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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  2. How many of the last mass shootings have been conducted by 18-20 year olds? And republicans refused to include a ban on purchasing assault rifles for that age group in the gun bill? They're a death cult.

  3. Schizophrenia usually takes hold after puberty. Most people are diagnosed in their late teens to early 30s.

  4. I'm uneducated in these matters. But would love to hear how we go about reasonably preventing a convicted felon, drug dealer, who illegally owns a firearm from doing so? This isn't a troll post, I'm genuinely missing this bit of info that seems to be obvious to about half of the comments in this thread that are just trolling guns. And just because it's Reddit, I'll preface that I don't give a fuck about guns. You can take them all away tomorrow and I'll be perfectly happy.

  5. Easy, if we had only 100 million guns in this country, instead of 300 million guns, it would be about 3X harder for the bad guys to get their hands on one.

  6. I just received a message stating this post is receiving a lot of reports. Maybe the Taliban have invaded RAOBJ.

  7. Seems like a shitty thing to do to prove a point but I'm also old enough to remember activists throwing red paint on ladies with their fur coats and that really seemed to take some of the allure out of fur? I dunno.

  8. The solution to this seems so blatantly obvious to me the fact it hasn’t happened yet really makes me think what I’m missing…

  9. If attendees at Davos and Bohemian Grove conspired to start buying…

  10. I'd guess most are in 20s/30s. I didn't have the money to care about this stuff when I was a teen

  11. I will be receiving an inheritance soon (money in the bank this week), and I plan to put most of it (around $20k) into bitcoin. I usually mindlessly DCA about $600 a month in Strike, but I don't have much experience with a lump sum purchase. So I thought I would ask you traders what you would do, considering the current state of the markets :)

  12. Goldman Sachs, Galaxy Digital announce milestone over-the-counter crypto trade

  13. Ukraine’s president has officially signed the virtual asset bill to legalize cryptocurrencies in the country for income, exchange, and business, as the bill was approved by parliament last month.

  14. Florida Legislature’s job is to pass a budget. Instead, they passed “Don’t say Gay,” made strawberry shortcake the official state dessert, and now removed solar incentives in the Sunshine State. They’re working against us.

  15. You know how some people make fun of Bitcoin as "Boomer Coin" (despite almost no one over 55 having any?)

  16. The Fed on Thursday released a paper regarding the various benefits and drawbacks of starting up what they are calling a US central bank digital currency (CBDC).

  17. I've been designing websites since before CSS was proposed. The most difficult thing to explain to clients is that there are just some things they cannot control; the user does. Also, there are things you can control but should not. Never interfere with the expected result of user input, for example. Like… anything that fucks with page scrolling? Just don't.

  18. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when the people selling on the most minor of rallies and waiting for absurdly low prices to get back in end up FOMOing back in at 65k.

  19. I've heard the dance you do swatting mosquitoes in the Everglades is sometimes referred to as the "Flamingo two-step" by locals (Flamingo is a town in FL)

  20. “Town” is wildly generous. It’s a gas station, marina, and ranger station inside Everglades National Park

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