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  1. Not saying how, but the full video is here. Nsfw obviously


  3. I don’t know either what’s the Hub and what makes it so special, but looks like it’s a British pub in Kanto area. I’m lowkey interested why it’s kind of dark tho lol

  4. El de la navaja era noruego por casualidad?

  5. Not to contradict the other answers, but I'd like to add that I personally know a few guys (mostly middle-aged men) who use it. It is somewhat feminine, but not exclusively used by women.

  6. I have heard these days teenager girls or maybe university girls using 俺. To OP, looks like some nuances are weird these days specially among young people, so just use it if you like it, at the end of the day you aren’t native and perfection isn’t linked with us.

  7. In general Italian has more dishes that dominate global stage ... Stuff like Spaghetti Bolognese... Pizza .. in fact Cannelloni and Lasagne is also considered Italian by most .. so any of those are tasty internationally assimilated dishes that beats most Spanish food for me . Beef stroganoff as a stew or estufat is also an excellent stew . I absolutely love BBQ American or South African or South American style ...even Asian style BBQ is better than European BBQ .. Spain doesn't have anything like Asian sushi or noodle culture and dishes .

  8. That’s so wrong in so many levels. To begin with, there isn’t anything called European BBQ since UK BBQ is different from the German, which is also different from the Spanish.

  9. Yo veo a los youtubers como personas que crean su propio contenido y entretienen a su audiencia, igual que cualquier persona que pueda aparecer por la tele. La diferencia es que hoy en día todo el mundo va con un smartphone y consume esta media en cualquier sitio y en cualquier momento.

  10. Hay una niña de 8 años que gana millones al año, por supuesto todo lo llevan los padres, pero te digo millones y no 4 o 5 más cercanos a los 14 o 15

  11. Y qué pretendes decirme con eso? Qué diferencia hay entre una niña de 8 años por YouTube y una ex yonki que sólo grita por la tele? Por otra banda, estás seguro de que se gana tanto con YouTube? No se Rick

  12. Comment section can be really weird sometimes lol

  13. “Lograste que se fuera del stream”, “ese idiota se lo tenía ganado”, “nos juntamos para joder a ese blanquito”. Parece una mala película americana con peor doblaje, es más, yo estaba leyendo esa conversación con la voz de los españoles del resident evil 4

  14. Here in Tokio would be totally fine, looking good 😊

  15. That’s something really interesting I didn’t know, thank you for this information! 🙌🏻

  16. "Expel the barbarian foreigners...oh hang on, we're not really letting them in. Quick! Find us another scapegoat!"

  17. What do you mean by foreigners? Tons of people studying in a language school/ university, working or just visiting their relatives can enter.

  18. This community is quite toxic and can’t do much about it. I still enjoy somehow when someone asks for a good beach to go, but literally every comment is like: “when I leave from Japan I will let you know”, “if I tell you won’t be as good as it is now”, “the lesser the people the best”.

  19. En Japón con la mínima a 27°C a las 5 am, 32,33°C durante el día que con la humedad se notan como 39,40°C. En fin, la cantidad de envidia que me dan estos posts es tremenda.

  20. That's because of the 1200 gaijin doing tours during july of course.

  21. I came to Tokyo one year and a half ago, didn’t know stealing umbrellas was a thing specially when there are hanging everywhere (train or street), didn’t pass much time until I learnt the lesson.

  22. Bonita censura hay en forocoches, hay cosas interesantes de vez en cuando pero en menuda basura se ha convertido.

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