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  1. I would say no A-holes here. You should talk to her about how she felt, how you felt, and see what the difference of understandimg was. I agree with your ethics of paying for the tickets if one is the cause of missing a flight/bus, but I do not know how your friend might have thought about the situation. Enjoy the trip tho!

  2. Why are you guys spending 2 hours at the gym? Please head over to the wiki on

  3. Although I think your reply* was a bit rude, I agree that I could have just left in the first place. I just thought that they would not go back on their word, and I should have been prepared for that. I have a lot of work to do so that my emotions and stress do not get the best of me. Thank you for thw feedback.

  4. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. It is my comfort game, and part of my childhood. My favorite to this day.

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