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Cop decks crazy woman for trying to bite him!

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  1. You wouldn't t get charged, it was in his house (dwelling) , now if it happened right outside his front door then I believe he would have gotten charged

  2. I wouldn't be so sure you wouldn't get charged just because it happened at your house, especially if the perpetrators have already attempted to flee.

  3. Look for things you cant get at home - smaller retailers, accessories, etc.

  4. If you include getting things mail order, that pretty much leaves nothing that you can't get at home anymore.

  5. Main reason is so you can post your picture of your haul.

  6. I hate to be that guy, but at this point, this question has been asked 76,912 times.

  7. To be fair, I read the link you provided and it doesn't specifically say pictures. It says:

  8. If you read to the last sentence, I quoted the relevant text in my post.

  9. I do, aslong as first/emergency responders in a whole do as well. This is also ofcourse assuming that the officers employed are able to show professionalism, nonbiased views, and actual knowledge of the laws while being employed by the people they are hired to protect.

  10. Not sure what your second sentence has to do with anything. People should do their jobs? That's not a revelation. If your waiter screws up your order, do you go off on a rant about how all waiters suck and should be retrained? Or do you chalk it up to that one waiter being bad at their job?

  11. Their lack of training is disturbing from the pov of someone working in a psychiatric hospital. They are 3 vs. 2 and just a minimum of effort got it separated to a 1:1 with the lesser threat and a 2:1 with the bigger threat.

  12. I swear to God, I think she's trying to dramatize this story to get a reality show, or maybe help start a lucrative YouTube career, like the gymnasts shawn Johnson and mykayla skinner have. Both of those rely on their partners being a major character.

  13. Watch the full video… this guy is having nothing but problems with his neighbor destroying his dock and his land and the police won’t do anything about it… they are totally trying to mock him and make fun of him instead of actually helping him and are refusing to follow a protective court order that the man filled on his neighbor.

  14. Is it true that the guy was referring to the cop as "Batman" on their last visit?

  15. I can't believe cities don't pass regulations about where they are left when not in use, and enforce them by holding the companies responsible.

  16. Why would they? Looks like they’re trying to get past OP and then once the trucks start coming I wouldn’t feel comfortable moving either. I would let them get around me before moving to the right lane. I mean the trucks didn’t even give the Prius a chance to move over.

  17. Half a mile open, never move over. Even after trucks completely passed them.

  18. Which is completely and utterly irrelevant anyway because religious books should have nothing to do with it.

  19. It's about persuasion. Anything that undercuts their (specious) argument is useful and, therefore, relevant.

  20. Nobody is saying "things are still the same now". They're saying that the threat still exists. And they're right. 562 people died from this disease yesterday. Sure, that's nothing like the the 2-3000 we were having per day last year, but it's still an unacceptably high number. Hell, one death is too much for a disease that wouldn't be an issue if everyone fucking put politics aside for a goddamn second and pulled in the same direction. All you're being asked to do is put on a mask for a bit while you're in a confined space with 70,000 people. If that's too much to ask, stay the fuck home.

  21. The threat still exists. But, the threat will always exist now.

  22. Yes, you're right. The threat WILL always exist (almost entirely thanks to the efforts of people like you). Do you know what that means? You might always have to wear a mask at Gen Con. From now on. Yes, it's an inconvenience. But it's an incredibly minor one. Especially if the upside is that you might help prevent someone from dying. But apparently, even that one small thing is too much to ask for people like you.

  23. So, you're admitting your plan is to demand people wear one. Forever. At Gen Con. Even though they aren't even required at the airport. Haha. Wow, dude, really?

  24. Wow. I remember when this hobby was about playing games instead of just collecting them.

  25. I don’t get this. I just don’t. Why would someone openly admit to wanting a child molester (plus he admitted it) in their family? Why should we be proud or supportive of that?

  26. She definitely didn't say she "wanted a child molester in her family".

  27. No she didn’t. Her relationship with him was fraudulent. He pretended to be someone he wasn’t so she’s grieving who she thought he was, not who he actually is. I realize this takes a while to reconcile, believe me, I do. But to continue to say that he’s “family” after everything he’s done and admitted to doing is just…..wrong. This is something you just have to draw a line in the sand on. Supporting a child molester is just not….ok.

  28. People are more complicated than that. He can be the person he was AND do this horrible thing. Most people like to think other people are all good or all bad. Even Hitler was nice to his dog.

  29. I have a feeling he was exaggerating the fooling around part. Maybe they gave each other pecks or something, I doubt anyone would be cool with two people going for it at a meet up.

  30. The fact that he is intentionally vague with "fooling around" pretty much guarantees that you are right about exaggeration.

  31. sigh Did he think it was a candle or something??

  32. No, he thought he was doing it on purpose for social media. It's pretty much what he does.

  33. I feel like the ratio of black posters relative to target posters of any other race is quite important to this discussion.

  34. Americans just butcher every joke. This dude tried to do the "mate you can't park there" but failed completely

  35. The correct thing to shout would have been "you can't park there"

  36. I was a big fan 30 years ago. Fun aliens and and different powers per player, which was pretty uncommon at the time. I still own it

  37. You are required to like Cosmic Encounter because Tom Vasel does.

  38. That doesn't mean they necessarily disagree with the sentiment. Just that they don't think it adds value here.

  39. The scriptures aren’t for everybody that’s why there’s so many that misinterpret it. If you can’t understand to just say that and keep it moving.

  40. If only 15% of their targets are black men, the odds that they randomly drew out 4 black men is 0.154, or 0.05%

  41. So you think they are randomly distributed? That's not how printing works.

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