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India scientist transporting parts of their first space rocket 1963

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  1. To be fair, there is a history of brutality from both hindus and muslims against each other tit for tat.

  2. As a ex-hindu atheist ofcourse Hindus are no good. But comparing hindus to muslims is stupid. There has been two genocides in last 70 years that killed millions of Hindus ( Bangladeshi Hindu genocide and Kashmir Hindu genocide) , 10s of thousands of people killed in India due to islamic terrorism. So it's stupid compare hindu extremism to muslim extremism.

  3. There’s no evidence for that whatsoever. Not a single report or conversation from any senior US official. Comparing El Salvador to India is ridiculous.


  5. Those are Indian documents, not American ones. There is nothing there that says the US was actually planning to act. It literally says the troops were sent to discourage conflict, not start one by bombing India.

  6. Ofcourse US government would be too ashamed to release these documents.

  7. I know that, and I judge America for it. But all I'm saying is that I visited India once. I was in Madras and the visions still haunt me to this very day. People were living in tents, and deficating in the streets. I was pickpoceted and constantly asked for money

  8. Can I ask you which year did you visited?. Things are improving rapidly in India nowadays.

  9. A decade ago due to extreme poverty India had open defecation rate of 30% now in 2022 it's less than 2%. Things are improving a lot in India with rapid poverty alleviation and huge infrastructure spending. Please do visit again you can see the changes our country.

  10. First and foremost, we are indeed grateful to the Indian Government for all the chunky lines of credit it has given Sri Lanka at present.

  11. You guys making it look like you are doing a favour to India by talking our help. Never forget Sri Lanka has been Anti-India since the beginning. Sri lanka supported pakistan and USA against India, when they were committing genocide on bangladeshi hindus. Sri lanka commited a genocide on ethnic Tamils and we had to talk 100s of thousands of refugees. And now you are helping china which is against India. Only thing that India get's by helping Sri Lanka is we don't want you guys to become a Chinese colony which will safeguard India's security in Indian Ocean.

  12. Yeah, they probably annihilate mostly female fetuses

  13. Currently India have more women than men. Female foeticide is non-existent today and it only happened in few states in North India not entire India.

  14. Bihar was already divided.

  15. It should be divided again. It has a population of 10 crores and they always elect worst governments to Power.

  16. Space program started 1967, UK alone has pumped billions into India since 1947 (Justifiably as they stole it) how much of it did the Indian people see? How much was squandered or stolen by corruption. How much was pumped into a Space program when there aren't enough hospital schools and even toilets. Give me a break. I can buy a Rolls Royce in Deli and then go to a slave brothel while people starve in the streets. The total world aid to India is massive 100's of billions.

  17. Ya couple of Billion in aid compared to more than 40 trillion in economic 'loot'. So generous.

  18. Love how we give this country aid money and they have a research station in the antarctic and a space program.

  19. It's been more than a decade India took any aid. And India given more than 2.5 billion in aid last year. Funny how British have the audacity to talk about aid even after centuries of economic 'loot' that's valued in trillions. And about space research helped in saving and empowering lives in india, by better understanding weather, helping in defence etc etc. Space research is investment for the future you guys are clearly lacking foresight about it.

  20. People don't really understand how diverse India is. It's more diverse than entire continental Europe. With Thousands of languages , cultures , Tribes , customs. It's the most diverse civilizational state that ever existed.

  21. I had colleagues from India here in Germany who were from different parts of India and would only speak English with each other because you know, so many languages. So I kind of know that India is super diverse but when I visited India once (just very briefly) my brain still blended everything together. I watched something like the Indian Food Awards on TV one night and they had separated the awards into the four different main regions and were talking about how different the food and traditions were, but my ignorant brain still went „That‘s all curry to me.“. Realizing and identifying all the cultural differences in a country you‘ve never been to before is hard. :/

  22. Even for indians it's Impossible to Understand this country. Language changes like every 200 kms. You guys are always welcome to our country. Fun fact- India is one of the first civilization but it still has the last uncontacted people (sentinelese) in the world.

  23. Indian keyboard warriors are still busy fighting the Cold War with a knee-jerk "America bad" reaction to everything. The real danger for us in this century is China, they don't even try to hide the fact that they want to contain us, and Pakistan is just one of its tools.

  24. Americans are always in denial of the mess they created and now want world to follow them. Who supported pakistan from the beginning and who prop up communist China for last three decades. And India is suffered the most because of this mess. Terrorism, wars , genocides and constant threat of Nuclear anhailation.

  25. Yes, keeping living in the past. America did the most selfish thing: it followed its own national interest. The answer is for us to do the same thing, not to keeping looking for the higher moral ground. There are no saints in geopolitics. China wants to dominate over us and wants more of our territory: no amount of harking back to the Cold War will change that. We can live in the past and be conquered in the future, or we can live in the present and at least try to secure our future.

