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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. For the rewards of all the challenges, you need to go to the challenge tab and claim each reward

  2. Thank you so much, I was wondering wth.

  3. To a lot of women, misogyny is a man who does something that a woman doesn't like, finds accurate criticism in women's behavior, points out hypocrisy, double standards or self-contractions in women's behavior, speaks up for himself, speaks up for men's rights, is disobedient to women's commands or a man who dares put his own well being first.

  4. And when asked what the word means.... They are stumped surprised Pikachu face. And when you explain what it means and then proceed to ask if what you said indicates that you hate women in any way, once again, they are stumped. Always call out foolishness, especially when accused of being something you're not

  5. Tell him not to sign the birth certificate. And ensure she does not forge his signature to put it on the birth certificate.

  6. Ole boy is belly up sawing wood and dude's boy pulls his pistol.

  7. Lmfao, you know he was going to dump the entire mag loooool

  8. When I was 7 my mothers attorney tried to convince me to tell lies about my stepfather during the divorce.

  9. Everyone has their own preference, and shouldn't be shamed for it. If a man wants a virgin wife, that's his preference. If a man wants a sexually liberated wife, that's his preference as well.

  10. Are you firing multiple shots? If yes, then you'll agro zombies, only the .22 can be used to fire 3 to 4 shots with aggro.

  11. Sometimes I'll pop a few zombies in a row to clear an entrance or something, yeah.

  12. That's why. Zombies will get aggroed if they see another zombie die. Also, they will get aggroed of multiple silenced shots are fired. So what I do is give like 5 to 7 seconds between shots. And try to kill zombie outside the view of other zombies, if they see a zombie die, they will investigate and try to find you.

  13. An oversized sausage link with legs, I say.

  14. All I read was, "even more reason to stay single and untethered, enjoy your hobbies and enjoy peace and tranquility"

  15. If the bullied kid had retaliated, the teachers would have reacted way quicker than they did.

  16. Sounds like she wanted him to chase her. Which is honestly normal for modern women, they require the dopamine hit from the attention and validation. She's not getting that, so she is quite confused. It's actually funny, this is how I hope the majority of men will treat the majority of women.

  17. Is the haramain as good as I've heard? I have it in my cart ready to push the button

  18. I mean the fact that a needle had to be sterilised..... Aren't they supposed to open the sterile needle package Infront of you before attaching it to the gun to apply your tattoo?

  19. If one shot was a person. Cuz after that first one, he weak.

  20. No. you can’t have it. Maybe one day

  21. Doing god's work, now you know young man. And she did that Infront your face, imagine what she'd do behind your back. Stay up fellas

  22. Grab some tree bark and a stick. Combine them to create a “hand drill” kit. Starts a fire like matches. Grab a long stick and a few short sticks to make a makeshift tripod. Eating raw anything will kill you unless you have charcoal tablets.

  23. Craft a fire place, sharpen a long stick, stick the chicken on it, roast, eat.

  24. My question is always: "What do you bring to my life that it doesn't already have?" And wouldn't you know it they can never come up with an answer. Yes, women are people they're just people with, not that much to offer.

  25. Hey hey hey.... Most women, don't generalise sir. But ye, usually when I ask what they bring to the table they get confused and upset. As if men, at least the men they want, would just accept them as they come. And for those women who say they are the table, I usually remind them that the table is proverbial, and the table represents the relationship, so what I'm asking is what do you bring to the relationship, your answer cannot be that you are the relationship. If it is, then you don't need me and we can go on about our lives.

  26. I can only hope, high earning men have the same standards for choosing long term partners

  27. More than likely a chick you turned down and she's salty about not getting what she wants.

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