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  1. I hope you do go back to River, although I suspect some of his best work may be behind him due to events. He is highly intelligent, incredibly well versed in the English language and can be screamingly funny, at times. He has a few dark and preachy moments, but they are worth it for what he delivers. JMO I enjoy him immensely.

  2. I don't see TC as a liar. TC has some permanent PTSD / psych problems from being on the front lines of Afghanistan. Of course, he's a hothead and a fighter having grown up on the streets of Belfast. He was awarded the Military Cross which is not given lightly; there is a picture of Trevor and the Queen presenting it to him. MC is for"an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land". He wasn't like H flying high above the enemy in a helicopter shooting distant figures on the ground"my thumbs are useful"

  3. Speaking as an actual Asian person (millenial), the term Oriental does not offend me. I don't know if the other poster is from the UK, but Asians in North American never use the term oriental, neither for rugs nor the racial group ("carpet" is the preferred term and Asians are Asian or Japanese/Chinese/Korean etc.). I have heard anecdotally Oriental is an outdated word used in London though, to differentiate from other Asians (South Asians AKA Indians) where they are also a major demographic group.

  4. Im from the UK, I am brown, originally from India. I am a millennial too. My best friend is Chinese…I have oriental friends from all over including Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore … but as a collective they would be oriental asians…

  5. Those stereotypes weren’t happening in the 90s. Most women worked. Agree with your other points, but the 90s were not the 50s.

  6. Women (esp in America and developing countries) worked till they had kids. Ie they didn’t stay in the workforce as long as men. Even in the 90s.

  7. perhaps that's why the coronation will be then...keeps the focus off the wee one since her parents don't want to exploit her in the public eye.

  8. Curious to see what mental gymnastics Lainey Lui uses to defend this ignorant and patronizing shit show of an episode

  9. Meghan said "archetype" ten times. Ten. Repeating the brand name so many times. Whoever is writing the scripts knows what they are doing. But they don't realize that it can get very irritating after a while. People know that's the show's name that you are trying to stick into people's minds. But it gets onto your nerves.

  10. Yes there were edits made. The word archetype is also the wrong word. It’s stereotypes

  11. Well thanks for acknowledging it's about stereotypes instead of "archetypes".

  12. “Oriental” isn’t a word that should be used. Sorry not trying to sound mean but it’s outdated and sometimes considered racist.

  13. Ugghhh ... I'm sick of being told what word should and shouldnt be used. If my Oriental friends arent offended. If I haven't said it in a malicious derogatory way. AND I am brown asian ... I dont get whats the problem

  14. Oh God I understand your frustration, I’m dark skinned South Asian and I don’t care what people call me, oriental, Asian, black or white or red I don’t care 😂 people are so fragile nowadays!!! I mean, if someone calls me “Ceylon tea bag” cz I’m from Sri Lanka, I would happily embrace it lmao. Cz yeah I’m Sri Lankan and I drink tea and we export tea, its part of our fookin culture I love it.

  15. What America does best… is export offence. Archaic terms are called ‘words of the colonisers’. Except they work perfectly well and dont offend most people. Also what are American corporations doing in present day? It’s the same thing!

  16. We are only given the tip of the iceberg, if that. It makes no logical sense. Let's not pretend it does. The govt doesn't want to give the public (you and I) the real story for whatever reason. You can try to figure it out, or you can plant a garden with native plants for the winter.

  17. I feel like this is copying the Kate and Wills private moment they had before getting on to the stage.

  18. Which has never made any sense at all for some low level, foreign actress nobody to hire them to do hit pieces on her new family, "the family she never had". (PS Former husband Trevor Engleson was given the same lie-sob story by Meghan, and his family was pronounced "the family she never had.") No one does this.

  19. Meghan had 3 PR companies working for her before she became Meghan Markle. Companies like SS specialise in for damage limitation

  20. Omg! This is 💯% plausible!! I’m sold!! They are making believe to get in the good graces of the King!!

  21. SS has been ‘dropped’ many times before … they are indeed the dark lords of PR

  22. Photos never lie. We were inundated with positive news about Charles and Diana, how wonderfully happy they were. The photos that came out however painted a different picture.

  23. And I saw them for a split second with no filter. Even without content of what happened when they were seated in the car. That’s exactly how they looked a few miles down the road. Harrys face looked like thunder which could look like sadness… but it wasn’t

  24. Thanks for this. I thought it was a momentary lapse, done & gone, but, nah, it was their hellscape of a future they were seeing. And we got a glimpse of it too.

  25. We absolutely did. Bear in mind… I didn’t see the car photo by this point… or how the media continued to block most of them after the Abbey

  26. There are also rumours that west dumps a lot of their garbage there too. It's kinda hard to confirm because who would let something like that go public, but it's not unlikely.

  27. China and India are super bad on air pollution without doing anything about it now; meanwhile American politicians wreak havoc on our American economy to stop global warming.

  28. Honestly I’m not a MM defender AT ALL, but I interpreted this as the other mom sent in her young child while MM was already in there and was (allegedly) hesitant to follow her child in. But I could just as easily see this be made up!

  29. Oh i read it as … MM was in there and asked the one year old where their mummy was. She turns around and the mummy is right there wondering if she should get her baby

  30. Another pathetic attempt at trying to make Earth Mommy Meghan happen. Apparently she’s better at parenting random kids than their own Moms and Dads 🙄

  31. I did search before I posted here, but couldn’t find the post with the comments that gave the explanation. That’s why I posted here. Sorry. I don’t mean to ask a repetitive question.

  32. If Megs wanted them to be there, she could have put aside 20000 pounds out of the 32000000 to fly them over. Eta: missed a word

  33. Her paternal Uncle Mike, a career diplomat got her the internship at the Argentinian Embassy when she was 20. No way he shouldn’t have been invited, he would have understood all the protocols. But nope, he didn’t receive an invite either.

  34. What is the reasoning behind the tradition of having them face the opposite way?

  35. Damn, it almost looks like he was a little in love with her. Perhaps this whole TW/Wills thing the sugars believe is a bit of projection :15006:

  36. Hit the nail on the head … she cannot shut up and let the professionals do their job

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