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Joe Biden called Fox News reporter ‘stupid son of a bitch’ after inflation question

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  1. Most retarded comment I’ve seen today.

  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb here...I think the mods "Throw a baseball bat with nails in it in between the two people arguing" approach to running this sub has officially failed. This is now a place people come to throw shit at one another. It has nothing to do with Joe Rogan anymore.

  3. I got banned for a week for calling someone retarded. (Three times)

  4. He can do whatever he wants with his show but I would like to see more distinguished doctors and academics.

  5. It’s almost like he has an alternative…motive.

  6. “iM aN oLd fAn!!!” Misinformation bots on this subreddit seem to love making this claim to justify their shitting on rogan lol

  7. What is your suspension? Do you roll the fenders?

  8. Im running Ohlins coilovers. No fenders mods. The wheels are mugen mf10s which are pretty much ap2 v2 wheel specs so no fender mods are required

  9. Yes that’s why I’m asking. How many inches is the drop? (is what I meant sorry)

  10. I guess I will leave the subreddit, I think it might be on it's way to becoming an echochamber or something

  11. Buddy you’re replying to yourself, you should probably leave the Internet

  12. Not surprised in a post heel turn timeline.

  13. how many have died from big pharma then? a couple million maybe? How many addictive medicines came out of big pharma? how many lives were significantly worsened by big pharma?

  14. Poor kid thinks William Wallace was a conservative.

  15. You pussies, fight for what is yours! If the sub belongs to its users, then it belongs to you too!!

  16. William Wallace would cut your head off for being a moron who posts shit memes.

  17. It’s 95% “libs are dumb” memes here wtf you talkn bout b

  18. These people are almost as dumb as the ones who post the memes.

  19. Weed has been used since forever and no one has ever died. Comparing weed to actual drugs is simply dumb.

  20. Modern liberals are literally the dumbest group of people in human history.

  21. You didn’t foresee crypto having a large price flux…down?

  22. Don’t be like the last dude who posted a shit meme, hate messaged everyone who made fun of him, and then scrubbed his profile of all comments and posts the next day.

  23. Literally just came here to post this. Just stupid ass back and forth shitty memes. Like why the fuck am I even here anymore. No interesting conversations, subjects, anything andymore...this sub has turned into the podcast.

  24. Life in Ukraine is on the same path as it was a month or two years ago. Everyone is just used to living with the fact that tomorrow our cities might get bombed. There are no preparations on the civilian side of things.

  25. Average qb who played like a god for two of the only games that matter.

  26. So you think Jalen Hurts would have won that Super Bowl game if he started in place of foles?

  27. What people fail to realize; if it wasn’t these two - it would be ANOTHER! These two are just the ones taking the piss.

  28. Nick should be on the hot seat, he’s a terrible game planner and caller.

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