  26. What do mean by past ? USA stopped funding to pakistan like 4 years ago and still it consider pakistan as non-nato Allies. And USA is still pouring money in China. I don't want India to be cuck for both East or West. China, USA, Europe and russia have blood of innocent on its hands. India represents almost 1/5 of world population and I want my country to have Independent foreign policy. We don't have to take sides with genocidal assholes.

  27. Sad that he died or else he would have been rotting in Indian Jail for decades.

  28. Despite genocide on muslims in china. Entire OIC and All the countries who are so called champions of Islam are getting in bed with china. No muslim talks about that.

  29. I feel conflicted about gaywashing... It's something of a nice gesture, and the fact that Amazon appearently does dare to do this in India too is kind of nice... But corporations aren't allies.

  30. Ancient Hindu culture is much more open to homosexuality. But that eroded during Islamic invasions and during British rule. But right now it's getting better government already introduced a bill to legalize gay marriages, Hope it will pass soon.

  31. Don't care, over a billion muslims believe in these disgusting things. That's why majority of people are scared of muslims. But when you point it out you will be called a racist and islamophobe.

  32. India is the third biggest carbon emitter after China and the US, their role in climate change is far from negligible.

  33. With a population that's twice as Europe. Average indian produces 2 metric tons of CO2 while avarage German produces 8 metric tons and average American produces 15 metric ton. we are not even complaining about that india is investing a lot in renewable energy , while you guys are debating whether climate change is real or not.

  34. Sure they may contribute less per person. However, the country overall is producing a non-negligible amount of CO2.

  35. Then what are we supposed to do? Live our lives as people in stone ages did?. You guys are living luxurious life and destroying the planet. But blaming India even tho we have 1/7th of the world population and surviving on basic needs.

  36. They look really cool. Sell them via online there are a lot of potential buyers.

  37. Yes more than 100 satellites. Few of them are around Mars and moon. Indian space agency is 4th best after US , china and russia. And India will launch humans to space by next year.

  38. Indian space program is growing at a rapid pace even with history of US and western sanctions which stalled our growth in space industry . Proud of our scientists.

  39. What a fucked up culture. Then again… no, still fucked up.

  40. Yes it's fucked up. These people are openly calling to behead a woman because she made some comments about prophet muhammad. That's why police are taking action.

  41. Is the right to a due process not a thing in India? Genuinely curious, since I recently heard that the legal system is quite improved, things like this makes me doubt it.

  42. Due process is for civilized humans. But for brain-dead religious assholes who call for beheading a women this is the perfect solution.

  43. Only genocides that happened in last 50 years in Indian subcontinent are hindu genocides, that took millions of hindu lives. And not to forget about 1000s of people killed because of islamic terrorism in India. Muslims always act like victims but believe in a book that says to kill kafirs (non-Muslims).

  44. Entire middle East has turned their back on us and have boycotted our products, due current ruling party’s member who made a derogatory remark on Prophet Muhammad idk whats next for my country…

  45. It's temporary. Money always talks and they can't lose India. PS- Islamic countries are bunch of cucks with no balls, they care more about countries like France and India who have freedom of speech than a country (china) that's committing a genocide on muslims.

  46. This is a local news at best.. please refraine from posting this shit in here.

  47. This is a international issue a lot of Uk/US/Canadian gangster and terrorists fund terrorism in India. But no one talks about it. Because brown lives aren't that important.

  48. It's the "male sperm determines whether a baby will be born as a boy or a girl". And why people are so ashamed to have a daughter?. I'd be happiest and proudest person in world if i have a daughter. This shitty mindset needs to be changed.

  49. IDK why are you singling out Hindus. But female infanticide exists among in muslims too . And muslim women are least literate , most malnourished , have highest fertility rate in India and the highest poverty rate and lowest female workforce participation. Along with this they had to deal with social evils like polygamy , triple talak and lowest inheritance. It's ok to say that muslim women are living the worst life among indians.

  50. I hope you will realise that India was always neutral until West supported genocides of Hindus in Bangladesh and West sent nuclear capable warships and equipped with Nukes to threatened india. That's why India was forced to Side with USSR.

  51. The Indian relationship with Russia began in the 1950's when Nehru went to Russia. It has nothing to do with Bangladesh. In the 1960's the Soviet Union was arming India with weapons such as MIG fighters.

  52. India was always neutral nehru Even visited USA but india signed a pact with USSR after 1971 war. West knew about genocide in Bangladesh but still kept on sending weapons and Aid to pakistan , Don't forget about threating India with Nuclear warships. Yes no one talks about it but it was a targeted Hindu genocide. Hindu population was 30% in 1971 in Bangladesh but now it's less than 6%. And our Politicians did a good job India stayed mostly neutral. Both West and East have blood of millions on their hands glad I'm not a part of it.

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