stay with them but I don’t know if I could handle the drive,

  5. Ask your grandparents if you can stay with them. Like now. Pack a bag for both yourself and stuff for the baby and go. You can transfer your care to a hospital there. That way you can get the proper care and attention you need in the last part of your pregnancy and I’m sure they would be thrilled to take care of you after baby is born.

  6. Oops. I was reading the comments too so that’s how I got husband.

  7. When dogs don’t get sufficient walks (for the breed of dog, all breeds are different) and have pent up energy, they’ll release that energy and destroy stuff!

  8. I failed an interview because my cat, who was snuggled up on the bed when the video call started, decided to wake up and see who I was talking to. I picked her up and put her back on the bed but unfortunately they failed me.

  9. NTA. You have POA for your parents so if I was you I would serve him an eviction notice and you move out too and rent the house out. Then rent somewhere for you and your child. He won’t be on the lease so won’t be able to live there, so you can file for divorce and once that’s all sorted move back into your parents house.

  10. Sounds like she doesn’t want to. Everyone is telling her how to legally do things but she keeps commenting back that she can’t do that. When legally she can.

  11. Don’t have a choice. I work in a hospital and my patients can’t look after themselves. I work on the top floor and so it’s usually 5-15° hotter inside where I work then outside. So that’ll be fun.

  12. I bet he gave it back to her so it would smell like her again.

  13. I also want to add that not only am I sorry he did this to you, I highly recommend you inform the police also. I’m not sure where you live but there is an option to ring the none emergency police line and inform them that you were tied up and anally raped by your ex boyfriend.

  14. Your roomie doesn’t like him because your roomie either wants you as his, wants in your pants or is being controlling about who can and can’t be with you…because again, he probably wants you.

  15. He hasn’t said anything about not wanting kids, just wanting to push our plans back further

  16. Of course he isn’t going to tell you he doesn’t want kids. You’ll leave him if he told you that.

  17. Get that man out of the apartment. YOUR name is on it and clearly he doesn’t give a crap. CALL THE COPS to remove him from YOUR apartment.

  18. This OP. It’s been less than 30 days. Call the cops and tell them he’s threatening you and you are worried for your safety. How he isn’t a tenant and pays nothing and he’s refusing to leave. Have them remove him.

  19. Sounds like it already is. Commenters are giving him/them so many options and he’s point blank refusing to listen. There is the option for the family to go and live with OPs parents but OP is apparently saying that his parents have worked all their lives and they are in their 60s and don’t want that burden….like yeah, OPs wife signed up for that. /s.

  20. I haven’t had sex in over 12 years now. My ex never wanted to have sex and what sex we did have was missionary and finished within seconds. I never crossed the finish line with him. I’m incredibly sexually inexperienced.

  21. Get out there and find some D. Don’t waste your time

  22. Unfortunately due to the abuse and trauma I went through I developed a severe eating disorder and I’m incredibly overweight.

  23. You aren’t answering comments that ask if your GF and EX had a dispute or why your GF doesn’t want to be in the same vicinity as your EX.

  24. YTA then. You can try to rationalize it anyway you want, but if they’re letting you live with them and also paying for your car and insurance then it’s absolutely reasonable for you to pay them back with your time. If you lived on your own or even just paid for your own car and insurance you’d be 100% in the right. But you don’t so you aren’t.

  25. OP is 17. Still a child himself. Of course they have to let him live with them. He’s a minor. The parents are responsible for both of the kids currently and OP should not be responsible for his younger sister.

  26. Ok update!! The mate is currently in the process of moving to his mothers! Apparently partner had a chat after I left and they decided it’s best he go! Partner and I are messaging and hoping to meet up in the next hour. Daughter has been asleep so yet to decide there but waiting to discuss with partner!

  27. I have a very strong feeling your daughter and partner are more then just friendly with each other. I bet there is something more going on there.

  28. I have to say you are off the mark here. He is by no means grooming her.

  29. I’m assuming you moved in with him before she turned 18? So yes, he already has groomed her.

  30. His name is Sungha Jung. I’ve followed him on YouTube since he was a toddler!

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