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  1. Capitalism has its infecting and corroding fingers reaching into every corner of the globe

  2. And a lot of the issues in the US have nothing to do with capitalism. One could even argue it's not even a capitalistic country. I'm not saying the rest of the world is flawless but... let's put it that way. In Europe i have another 10-20 years before i get eaten in the climate wars, in the US i'd kill myself right away.

  3. the funny thing is that lines of code are just white space that usually gets purged on compile. I could probably make a hello world program into like 10 lines depending on the language

  4. I can make that into 500 files linking each other with 1000 lines each with ease.

  5. I worked as a bartender at a dive bar in Florida in 2006. I saw the housing market collapse coming. The first patrons to stop coming were the construction workers because new homes were not being built. Then the more specialized workers like plumbers stopped coming because there were no more bathrooms to install in new houses. Lastly the real estate brokers stopped coming because no one was buying houses. Service sector jobs like this are a good barometer for the economy.

  6. Service jobs and luxury wares. I vaguely remember a while ago, before Brexit, people predicted that the British economy was going up because they found a lot more coke in the sewers. And were right about it.

  7. Germany was already mentioned so i'll go with my personal view. I will not ever own a house, even if i could afford it. And i don't really get why people want it so badly. Now when something is broke i can make a call and it gets fixed, it doesn't cost me anything. If it would be my own i'd have to take care and pay for it.

  8. since he's a paranoid anti government type, that wouldn't surprise me. not always, but sometimes, the government is out to screw you.

  9. I mean... yeah. The whole story is like "You have to be an idiot to believe in this.", but he went and actually found something...

  10. That's the right answer. God didn't do any of this, because there is no such thing, and evolution and genetics don't give a flying f*ck about what things are "supposed to" be like.

  11. I mean... even if he did, considering i now have 3 rare diagnosed chronical diseases... if he did this, he can go and fuck himself with a cactus.

  12. I was made by my parents, but i think they didn't pay much attention to detail. And for sure didn't write a whole book about all kinds of weird shit. And even if, even they recognize that i'm smarter than them.

  13. Why do people, who disrespect others' profession, never realise every job is important in the society? Who's gonna fix your pipes, deliver your stuff, clean your sewers, take your garbage, drive your cabs, wait your tables, sell you grocery and other multitude of jobs? They take advantage of every service provided to them yet choose to disrespect the person providing the said service.

  14. Welll.... not every job is important to society. No society ever scrambled over a lack of ads for example.

  15. I don't agree with that guy. I have a shitton of respect for his profession but that everybody trying to make money deserves respect...? "We've been trying to reach you for your extended car warranty." I have more respect for every drug dealer trying to make some money than those guys. I don't care how hard they're working. Go and rob banks, but never be a scammer.

  16. We should go on a general strike for everything from gun control to universal Healthcare to womens right to abortions. We need to shut down the country.

  17. That's what i was thinking the whole time (looking at the US from Europe). Protesting in front of a judges house... doesn't change much. Regardless of anything else. How many were there, a few hundreds? Thousasands? A country the size of the US doesn't - and shouldn't - change its politics because a few thousand people protest. No matter where. Why aren't there millions in the streets in every single state?

  18. What’s really nuts is the space between atoms makes stuff in outer space seem close by comparison

  19. Nah, they're ok. I can easily walk the distance between atoms. That chemist down the road on the other hand....

  20. Is the crazy German psychopath back with more bullshit with Uyghur genocide nonsense? Westerners are after killing over ten million Muslims people are now the champions of defending Muslim rights? What nonsense is this.

  21. As a german i can say that i feel way more inclinded to boycott US products produced by chinese slaves than chinese products made by a company owned by its workers... Not saying China isn't doing bad shit but the very, very last country able to claim the moral high ground are the US.

  22. edit : when I said animals I was thinking more along the lines of things like birds and bats

  23. Something we do have are stickers, they look like hawks or such and make other birds avoid windows, but that's mostly to prevent them from crashing into closed windows killing themselves. With open windws... i've seen it maybe 2 or 3 times in 40 years that a bird flew inside, no biggie. Even less for bats, although a roommate of mine had it happen once per apartment (every time he moved) that not just one but a whole swarm of bats came inside.

  24. It was like being in a movie. It sucked telling the story to my friends though because you can't really convey the actual experience. They would shrug and just say that sucks.

  25. I think about my cousin they kinda should make a movie... he has the same name AND birthdate like some douchebag. Not only that he had to spend several hours at police stops and stations because of "several outstanding warrants on his name", at some point they also seized his account, his health insurance called him that they had "two entries on his name and now successfully merged it",... It was a complete shitshow and went on and on for years.

  26. They'll typically walk, bike or take public transport. For the first few times a parent might accompany them, maybe even the whole first year, but by the time they reach second grade they're usually off on their own

  27. Ah... good old times. I remember reading in the newspaper about me and my friends because "3 about twelve year olds were cought on speeding camera". On our way to school there was this really steep hill through the forest, usually no traffic whatsoever and the town sign (where speed limitations hit in Germany by default) right after it.

  28. Wait so that channel is MxR? I was wondering why i was subscribed to it and unsubbed after i got 2 Elon notifications...

  29. Fairly certain she just takes a single strand of hair and attaches that to the gum.

  30. First i thought the same, but after watching it i don't think she does. I think the trick isn't the "suck it back in" part, but the spitting. She seems to have the perfect angle, quite straight going up combined with the right amount of force, just enough to throw it above her nose. Then when it falls down again by gravity she sucks the air in and it's enough to slightly change direction.

  31. If it’s over your penis, isn’t that called a cocksleeve and not a strap-on

  32. I want to buy Coka Cola and put the coke back in, expanding my drug business.

  33. Don't generalise. Say you hate him in particular, that's much more clear.

  34. Likely someplace with significantly higher taxes. Nothing is ever actually free. You just don't always see the cost.

  35. "But higher taxes". That's kinda bullisht though. As low earner in Germany i pay less taxes than in the US. Sure, there are also higher taxes on gas, but our public transport is good enough that i don't need a car... which also saves money on insurance, parking spots,... So yeah. If you make 200k +, you have more left over in the US at the end of the year. If you or family members don't go to hospital, or university. Otherwise you need to make more like 1m+ to be better off. Do you make that much?

  36. Belgian too but as I understood from the gazillion other times I saw posts like this, this does not have to be the amount they have to pay. The hospital is just trying to get as much as possible but the final amount can be way lower, especially if some form of insurance comes in.

  37. I've once seen somebody explaining that it's not really the hospitals fault either. Insurancers forced them into contracts with flat-rate health premiums. So treating a heart attack will always get them X dollar, no matter if there are any complications or more expensive but better treatments etc etc. So often hopsitals paid more than they got. As a reaction, they inflated prices for everything so the flat-rate would be higher...

  38. ?? In Europe religious people already are a minority, partly by quite a large margin.

  39. It's really hard to meet those criteria. Less misery, but the same or greater opportunity for doctors to get rich off of people's misery.

  40. Patient satisfaction is just a bullshit metric. Bitch, nobody is ever satisfied with anything. Except maybe if you ask them "Are you satisfied now or do you want american healthcare?!" I bet 99.9% of people in the developed world (and quite some outside) would be too terrified to say no...

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