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  1. Bro try to study really boring stuff maybe Chemistry or Business related. I assure you will fall asleep that very instant.

  2. We just traded some spices and everybody lived happily after

  3. Noob I echo your sentiments. I am so pissed off at WB for not giving us Knightmare sequence. Mr. Gunn you have succeeded in having one less fan.

  4. How… Is this Gunn’s fault? I’m bitter and salty too but this was written a long time ago.

  5. He could have tried to convince WB to end ZSJL with one more movie and then he could then have started his universe fresh.

  6. Petty politics, fucking up the captaincy transition, blatant conflict of interest by endorsing betting companies...the list can go on, but he was a royal dunce.

  7. Isnt there somebody's son related to He who must not be named? Wasnt there petty politics in Srinivas era? It's all the same. BCCI should get listed in stock exchange to get more transperancy. Here elections are this for real? School moniters have more transperancy than BCCI

  8. I want thumb wrestling and staring contest in olympics as well.

  9. If Kevin is here in this sub, please bring Saul and Harvey to the mix.

  10. There are two Hyderabads as well they dont even share border . Also there are two [redacted]

  11. When government or authority say don't watch, that is exactly the reason you should watch.

  12. The song Khalibali is a national treasure. Chef’s kiss

  13. I would have moved the stadium slightly more towards the ocean and build it like sealinks, so half of stands is actually in sea. Though I admit it would be nightmare for ballboys.

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